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Expert: 5G technology will promote the development of blockchain and metaverse industries



Time:8/13/2022 12:23:42 PM

[Expert: 5G technology will promote the development of the blockchain and metaverse industries] According to news on August 13, India will start rolling out 5G this month, and the technology is bound to have a major impact on the way services are provided to consumers and businesses.

Experts believe that 5G will be a potential enabler for the widespread adoption of blockchain technology in trade finance, logistics, healthcare, education and many other areas. Ravi Chamria, CEO and co-founder of the blockchain Infra automation platform, said: “4G cannot fully meet the latency and density requirements of this ecosystem. 5G is not only designed to improve speed and latency, but also allows a proximity-driven approach to help. Distributed and decentralized application ecosystem.” For example, one instance of using 5G in blockchain might involve a network of vehicles to enable the sharing of traffic information.

Blockchain plus 5G has the potential to disrupt the telecommunications industry, experts say. Edul Patel, CEO and co-founder of the cryptocurrency investment platform Mudrex, said: "Blockchain is based on transparency, which can prevent the rise in consumer costs brought about by cross-border settlements, and 5G will ensure international roaming and compatibility of cross-border mobile phone networks." and effective."

In addition, the development of metaverse industry will also benefit from 5G technology. (Indian Express)

Other news:

Industry experts: At present, the blockchain is only a supplementary technology for industrial scenarios: According to the news on December 31, the statistics of the Industrial Internet Industry Alliance show that as of now, Haier, Ali, Aerospace Cloud, and Huawei have emerged in the industrial Internet field. Ten cross-industry and cross-field industrial Internet platforms, such as , Shugen Internet, XCMG, and UFIDA, have an average of 800,000 industrial equipment connections, 3,500 industrial APPs, and more than 100,000 industrial enterprises. In contrast, industrial blockchain applications have not yet seen explosive products or core, traffic-heavy products.

Industry experts said in an interview with reporters that if the current "industrial blockchain popularity" is compared to the 2G era of mobile communications, then the current blockchain is only a supplementary technology for industrial scenarios. It may not be the technology itself that restricts the development of industrial blockchain, but the usability of technology, the ability of enterprises to update technology, and the acceptance of enterprise users. (China Electronics News) [2021/12/31 8:16:14]

Voice | Ernst & Young Blockchain Expert: Regulatory agencies should propose clear evaluation criteria for tokens and smart contracts on the public chain: According to Coindesk, Ernst & Young accounting firm blockchain expert Paul Brody recently issued a document stating that public chains must It is based on two premises. First, regulators should propose a clear set of evaluation criteria for tokens and smart contracts on the public chain. Second, companies must abide by these guidelines in the operation of the public chain. [2018/9/6]

Geopolitical forecasting expert: Blockchain technology will become "obsolete" after a period of time: George Fridman, a well-known geopolitical forecasting expert, believes that blockchain technology will become "obsolete" after a period of time. When participating in the discussion of the CBNC program, he said, I have never heard of an encryption technology that cannot be cracked. In fact, many in the crypto community worry that quantum computing will crack blockchains. [2018/6/17]

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