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Will the market shoot straight out today?



There is still no final result for the matter of Mentougou. If he loses these coins, he must not be able to compensate them on a one-for-one basis. There are more than 160,000 bitcoins in the cold wallet. These coins will be used as chips for the final compensation. Currently, the Mentougou Exchange Entrusting the case to a Japanese law firm, the lawyer and the court will have to deal with it for a long time. Although it is the final submission deadline, if the submitted bill is not passed, this process will continue to repeat. It’s still far away, so don’t worry about him for now. We just need to keep an eye on the cold wallet of tens of thousands of bitcoins in Mentougou. As long as he doesn’t move, the market has nothing to worry about. As for the address monitoring, you don’t need to worry about it. There are a lot of people watching. Once there is a change, the overwhelming media will report it. Just wait patiently. It is only a matter of time before it hits the market.

On-site | Lawyer Li Zhenying: IEO has the advantages of reducing the cost of start-up companies to develop the market: Jinse Finance live report, on April 25, the famous Korean lawyer Li Zhenying (sound) was at the fourth phase of the Golden Salon South Korea hosted by Jinse Finance and cointime During the speech, he interpreted the recent hot IEO. He pointed out that IEO has the advantages of: reducing the cost of startup companies to develop the market; easy to raise funds through the credit of the exchange; increasing the users of the exchange; activating the platform currency; increasing the income of transaction fees; increasing the status of the exchange; because of the transaction The audit of the exchange has advantages such as less risk than ICO. [2019/4/25]

Yesterday, the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission issued a currency circle license to the exchange OSL. According to the scope of the license, securities tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can be traded after screening. It seems that Hong Kong, as our offshore financial gathering place, has officially accepted the transaction of cryptocurrency, and it is expected that many currency exchanges will seek refuge in Hong Kong in the future to seek legal protection. This is also a good signal for our mainland investors. The future trading channel is beckoning to us, and there is no need to trade secretly in the currency circle anymore.

Voice | Startup Caviar partner: Wall Street financial institutions enter the encryption market through high-priced acquisitions: In response to Wall Street financial institutions’ hesitant attitude towards the encryption market, Kirill Bensonoff, a start-up company that invests in cryptocurrencies and real estate, said in an interview, Wall Street's big banks may be so far behind in this new market that they will have to pay a hefty premium to catch up by acquiring companies currently entering it. [2019/4/24]

The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) plans to launch a cryptocurrency-related index in 2021. This is another exchange in the United States that proposes to launch an encryption index after S&P. These giant-level companies launch an encryption index, which is undoubtedly for the future. The ETF paves the way. When the US financial companies are enough to occupy the market, the SEC will approve the Bitcoin ETF of these Wall Street predators. At that time, it will be the real bull market leader Shenglang. Institutions and individual investors from various countries have entered the market and snapped up bitcoin.

Chicago firm DRW to open bitcoin exchange in Singapore Entering Asia: Chicago and Singapore are two cities that are becoming synonymous with bitcoin. The former is home to CME and DRW, two big financial firms that are taking advantage of Bitcoin, while Singapore is embracing all things crypto. Therefore, DRW is preparing to set up a trading point in Singapore. [2017/11/17]

The open interest of ETH options has increased by 50 times since the beginning of this year, indicating that the market's attention to ETH has begun to increase significantly, and it is worthwhile for everyone to make a long-term layout. At the same time, the 2.0 deposit addresses of Ethereum rapidly increased to 1.77 million, a surge of 300,000 Ethereum in a short period of time.

Bitcoin's negotiable market value hit a record high again yesterday, and there will be new highs after the new high, so wait patiently.

Many shareholders of BlackRock have expressed their support for MicroStrategy's $650 million bitcoin convertible bond. It seems that the entry of predators in the future is still expected.

Tether has printed 200 million US dollars, and the incremental speed has slowed down.

The panic and greed index is 92, which remains high.

Gray scale increases and decreases are as follows:


Bitcoin has been refusing to adjust at a high level, and there is a certain possibility of a blowout before Christmas. Holders continue to hold the currency patiently. The short-term callback momentum has weakened, and the upward probability continues to increase. Wait for new highs to appear.


The linked bitcoin continues to fluctuate, and it will still follow bitcoin, and the trend will not be weaker than the pie.


The independent downward trend is still there, do not participate. If the daily line level has accelerated decline, then consider buying bottoms.


Concussion is the main factor, and the independent upside momentum is insufficient.


The logic of the upward rebound is still there, and the amount of callback today is not large, and it is expected to continue to rebound.


Continuous shocks prevail.


The shock callback is the main one.


Continue to go up along the trend, hold mainly.


The rebound is expected to continue, so take it first.


The previous rebound was insignificant, but now it is not going well, and the focus is on lightening up.


Short-term rebound is the main focus.

The market is still in a shock cycle, but it has already met the conditions for spraying. When it will be pulled up, it may start at any time. Just be ready at any time, and the bull market is far from over.


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Will the market shoot straight out today?

There is still no final result for the matter of Mentougou. If he loses these coins, he must not be able to compensate them on a one-for-one basis. There are more than 160.

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