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The BBC also plays NFT? Is Ethereum ready to become the main NFT position?



On December 7, foreign media sources pointed out that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) cooperated with Reality Gaming Group to launch the NFT trading card Doctor Who. Users can purchase these card packs via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or by trading cryptocurrencies through the Coinify platform.

It is understood that "Doctor Who" (English: Doctor Who) is a science fiction TV series produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which tells the adventures of the Doctor as a time lord (a humanoid alien creature capable of time travel). He explores the cosmos aboard the TARDIS, a sentient time-traveling spaceship that resembles the blue police boxes that were ubiquitous in Britain in 1963, when the show premiered. Together with a series of companions, the Doctor saves civilization, helps ordinary people, and rightes wrongs while facing various enemies. The show is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest science fiction television series in the world. Of course, Doctor Who-based spinoffs are also wildly popular.

BBC: In the past 12 months, the purchase of virtual plots in the Metaverse has been close to 2 billion US dollars: Golden Finance reported that according to the BBC, in the past 12 months, as ordinary people and businesses compete to gain a foothold in the Metaverse world, Nearly $2 billion (£1.75 billion) was spent on virtual land purchases. One of the most popular metaverses currently is Decentraland, where Samsung, UPS and Sotheby’s, as well as fashion brand Philipp Plein, have purchased virtual plots to build stores and visitor centers; and in The Sandbox, Adidas, Atari, Ubisoft, Binance, Warner Music and Gucci bought the virtual plots. [2022/11/4 12:17:37]

This time, the popular BBC sci-fi TV series Doctor Who is the subject of a new digital card game. The Dr. Who: Worlds Apart game itself hasn't been released yet, but card packs are already available in pre-orders. Players will eventually be able to trade scarce cards on a secondary market. That’s because, Dr. Who: Worlds Apart — is an Ethereum-based non-fungible token (NFT).

Foreign media: The chairman of the BBC invested in the Russian oligarchic encryption company Atomyze three years ago: According to news on August 16, according to foreign media reports, it was rumored that the chairman of the BBC (BBC) Richard Sharp (Richard Sharp) invested three years ago Atomyze, a Swiss-based crypto firm founded by Russian oligarch Vladimir Potanin, Richard Sharp operated the investment through Cayman Islands company ABCP GP Ltd, The specific investment amount has not been disclosed so far.

It is reported that Atomyze’s main business is to tokenize metals such as palladium, gold, silver and nickel, and it has ties to Nornickel, a Russian mining and smelting giant. (Blockworks) [2022/8/16 12:28:16]

Dr. Who: Worlds Apart digital trading card game pre-sales are now open. Players can purchase NFT packs through the game's official website.

ABBC lands on Bitsdaq exchange: ABBC project is listed on Bitsdaq exchange, opening ABBC/BTC trading pair. The ABBC Foundation has an independent blockchain wallet and will provide infrastructure for comprehensive transactions, investments, storage and e-commerce (shopping malls). [2020/3/18]

Players will use digital trading cards to play the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game. According to Reality Gaming Group, the company behind the company, the game will go live in the second quarter of 2021.

In addition to the use in the game itself, players can also trade through the secondary market. Transactions will reportedly begin in the first quarter of 2021.

This time via the Ethereum blockchain, a limited number of different cards will be available. Therefore, the player will effectively own each card to himself. In other words, thanks to blockchain technology, there will be no duplicates for each card.

News | BBC Incorporates Encrypted Asset Topics into Its English Language Courses: The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has incorporated encrypted assets as a topic into its English language courses. The BBC believes that digital currencies are becoming closer to society than ever before. As part of its educational services, the BBC offers courses in a variety of subjects for school-aged children and mature learners. In its latest version of the "6 Minute English Lesson", there is a lesson dedicated to cryptocurrency. Discuss digital currencies in very understandable terms without introducing too much technical vocabulary. (newsbtc)[2019/8/16]

If the game turns out to be popular, rare cards could be worth a fortune on the secondary market.

NFTs are an emerging trend in the cryptocurrency industry. They are essentially blockchain-based tokens that represent digital items rather than monetary units.

Early applications of NFTs include digital artwork and in-game items. B BeInCrypto previously reported growing interest in digital art auction platforms such as SuperRare.

Previously, in-game items such as Doctor Who trading cards would remain the property of the Corporation. In contrast, NFTs, usually based on the ERC-721 standard, provide players with digital scarcity.

This means they can exchange sought-after items for real money, and even use their items in other games.

Not only the BBC, but in fact the whirlwind of non-homogeneous tokens has also extended to real industries such as games, collectibles, and asset tokenization. Well-known institutions, including Turner Sports, a subsidiary of the multinational media entertainment group Warner Media, Mojang Studios, WAX, and Marvel, the parent company of Minecraft, have successively entered the market to try to deploy the NFT field.

The Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game is not the first trading card game to hit the Ethereum network. In 2017, the game Crypto Kitties, in which players collect and raise crypto-kitties, was so popular that Ethereum transaction fees soared and the network almost stagnated.

However, progress in the NFT world currently revolves around Ethereum. This is where NFTs started, where many people got their first NFT, where many transactions happened, and where the biggest NFT creators and collectors gathered. We are seeing a proliferation of interest in NFTs.

Since the 1960s, the BBC's Doctor Who franchise has generated massive traction. The new trading card game may attract more users to try out the cryptocurrency, but this influx could have a similar effect on Ethereum gas prices.

In fact, since the beginning of this year, the market's continued interest in DeFi has put pressure on Ethereum transaction fees. Because there are market voices that, although fees are relatively low at present, if the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game is successful, transaction fees may also skyrocket, thereby limiting the utility of the network again.

However, some voices pointed out that although Ethereum has many limitations (block size limit, high gas fee, high transaction fee, slow confirmation speed, semi-centralized single point of failure around tools, etc.), it has been and is still It will be the most important blockchain technology in the world except Bitcoin.

Moreover, the current NFT market is mainly supported by hot spots. Although it has existed for a long time, in addition to special event stimulation, the problems of loyal users and liquidity funds still exist. In addition, the difficulty in the development of NFT lies not in the technology, but in the promotion of the market. At present, it is no problem to realize NFT through technology. The key is that the market is too small and the competition is not fierce. Therefore, the difficulty in the development of NFT is actually the ecological application. To make a good NFT application, the development cost must be relatively high. And because the NFT audience is too small, the benefits obtained by the project cannot cover the development costs. In general, the possibility of a full-scale outbreak of NFT is too small. The expansion of Ethereum's performance is still continuing, because the effect of enhancing network pressure has not yet been formed.

Although for the current blockchain industry, NFT is still a very niche thing. However, encrypted artwork, games, digital certificates, real estate, etc. have become potential scenarios for NFT. From the current point of view, NFT assets of games may be sought after, while NFTs of encrypted art may have real collection value. (Part of the information in this article is synthesized from beincrypto)


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The BBC also plays NFT? Is Ethereum ready to become the main NFT position?

On December 7, foreign media sources pointed out that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) cooperated with Reality Gaming Group to launch the NFT trading card Doctor Who. Users can purchase these card packs via.

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