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Klaytn announced that 1inch, Krosslab, and Sygnum have joined its governance committee.



Time:8/12/2022 12:21:25 PM

[Klaytn Announces 1inch, Krosslab, Sygnum to Join Its Governance Committee] According to news on August 12, the Korean blockchain platform Klaytn announced that the decentralized aggregation trading platform 1inch, the Singaporean blockchain company Krosslab, and the digital asset bank Sygnum have joined its governance committee ( GC), bringing the number of GC members to 36. 1inch recently completed its integration with Klaytn, Krosslab will develop infrastructure and services, and Sygnum will contribute to the Klaytn ecosystem through institutional digital asset banking, investment expertise and services.

Other news:

Public chain Klaytn cooperates with ZetaChain (ZETA) to promote built-in Omnichain interoperability: On October 3, South Korean blockchain platform Klaytn announced a partnership with cross-chain smart contract platform ZetaChain (ZETA). Klaytn developers are able to quickly bring full-chain interoperability to existing and new smart contracts. These "full-chain" smart contracts can send data and value between connected blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, and eventually non-smart chains such as Bitcoin. [2022/10/3 18:38:26]

ConsenSys cooperates with Klaytn blockchain and plans to develop a private platform for issuing South Korean CBDC: Ethereum software company ConsenSys has established a technical partnership with Korean Internet giant Kakao’s Klaytn blockchain to develop a private platform for issuing South Korean CBDC . Through this partnership, ConsenSys will work on developing a private version of Klaytn in preparation for the upcoming CDBC pilot program in South Korea. (Cointelegraph) [2021/4/26 20:59:52]

News | Forbes legal expert Joshua Ashley Klayman says the U.S. may soon consider an encryption regulation bill: According to a Todaysgazette report on April 14, Forbes legal expert, contributor and senior crypto space lawyer Joshua Ashley Klayman recently suggested that the U.S. may consider passing the bill To regulate the activities of digital currency transactions in the country. No one wants strict cryptocurrency regulation in the U.S., but the noted legal expert believes that U.S. crypto regulators are taking ambitious steps in the right direction. “The pursuit of legislative perfection is admirable, as is listening to the blockchain community and taking action in response. Collaboration is required on blockchain issues, as is changing existing laws. The law itself is evolving.” Clay Mann said. [2019/4/14]

Guangdian Express: The company now has complete digital RMB products and solutions

Golden Financial News.

Block Chain:8/12/2022 12:20:25 PM
Security Agency: Nearly 20% ($37M) of Stolen Funds Returned to Nomad

On August 15.

Block Chain:8/15/2022 12:26:53 PM
Ankr Protocol announced that it has received strategic investment from Binance Labs

According to Jinse Finance.

Block Chain:8/11/2022 12:19:20 PM
Chainlink has added technical tutorials for using Chainlink in the Moonbeam ecosystem.

According to news on August 11.

Block Chain:8/11/2022 12:18:48 PM
Goldman Sachs: It is not expected that the US core CPI will fall sharply

On August 11, Goldman Sachs made an estimate of the U.S. core CPI.

Block Chain:8/11/2022 12:19:09 PM
Kevin O'Leary: The crypto industry needs a "rules-based environment"

Jinse Finance reported that celebrity investor Kevin O'Leary said that it.

Block Chain:8/15/2022 12:25:51 PM
Opinion: Games integrating NFT have natural advantages over traditional games

According to news on August 15, Urvit Goel.

Block Chain:8/15/2022 12:26:06 PM
The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, will run an Ethereum node in 2023

Jinse Finance reported that the Argentine capital Buenos Aires will run Ethereum n.

Block Chain:8/15/2022 12:26:47 PM
Encryption investment company Polychain Capital announced that it will sue Shipyard Software

Jinse Finance reported that encryption investment company Poly.

Block Chain:8/15/2022 12:26:25 PM
Aptos releases v1.0 white paper "Secured, Scalable and Upgradable Web3 Infrastructure"

According to official news.

Block Chain:8/12/2022 12:20:30 PM