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Golden DeFi Daily | YFI founder: 4 projects are currently being audited



DeFi data

1. The total market value of DeFi: 18.875 billion US dollars

The rise and fall of the top ten currencies by market capitalization, charted by Jinse Finance, and the data source is Debank

2. Trading volume on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: $470 million

Countdown to BTC Halving | Golden Finance Mining Earnings Report: According to Jinse Finance, according to OKEx mining pool data, the next BTC halving date is expected to be May 12, 2020, and today is 55 days away. The current block height of BTC is 621915, and the block height of the next halving will be 630000. Today, the computing power of the entire network is about 106.99EH/s, and the difficulty of the entire network is about 16.55T. The next difficulty is predicted to be 16.40 (-0.89%), and there are still 8 days left before the adjustment. Today’s BTC income: 0.00001519BTC/T/day. [2020/3/17]

Jinse Finance data broadcasts that the number of Bitcoin transactions to be confirmed is 2421: Jinse Finance data broadcasts, according to public data, the current number of Bitcoin transactions to be confirmed is 2421, and the price of Bitcoin is still hovering at a low level in recent days. Enthusiasm has declined, and Bitcoin transaction activity has decreased. [2018/6/13]

Data source of top ten DEXs by trading volume: Debank

3. The total amount of loans on DeFi lending platforms: 3.21 billion US dollars

Borrowing ratio of DeFi lending platform, Jinse Finance Chart, data source: Debank

Jinse Finance live report, Baron Gong: Blockchain privacy protection brings new business opportunities: At the 2018 World Digital Asset Summit (WDAS) and FBG Annual Conference, Baron Gong from ORIGO said that blockchain privacy protection brings New business opportunities also bring new business models. Most of the centralized Internet companies rely on selling privacy to make money. It is correct to use the blockchain to protect data ownership, but the blockchain also needs to be avoided in the future. There is a phenomenon of centralized companies selling privacy. [2018/5/2]

4. Assets locked in DeFi: $17.73 billion

Jinse Finance’s exclusive analysis Blockchain “de-trust” is rebuilding trust: Roy Teo of the Singapore Monetary Authority and Wang He, former vice president of PICC, all mentioned the key significance of blockchain in trust reconstruction. According to the analysis of Jinse Finance, in economic transactions, the blockchain establishes trust under the decentralized system, and under the insurance mechanism, the blockchain better handles the relationship between the individual and the collective, and promotes fairness, transparency and efficiency. The blockchain uses its own "trustless" feature to solve the problem of trust, that is, so that people do not need to consider the issue of trust, and trust can "self-certify". Blockchain makes us more trust in this immutable mechanism created by information technology. [2018/4/17]

Top 10 rankings of assets locked in DeFi projects and locked positions, data source: Debank

1. The total lock-up volume of DeFi protocols on Ethereum is about 17.8 billion US dollars

According to data from OKLink, as of 18:00 today, the total lock-up volume of DeFi protocols on Ethereum is about 17.8 billion US dollars. Among them, the top five protocols with locked positions are Maker 2.64 billion USD (+0.67%), WBTC 2.29 billion USD (+0.15%), AAVE 1.73 billion USD (+0.41%), Uniswap V2 1.69 billion USD (+1.19% ) and Compound $1.67 billion (+1.74%).

2. YFI

YFI founder: 4 projects including DILL, Cream v2 and Cover v1.1 are being audited

YFI founder Andre Cronje tweeted: There are currently 4 new projects being audited, and 3 are clearly mentioned: DILL token, Cream v2 lending agreement, and Cover1.1 perps. The fourth new item was not specified, sparking speculation among many Twitter users. At the same time, Andre Cronje "spitting out" the audit process: the cycle of waiting for feedback is painful, it feels like "wasted" time, you can't start new work, and you can't release projects.


Yearn Ecosystem Token Index (YETI) Proposal Launched

Power Poll launches the Yearn Ecosystem Token Index (YETI) proposal, which includes tokens in the Yearn ecosystem: YFI, SUSHI, CREAM, AKRO, COVER, K3PR, CVP, and PICKLE. The proposal suggests token weights: YFI35%, SUSHI17%, and other tokens each 8%. The index will serve two purposes. For investors, it enables investors to have extensive access to the Yearn ecosystem. For Yearn, this will be a way to formalize its merger, aligning fiscal and governance systems across the ecosystem.

4. Linkswap

Six hours after the launch of the Linkswap liquidity pool, the lock-up volume reached 6 million US dollars

Linkswap, a community-managed automated market maker for the Chainlink ecosystem, announced on Twitter that its LP staking is now live and has launched a series of liquidity pools, including ETH, LINK, USDC, USDT, BUSD, YAX, CEL, GSWAP , MASQ and DPI. Its native YFL token rewards will start at 9:00 on December 7th. According to data from the Linkswap Dapp, within six hours of launching the liquidity pool, approximately $6 million was pledged. According to CoinGecko data, YFL is currently trading at $581.14, a 24-hour drop of 8.4%.


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After a long wait of three years, the price of Bitcoin has finally returned to the peak moment of the year. So far in 2020, the price of Bitcoin has soared 169%.

Open Banking: How to Eliminate Fraud in the Financial System of the Future?

The Open Banking revolution is rapidly gathering momentum, and while this transition may improve banking operational efficiencies and enhance user experience.

The most basic market analysis method: looking for pressure and support

Friends who are familiar with me know that I hardly write market analysis, because I prefer to do mining and project analysis in the long-term, but today's market made many people panic.

Golden DeFi Daily | YFI founder: 4 projects are currently being audited

DeFi data 1. The total market value of DeFi: 18.875 billion US dollars The rise and fall of the top ten currencies by market capitalization, charted by Jinse Finance.

Blockchain hype is a thing of the past, applications are coming

While many people are attracted to cryptocurrencies, it is technically not attractive to many companies and businesses.Blockchain technology shines in the Internet-driven network world.

Golden Observation | Libra moved closer to supervision and changed its name to Diem, will it break the stablecoin market this time?

Libra, which once received a regulatory "boycott", has recently changed its name to Diem.

The market has come to the stage of choosing direction

The market has entered a period of entanglement, and continues to fluctuate near the previous high. It seems that after a wave of climax, funds have lost their direction. There is no consensus on the upside.