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What is ETH2.0 pledged mining? How to get BETH through ETH?



It is only 7 days since the start of the zero phase of ETH 2.0. We have heard about Ethereum 2.0 for a long time, but we have never seriously understood it. We only know that ETH2.0 will transition from POW to POS mining.

After careful research, first of all, you need to hold 32 Ethereum to mine when ETH achieves 2.0.

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According to the description of the Ethereum 2.0 white paper, the name of the new Ethereum token is BETH.

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Then, if you want to obtain this token, you need to obtain BETH through pledge. The so-called pledge means that participants need to invest at least 32 ETH and pledge it into BETH (beacon chain ether currency) in a 1:1 manner to participate in the verification ( Or participate in a small amount at an exchange or a custodian service provider), and this process is one-way and irreversible.

Dynamic | ETH new leeks accounted for 39.87% yesterday: "New Leek Index": ETH new leeks accounted for 39.87% yesterday, a decrease of 3.13% from the previous day, and an increase compared to the same period last month 0.53%. [2018/11/24]

What we invest in is Ethereum, but what we receive is BETH, so the final rate of return is also based on BETH.

When it comes to BETH, we have to mention the beacon chain. Ethereum 2.0 includes seven stages, namely: beacon chain, shard chain, vision realization, light client state protocol, cross-chain sending transactions, and main chain security Sexually tightly coupled, exponential sharding.

At present, phase 0 is about to start. For the time being, we only discuss the beacon chain here, that is, the phase of staking ETH to get BETH.

The center of ETH2.0 revolves around the beacon chain. In the 2.0 white paper, the beacon chain is described as the command and control center of Ethereum 2.0, which shows its importance.

BETH will be a new token on the beacon chain. The current digital asset ETH on the Ethereum main chain will not be available on the ETH 2.0 chain; nor will the new token be used on the Ethereum main chain.

If the 0th step of the beacon chain is successful, the first step will be started. At that time, there will be 2 Ethereum on the market, one is ETH itself, and the other will be BETH. It is foreseeable that Ethereum 1.0 and Ethereum 2.0 are old and new. The chain will coexist for at least 2-3 years, and ETH and BETH will also exist in parallel.

Regarding BETH, the output in the early stage is very small, with a maximum output of 181,019 BETH per year, and some exchanges will list BETH as soon as possible. A well-known media author predicted that the price of BETH will be higher than that of ETH in the early stage, and more people will sell ETH to pledge BETH, causing the price of ETH to fall until BETH and ETH reach a relatively stable state.

However, it will be a relatively long process to achieve a relatively stable price of BETH and ETH, and there is still a lot of room for investment in the early stage.

But at present, it is still unknown how much BETH is worth.

But in the final analysis, the current 2.0 is still worth looking forward to. Staking (equity pledge) is one of the major functions of ETH 2.0. I believe it should not disappoint investors.


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What is ETH2.0 pledged mining? How to get BETH through ETH?

It is only 7 days since the start of the zero phase of ETH 2.0. We have heard about Ethereum 2.0 for a long time.

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