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11.28 evening market: is it a rebound? Or the continuation of the bull market?



The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views, and are only for learning and exchange! Golden Disk will not actively provide any transaction guidance, nor will it charge any fees to guide transactions. Readers are requested to carefully screen and beware of being fooled.

HashSpace token HS broke through 11.38USDT, a single-day increase of 35.67%: According to official news, HS officially launched Alpha-Go and CleanEX at 12:00 on May 10 (UTC+8), and opened the HS/USDT trading pair with a price of 1 USDT. The current real-time price of HS exchange is 11.38USDT, the highest single-day increase exceeded 53%.

HashSpace is committed to building a borderless social application ecosystem on the chain. HashSpace's application eco-token HS has a total issuance of 2 billion. HS is currently in full circulation. Currently, it is only in circulation in App and exchanges. HS can only be obtained through free registration in the HS-Lottery application and behavioral mining. HS will continue to cut production if the price rises. [2021/5/18 22:16:24]

After the market continued to drop, the market is brewing a rebound. The ADA mentioned in the article yesterday rose by 13%. The second relatively large callback is an opportunity to enter the market. In terms of operation, it is still recommended to buy and hold until the daily positive line, ADA, DASH, make a good start, and other currencies will follow. The currency that has not risen much gets on the bus.

Dynamic | Yesterday’s new ETH addresses decreased by 11.57% from the previous day: According to data, the number of ETH new addresses yesterday was 41,277, a decrease of 11.57% from the previous day, and a decrease of 7.72% from the same period last week; yesterday’s ETH active-zce addresses The number is 314,451, an increase of 2.77% from the previous day, and an increase of 14.58% from the same period last week; the average number of new addresses in the past 7 days is 41,699, and the average number of daily active-zce addresses is 289,991. Yesterday, the number of newly added addresses decreased by 1.01% compared with the daily average, and the number of active-zce addresses increased by 8.43% compared with the daily average. [2018/10/19]

The short-term support level of BTC is 16800-17000, and the short-term pressure level is 17600-17800.

ICX rose by 11.71%: According to Huobi Pro data, the latest transaction price of ICX is RMB 62.86, the highest price in 24 hours is RMB 63.69, the lowest price is RMB 54.39, and the 24-hour trading volume is 787700ICX, an increase of 11.71%. [2018/1/30]

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Author: Biquan Beiming


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11.28 evening market: is it a rebound? Or the continuation of the bull market?

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

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