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Security Agency: Nearly 20% ($37M) of Stolen Funds Returned to Nomad



Time:8/15/2022 12:26:53 PM

[Security Agency: Nearly 20% ($37 million) of stolen funds have been returned to Nomad] On August 15, the blockchain security agency PeckShield tweeted that nearly 20% ($37 million) of stolen funds had been returned to Nomad. Return to the Nomad funds recovery address. PeckShield also detected Maker: Dai Stablecoin (0x6B1754) and Frax Finance: FRAX Tokens (0x853d955) gaining about 50,000 IAG tokens in this exploit.

In previous news, Nomad stated that it will provide a reward of up to 10% for attackers who return at least 90% of the stolen funds.

Other news:

Blockchain security agency Hacken has reached a partnership with data visualization tool Bubblemaps: On July 12th, blockchain and encryption security platform Hacken announced a partnership with Bubblemaps. Bubblemaps is a supply audit tool for DeFi tokens and NFTs, allowing investors to make more informed decisions with easy-to-read infographics of on-chain data and smart contract audits. (CryptoNinjas) [2022/7/12 2:07:27]

KuCoin Partners with Chainalysis to Strengthen Compliance and Security Mechanisms: On June 1, exchange KuCoin continued its commitment to crypto by announcing a partnership with blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis to provide users with a range of cryptocurrency trading tools and services Business compliance and user security for the industry. (BTCManager)[2020/6/2]

News | French network security agency issues security certificate to Ledger Nano S hardware wallet: According to Cointelegraph, on March 18, the French national network security agency ANSSI issued a first-level security certificate (CPSN) to Ledger Nano S, a French encryption hardware wallet company Ledger ). It is reported that since June 1, 2018, ANSSI has evaluated a total of 261 products, of which 122 have passed the certification. The scope of the assessment covers "firewalls, identification, authentication and access, secure communications, and implanted software." [2019/3/18]

Congo Opens Oil Carbon Credits Auction to Crypto Companies

On August 15.

Block Chain:8/15/2022 12:26:15 PM
The market value of ETH is back above $235 billion

Jinse Finance News, according to the latest data from Coingecko, as the price of ETH rises.

Block Chain:8/13/2022 12:22:59 PM
Bitcoin futures rose 5.6% this week, and Ethereum futures rose more than 15% this week

Jinse Finance reported that the market showed that in late.

Block Chain:8/13/2022 12:23:04 PM
Bitcoin Archive: Iran Allows Mined Bitcoins to Pay for International Transactions.

Jinjin Finance News.

Block Chain:8/14/2022 12:24:58 PM
Market news: Zimbabwe is preparing plans to adopt digital currency

According to news on August 11.

Block Chain:8/12/2022 12:19:49 PM
Guangdian Express: The company now has complete digital RMB products and solutions

Golden Financial News.

Block Chain:8/12/2022 12:20:25 PM
Ankr Protocol announced that it has received strategic investment from Binance Labs

According to Jinse Finance.

Block Chain:8/11/2022 12:19:20 PM
Chainlink has added technical tutorials for using Chainlink in the Moonbeam ecosystem.

According to news on August 11.

Block Chain:8/11/2022 12:18:48 PM
Goldman Sachs: It is not expected that the US core CPI will fall sharply

On August 11, Goldman Sachs made an estimate of the U.S. core CPI.

Block Chain:8/11/2022 12:19:09 PM
Klaytn announced that 1inch, Krosslab, and Sygnum have joined its governance committee.

According to news on August 12.

Block Chain:8/12/2022 12:21:25 PM
Kevin O'Leary: The crypto industry needs a "rules-based environment"

Jinse Finance reported that celebrity investor Kevin O'Leary said that it.

Block Chain:8/15/2022 12:25:51 PM