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Didi tried to promote the payment business, with daily orders reaching millions



Today, Jiemian News obtained a monthly report on the payment business of Didi Finance from insiders of Didi. The monthly report shows that since the second half of this year, its payment business data has increased, with daily orders reaching one million levels, and Didi Pay users approaching 30 million.

At present, Didi Pay can be used for online car-hailing, Huaxiaozhu, Qingju Bicycle, Kuaidi Taxi and other products in the Didi ecosystem. The above-mentioned person familiar with the matter also said that the central bank’s digital currency (DCEP) had previously been tested on the Qingju bicycle to complete the first payment of DCEP in the country.

USDT once fell to $0.94864, unanchored by more than 5%: Jinjin Finance News, according to Binance market data, USDT once fell to $0.94864, unanchored by more than 5%.

In previous news, Paolo Ardoino, chief technology officer of Tether, reminded on Twitter that Tether is executing USDT redemption at a price of $1 through More than 300 million have been redeemed in the past 24 hours, so it can be said that there is no pressure. [2022/5/12 3:10:47]

In terms of mobile payment, Didi already has a layout. In 2017, it acquired Yijiufu and obtained a third-party payment license. "In the past two years, Didi has made slow progress in the payment business, but in the past six months, it has begun to form close linkages with multiple businesses in the Didi ecosystem." A person close to Didi said.

MTN becomes first African telco to invest in Metaverse: Golden Finance reports that MTN, Africa's largest telco, has invested in Metaverse through a partnership with Africarare, a development MTN revealed in a statement on its website, adding Says it will buy 144 pieces of virtual land in Africarare. The telecom giant revealed the investment is part of its commitment to supporting innovation in a new Africa, noting its intention to expand its customer base through web 3.0. ( [2022/3/2 13:32:22]

According to the monthly report obtained by Jiemian News, Didi Pay launched the "Xiaozhu Pay" product in Huaxiaozhu in September, and as of the end of November, the cumulative number of orders using Didi Pay has reached millions. Didi Pay cooperates with several businesses such as Qingju, Kuaidi Taxi, online car-hailing, public transportation, etc., and encourages users to use Didi Pay through preferential subsidies to increase penetration.

The P2E game Cowboy Snake announced its roadmap, and the Beta version will be opened in January this year: On January 3, the P2E game Cowboy Snake announced its roadmap, announcing that it will open the game-related item trading market on January 15, 2022, and on January 1 The Beta version of the game will be opened on the 20th. At the same time, Cowboy Snake will conduct initial NFT issuance (INO) in February, and users can participate in the purchase of related NFTs by staking the game's native Token COWS or RIM. Previously, Cowboy Snake conducted COWS IDO activities on PancakeSwap in late December 2021.

It is reported that the gameplay of CowboySnake is similar to that of Snake. The game is developed based on the P2E model and has two native Tokens COWS and RIM based on the BSC chain. [2022/1/3 8:21:05]

The reporter found in the Didi APP that there is a discount of a few yuan when paying by Didi Pay when taking a taxi. In addition, payment methods such as Alipay, WeChat, and Apple Pay can still be used normally.

At the same time, Didi Pay is trying to find other breakthroughs through digital currency. "Previously Didi reached a strategic cooperation with the Digital Research Institute of the People's Bank of China. The internal monthly report stated that Didi has completed the test of the first DCEP order in the country under the Qingju bicycle scene, and reached an in-depth cooperation with ICBC to plan to implement a digital currency pilot in Shenzhen." Said the above-mentioned person familiar with the matter.

As far as the third-party payment market is concerned, Alipay and WeChat Pay have firmly occupied the first echelon. But this does not prevent many Internet companies such as Meituan and from actively expanding their payment business. Only in this way can they complete the closed payment loop within their own ecology.

In addition, compared with Alipay and WeChat Pay, which have become national payments, the growth of other large companies such as and Meituan still relies on their own product lines. It is foreseeable that the development path of Didi Payment will be the same as that of Meituan, mainly serving its own product line.

Previously, Didi announced that the peak travel orders on the platform had exceeded 60 million, and proposed to achieve the goal of serving 100 million orders per day globally in the next three years.


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Didi tried to promote the payment business, with daily orders reaching millions

Today, Jiemian News obtained a monthly report on the payment business of Didi Finance from insiders of Didi. The monthly report shows that since the second half of this year, its payment business data has increased.

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