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Michael Saylor: Bitcoin will demonetize gold



Time:8/14/2022 12:24:56 PM

[Michael Saylor: Bitcoin will demonetize gold] On August 14th, former MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor predicted that over time, Bitcoin will eventually demonetize gold. In the 21st century, gold will not be used as money. Gold was the metallic currency of the 19th century. Bitcoin will become an institutional investment-grade asset that will be welcomed by major investors, regulators, and lawmakers. A spot-based bitcoin ETF could emerge a year from now. (U. Today)

Other news:

Northern Trust Appoints Michael Buzza as Global Head of Network Management and Market Strategy: Jinse Finance reported that Northern Trust (Nasdaq: NTRS) today announced the appointment of Michael Buzza as global head of network management and market strategy. Buzza, who previously served as head of market advocacy and innovation research for EMEA, will oversee the team within the Digital Assets and Financial Markets Group.

Northern Trust announced the formation of its Digital Assets and Financial Markets Group in June 2022 to unify the digital and traditional market functions of its Asset Services business, providing Whole Office™ solutions to global institutional asset managers and asset owners. (finextra)[2022/9/21 7:11:09]

MicroStrategy CEO: The withdrawal of Chinese capital and mines from the BTC network is beneficial to the rest of the world: Michael Saylor, founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, tweeted today that the downward driving force of Bitcoin is mainly due to the fact that China began mining Bitcoin in May and deal blows. This has caused Chinese capital and mining farms to be forced to withdraw from the Bitcoin network in a hurry. This is a tragedy for China. However, in the long run, this is good for the rest of the world. [2021/6/19 23:49:59]

Site丨Michael Ou: Blockchain provides a shortcut to solve the problem of trust: Jinse Finance reported on the spot on July 3, at the 2018 Asian Blockchain Summit (ABS) held in Taipei, Michael Ou, founder of CoolBitX, said that blockchain The chain provides a shortcut to solve the problem of trust, allowing the system itself or the service provider to return the identity directly to the user, so that the third party gives up control of the user's account, and the user does not need to trust the system or the supplier. In terms of medical insurance and case system data applications, users have ways to control their own data and provide it to an organization. Therefore, the blockchain allows the data users themselves to approve the data and allow it to be effectively transferred. [2018/7/3]

Data: Binance minted 140,515,619 BUSD

Jinse Finance reported that according to Whale Alert data, Binance minted 140,515.

Block Chain:8/16/2022 12:27:37 PM
Aave: On-chain wallet address review will require DAO consensus.

Jinse Finance reported that the lending agreement AAVE stated that unless the com.

Block Chain:8/16/2022 12:27:44 PM
Data: 71,000,000 USDT were transferred from Tether treasury to an unknown wallet.

Jinse Finance reported that Whale Alert data showed that 71,000.

Block Chain:8/16/2022 12:27:06 PM
Huobi: No plan has been formed for the transfer of major shareholders’ shares, and the company’s operations are normal

[Huobi: No plan has been formed for the transfer of major shareholder shares.

Block Chain:8/13/2022 12:22:53 PM
The gas fee for each transaction on the ZKSync network reaches USD 0.03.

Golden Finance News.

Block Chain:8/14/2022 12:24:59 PM
The market value of Shiba Inu returns to above US$10 billion

According to Jinse Finance, according to the latest data.

Block Chain:8/15/2022 12:25:39 PM
ETHPoW team: Ethereum fork led by miners is "inevitable"

Jinse Finance reported that the team behind ETHPoW published an open letter today.

Block Chain:8/12/2022 12:21:53 PM
Solana co-founder: NFT has "50 different use cases"

Golden Finance reported that Solana co-founder Raj Gokal said in an interview with TechCrunch.

Block Chain:8/15/2022 12:25:35 PM