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5 must-reads in the evening | Expansion: The Road to Ethereum 2.0



1. Golden Hard Core | Expansion: The Road to Ethereum 2.0

As the ETH deposited in the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract reached the threshold of 524,288 on November 24, it is basically certain that the beacon chain of Ethereum 2.0 will be launched on December 1, 2020 as scheduled. This also means that Ethereum will officially move towards PoS and expansion at the layer1 layer. In the future, decentralized applications on Ethereum may no longer have to suffer from the high gas fees experienced during the DeFi boom in the summer of 2020. Therefore, scaling is critical for Ethereum. click to read

Golden Evening News | List of important developments on the evening of May 25: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: judicial blockchain, Telegram, stablecoins, Ethereum

1. The 2020 Supreme Law Work Report was released, mentioning the construction of a judicial blockchain platform.

2. Guangzhou Financial Supervision Bureau: Implement "five chains in one" to empower the supervision and development of the microfinance industry.

3. Vitalik: Stablecoins can be used for cross-chain value transfer.

4. Data: The number of non-zero addresses in Ethereum has reached 40 million.

5. Telegram has withdrawn its appeal against a U.S. federal court banning the issuance of Gram tokens.

6. A number of ancient addresses that appeared in CSW's court documents co-signed the message, saying "CSW is a liar".

7. Cui Yu, deputy to the National People's Congress: Actively strive for the first trial of digital currency in the Yangtze River Delta region.

8. The LBChain project of the Central Bank of Lithuania has entered the final stage, and a summary meeting will be held tomorrow.

9. USDC released the April fund audit, and the US dollar reserve can cover 100% of the actual circulation. [2020/5/25]

2. What do you think of this round of Bitcoin and mainstream coins falling across the board? Will the copycat season come again?

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of March 20: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: MakerDAO, ETH transfer, USDT positive premium

1. $2 million in MakerDAO debt will be cleared as the auction enters its final stages.

2. 360 Security Guard: criminals use the guise of virtual currency to carry out fraudulent and illegal fund-raising activities.

3. Foreign media: The former CEO of Bakkt sold 1 million US dollars of stock after learning about the new crown virus.

4. The decentralized wallet imToken ETH transfer volume increased by 78%

5. The USDT positive premium has lasted for a week, and the arbitrage mechanism "failed".

6. Beijing optimizes the "inter-enterprise stock non-residential transaction" process and uses blockchain technology to store certificates on the chain.

7. NetCents, a digital currency payment company, integrates encrypted credit cards into the payment ecosystem.

8. Bitcoin has risen sharply within the day, and the current highest rise is 6912.43 US dollars. [2020/3/20]

On the morning of November 26, the bitcoin and mainstream currency markets experienced a waterfall across the board. BTC once fell below the $17,500 mark, ETH fell below the $510 mark, LTC fell below the $80 mark...the top ten currencies by market value all showed varying degrees of decline. The instantaneous drop broke the upsurge of the whole few days. The data showed that some miners began to sell BTC, but there was no big selling pressure yet. So what are the reasons for this waterfall? Will there be a copycat season after the market pierces? click to read

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of March 16: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Central Bank, US SEC, IMF, Bitcoin

1. Mu Changchun: The Digital Currency Research Institute is taking the lead in orderly promoting the preparation of blockchain standards for the financial industry.

2. The new US SEC proposal may allow private companies to raise funds through STO.

3. IMF: Ready to mobilize US$1 trillion in lending capacity to fight the epidemic.

4. The Block Research Director: The high correlation between Bitcoin and US stock index futures leads to a pessimistic outlook for the encryption market.

5. Opinion: Bitcoin is not the only asset that has plummeted recently, and Asian markets will recover soon.

6. Tonghua County Court adopted blockchain smart contract technology to implement "one-click case filing".

7. A New York State woman was sentenced to 13 years in prison for using cryptocurrency to fund terrorist organizations.

8. Governor of the Reserve Bank of India: The Reserve Bank of India will conduct a long-term refinancing operation of 1 trillion Indian rupees.

9. The Central Bank of Vietnam announced that it will cut the refinancing rate by 100 basis points to 5%.

10. The decline in European stock markets continued to expand. The German DAX index fell by nearly 10%. [2020/3/16]

3. Golden Observation丨How "smart pool" provides a new model for the DeFi market

The market value of Bitcoin has repeatedly hit record highs recently, and there is no doubt that a new round of bull market has begun. Some cryptocurrency investment companies, such as Pantera Capital and Alameda Research, have also joined in the financing transactions of decentralized liquidity platforms, and a new decentralized finance (DeFi) called "smart pool" The model seems to have caught the attention of these investment institutions. click to read

4. How to mine 0.1 ETH in Ethereum 2.0?

Ethereum officially released the confirmed news: ETH2.0 will be launched on December 1st! So, for individual participants and investors, what profit opportunities may ETH2.0 bring? click to read

5. The latest research: 3 major risks in the DeFi market and 8 solutions

In the past year, the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem has experienced explosive growth, with the maximum amount of funds locked up exceeding 14 billion US dollars, an increase of more than 20 times compared to last year, and the risks contained in it are also exploding at an accelerated rate. The well-known venture capital institution Multicoin Capital released the latest blog titled "The DeFi Stack" on its official website on November 24, providing us with a framework to think about how to manage the three major risks in DeFi, including collateral risk, oracle machine risk, liquidation risk, and 8 solutions to these risks. Click to read


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Golden Observation丨How "aggregators" can help decentralized financial DEX transactions.

Golden Finance Blockchain, November 29th In the traditional financial market.

Golden DeFi Daily | yearn.The finance community initiated a proposal to create a new YFI governance library.

DeFi data 1. The total market value of DeFi: 16.324 billion US dollars The rise and fall of the top ten currencies by market capitalization, charted by Jinse Finance.

Oracle: middleware for interaction between blockchain and the real world

The English word for oracle is Oracle, which originally meant an oracle. It originated in the late 14th century. It is a source of credible knowledge for public discussions.Like experts and technical knowledge.

5 must-reads in the evening | Expansion: The Road to Ethereum 2.0

1. Golden Hard Core | Expansion: The Road to Ethereum 2.0As the ETH deposited in the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract reached the threshold of 524,288 on November 24.

PayPal CEO: It's time for cryptocurrencies to enter the mainstream

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman was the keynote speaker at yesterday's Web Summit event, telling the 100,000 attendees that cryptocurrencies are now mainstream.PayPal has made headlines in the cryptocurrency space in 2020.

The deposit target has been exceeded, and the route has been adjusted significantly.What is the focus of the recent ETH2.0?

We were still worried that the ETH2.0 deposit target could not be reached before December 1. Unexpectedly, on November 23, the pledge amount in the deposit contract increased by 90%. As of November 26, Beijing time.

5 must-read articles in the evening | How to interpret the stable currency bill in the circle?

1. Interpretation of the Ethereum ecosystem: the development of open financial DeFiThere are many different types of applications that can be built on Ethereum. Today.