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China's provincial blockchain policy competitiveness index TOP10 (November 2020)



In line with the country's vigorous development of the blockchain, since 2020, the country has ushered in a blockchain policy upsurge, and the central and local governments have issued blockchain-related policies one after another.

Previously, Lianta Think Tank published a series of articles "China's 50 Blockchain Cities", which scanned the city's economic development level, government blockchain policies and support, blockchain investment and financing events, and blockchain start-up companies list. The dimension shows the overall layout of the city's blockchain, as well as the entrepreneurial activity of the city's blockchain, and finally shows the competitiveness of a city's blockchain. This year, with the continuous entry of the "national team" policy, provinces and cities continue to increase their weight on the blockchain policy chain, and the impact of blockchain policy competitiveness will become more and more important.

Lianta Think Tank collected the blockchain-related policies of various provinces in November from public information, compiled and summarized them, and released the "Top 10 Blockchain Policy Competitiveness Index of China's Provinces" monthly list (November). At the same time, Chain Tower Think Tank will continue to follow up the blockchain policies issued by various provinces in China, and will release the "2020 China Blockchain Industry Policy Annual List" in December, so stay tuned.

Chen Chun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: At present, the blockchain regulatory framework has basically taken shape: At the 2020 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair, Chen Chun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that with the vigorous development of the blockchain industry, regulatory work cannot be delayed. The blockchain supervision framework has basically taken shape. Its guiding ideology is to govern the chain by chains. The core ideas are real-name system, record system and real-time supervision of nodes. (Daily Economic News) [2020/10/30]

This list is organized by the Chain Tower Think Tank through the blockchain special policies issued by various places in the past month, other policies related to the blockchain, and the layout and application of local governments in the blockchain field. And post this review ranking.

Chain Tower Think Tank analyzed and sorted out the policy points of the November list.

News | AOFEX Singapore company donated 200,000 SGD for the fight against the epidemic in Wuhan, China: According to Singapore news, on February 24, the Singapore company of AOFEX Asia Pacific headquarters donated 200,000 SGD (approximately equivalent to 143,000 US dollars) to the Singapore Red Cross , to provide humanitarian assistance to China, which has been severely affected by the 2019 novel coronavirus (nCoV) epidemic, and directly use it for the prevention and control of the epidemic in Wuhan.

Give priority to providing medical supplies such as medicines, virus kits, medical masks, protective clothing, isolation gowns, goggles, latex gloves, disinfectants, infrared temperature guns, etc. to the frontline of the anti-epidemic work. Service providers purchase and distribute personal protective equipment, including emergency medical equipment such as non-invasive ventilators and respiratory humidifiers.

AOFEX Exchange is located in London, UK. It is a global digital currency financial derivatives exchange. It provides an encrypted digital currency trading environment for 750,000 community members 24 hours a day. [2020/2/24]

On October 27, the General Office of the Hunan Provincial People's Government issued the "Overall Plan for Blockchain Development in Hunan Province (2020-2025)" notice. The "Plan" proposes that by 2022, the number of blockchain patents in the province will rank eighth in the country, and more than 3 national and provincial blockchain industry innovation demonstration zones and 3 national innovation platforms will be created to cultivate and form There are 10 domestic leading enterprises with strong strength, 100 enterprises above designated size, and the main business income is 10 billion yuan.

Voice| Full-time vice president of China Banking Association: The bank blockchain trading platform has completed the test: Jinse Finance reported that the third China Digital Bank Forum was held yesterday. Pan Guangwei, full-time vice president of the China Banking Association, said that the China Banking Association It has cooperated with many banks to promote the construction of the bank's blockchain trading platform, and the test has been completed so far. Some banks have concluded transactions through the platform, and the operation is in good condition. [2019/11/28]

By 2025, the number of blockchain patents in the province will rank fifth in the country, create more than 5 national-level and provincial-level blockchain industry innovation demonstration zones, and 5 national-level innovation platforms, and cultivate and form more than 20 companies with strong capabilities. Strength, leading domestic blockchain enterprises, more than 200 blockchain service providers with leading technologies and models, and main business income of 50 billion yuan.

It is worth noting that digital currency is also mentioned in the blockchain development plan of Hunan Province. Hunan Province proposes to strengthen digital currency monitoring, establish a digital currency monitoring system, pay attention to the development of international digital currency research, and study the digital currency management framework. Track the evolution of overseas super-sovereign currencies, and monitor the operation and penetration of digital currencies.

Voice | BM: Chinese users can also use VOICE to complete the VOICE real name and cannot be used for other DAPPs: According to Whale Exchange, BM made the following reply to the KYC real name issue about VOICE:

1. It empowers you when you need to send an authentic message to the public. One solution need not solve all problems;

2. Once the key and social relationship identify you, anyone who relies on the public information database for identification will have problems due to poor security;

3. Identity is only the focus of relevant information. Governments want to use content-zce related to their systems for compliance purposes. A time and place for real identities - such as LinkedIn. There is also room for anonymity. However, if you think your wording choices and language patterns are anonymous, then you are fooling yourself;

4.99% of people think that they can keep their privacy online, but it is actually an illusion;

5. Some netizens in the community are worried that some regulations in China will have a bad impact on VOICE. BM: This is an option for everyone and supports everyone;

5. Voice token is UBI, which users can get every day.

6. Only B1 can see the user's KYC information, but because of regulatory issues, other DAPPs still need to verify their names again when receiving users who have completed VOICE verification. [2019/6/3]

Initiator of Waltonchain China: Blockchain is a transparent and honest business ecosystem: According to the Securities Times, he was the procurement director of Septwolves Group Co., Ltd. and an angel investor. Waltonchain China was initiated In an interview, Xu Fangcheng told reporters, “The fundamental reason why blockchain is misunderstood by the public is that blockchain technology itself lacks a widely recognized definition and consensus, and no national government or authoritative organization has given technical standards, so In the market, people often misunderstand the form of blockchain application as blockchain technology itself. For example, Bitcoin does not represent blockchain, but just one of the application forms of blockchain technology.” For Waltonchain According to Xu Fangcheng's investment logic, there are three main points: First, the Waltonchain ecosystem is a fully transparent, honest, and decentralized business ecosystem. Second, when a benign Waltonchain ecology is established, there will be various sub-chains, and any cross-sub-chain data interaction will create new value. Third, important sub-chains officially issued by the Waltonchain team later, such as transaction sub-chains or sales sub-chains used in high-frequency circulation links (payment sub-chains are used for ordinary customers, sales sub-chains are used for all merchants or Enterprises), it will be targetedly applicable to the fields of e-commerce, art circulation, corporate credit investigation, logistics and transportation, luxury clothing, food and wine. [2018/2/24]

On November 23, the Shanghai Higher People's Court held a press conference to announce the "Several Opinions on Shanghai Court Service Guarantee and Further Expanding the Opening up of the Financial Industry". Parts are the general requirements for further expanding the opening up of the financial industry to provide judicial services, establishing and improving the judicial system and mechanism compatible with further expanding the opening up of the financial industry, strengthening the trial and execution of related dispute cases, and giving full play to the role of justice in the further expansion of the financial industry. The role of collaborative governance in opening up to the outside world.

The "Opinions" also put forward work measures in terms of creating a financial trial innovation pilot area, supporting the open innovation of financial technology, preventing and defusing cross-border financial risks, and proposing to promote the research and development of emerging key technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and 5G to ensure Fair competition in the financial technology market promotes the integrated development of technological innovation and financial innovation.

On November 16, Haikou City officially issued "Several Measures for Accelerating the Development of High-tech Industries in Haikou City (Trial)" to speed up the development of high-tech industries and support key areas such as integrated circuits, new generation information technology, intelligent manufacturing, service outsourcing, and general health. Industrial development, valid for 3 years. Support the development of the new generation of information technology industry. Newly settled companies in the new generation of core technology fields such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, blockchain, 5G, etc., have an annual municipal financial contribution of more than 2 million yuan (inclusive), and two consecutive years Enterprises with an annual growth rate of more than 30% will be given a growth reward based on 3% of the city-level local financial contribution in the above two years, and the total reward will not exceed 5 million yuan.

At the same time, it was learned from the Hainan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau that Hainan is starting to establish a "Hainan Provincial Cold Chain Food Trusted Traceability Platform" to realize the supervision and traceability of the entire supply chain. It is reported that the platform utilizes the characteristics of "block chain" such as distributed data storage, non-tampering, traceability throughout the process, and traceability. Leakage of commercial data enhances the confidence of enterprises on the chain of data, and can ensure the authenticity and reliability of the data on the chain, providing accurate traceability data for cold chain food to the regulatory authorities.

As of the end of September, the electronic collection of non-tax revenue and financial electronic bills in Hebei Province have achieved full coverage at the provincial, municipal, and county (city, district) levels. At present, the province has issued a total of 11.03 million financial electronic bills, collected funds of 208.9 billion yuan, and saved printing costs of about 2.6 million yuan. In the next step, the Hebei Provincial Department of Finance will actively explore the reform of "blockchain + government affairs". Tax revenue information management level.

On November 19, the press conference of "Qingdao City's Action Plan for Promoting New Infrastructure Construction (2020-2022)" was held at the Qingdao International News Center. The action plan proposes to focus on the field of artificial intelligence and build an artificial intelligence innovation center, an artificial intelligence open source platform service supermarket and a developer community. Relying on China Lianwan, explore new models of government services and social governance based on blockchain technology, and carry out exploration and application in the fields of major government project supervision, food and drug anti-counterfeiting traceability, electronic bills, auditing, and public service undertakings.

On October 16, the Office of the People's Government of Ezhou City, Hubei Province issued a notice on the "Three-Year Action Plan for Promoting New Infrastructure Construction in Ezhou City (2020-2022)". The action plan pointed out that the overall architecture design of Ezhou's "urban brain" should be accelerated, the government cloud platform, Internet of Things service platform, industrial Internet platform, and blockchain service platform should be built, and the city's intelligent central system should be built to support industries, people's livelihood, services, etc. Class smart applications run. Relying on big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, video cloud and other technologies, it connects intelligent systems such as government services, people-benefiting services, economic operations, health education, public security and police affairs, emergency command, disaster prevention and mitigation, and environmental monitoring. Create an urban decision-making and operation center that integrates functions such as urban operation monitoring and fine management.

On November 18, the Chongqing Municipal People's Government issued a notice on "Several Measures of Chongqing's Financial Support for the Construction of Western (Chongqing) Science City". The notice pointed out that financial institutions and financial technology companies should be supported to jointly explore the application of new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain in the financial field. Hold the bottom line of preventing regional and systemic risks, carry out financial innovation in a safe manner, and establish and improve a risk monitoring and early warning system relying on big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other means.


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China's provincial blockchain policy competitiveness index TOP10 (November 2020)

In line with the country's vigorous development of the blockchain, since 2020, the country has ushered in a blockchain policy upsurge.

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