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The digital renminbi will support online payment for the first time, and the specific operation will be decrypted



"Mobile Payment Network" News: On December 5, the digital RMB red envelope pilot project jointly launched by the Suzhou Municipal People's Government and the People's Bank of China officially started an appointment. Combined with the "Double Twelve Suzhou Shopping Festival", the pilot will distribute a total of 20 million yuan in digital RMB red envelopes to all eligible Suzhou citizens through a lottery appointment. The total number of red envelopes is 100,000, each red envelope is 200 yuan, and it will come into effect at 20:00 on December 11. This is another public test pilot after the digital RMB red envelope in Luohu District, Shenzhen. The pilot project in Suzhou is different from Shenzhen, mainly reflected in:

1. The number of red envelopes is more and the total amount is larger. A total of 100,000 digital renminbi red envelopes were issued in Suzhou this time, each at 200 yuan, a total of 20 million; while Shenzhen issued a total of 50,000 last time, a total of 10 million.

Hainan Power Grid realizes the settlement of electricity bills in digital renminbi: According to news on February 23, in order to facilitate customers to pay electricity bills and actively respond to the policy of the central bank’s digital renminbi pilot application, Hainan Power Grid opened a digital renminbi public wallet with the help of the technical channel of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Electricity billing mode. When users pay electricity bills, they no longer need to rely on third parties such as WeChat and Alipay to pay. In the next step, the company will realize the full coverage of electricity fee payment methods in the digital RMB business halls of the province as soon as possible, especially to accelerate the promotion of business halls in remote areas, so that local users can conveniently pay even when there is no network or when the network signal is poor. Complete electricity bill payment. (Jintai Information)[2022/2/23 10:09:43]

2. Online consumption is available. Suzhou’s digital renminbi test can not only be consumed at designated offline merchants, but also online through the “Jingdong Mall”.

Shanghai Changning District Government and Bank of China Shanghai Branch signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation to deepen the promotion and application of digital renminbi: Jinse Finance reported that on September 16, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between Shanghai Changning District People's Government and Bank of China Shanghai Branch was held. The two parties will Deepen exploration and practice in fields such as the promotion and application of digital renminbi. (Changning releases official account) [2021/9/17 23:31:42]

3. Support "dual offline" payment experience test. The Suzhou digital RMB red envelope will select some of the customers who participated in the lottery to participate in the offline wallet experience.

4. The number of participants is relatively limited. Although the Suzhou digital RMB red envelope has a larger scope and more complete functions this time, it is only aimed at local people in Suzhou.

The cooperation scene between digital renminbi and Hongmeng ecology debuted: Jinse Finance reported that the cooperation between digital renminbi and Hongmeng ecology was held at the sub-forum of the 2021 China (Beijing) Digital Finance Forum "Digital RMB and Hongmeng Ecological Dialogue" held on the morning of September 10. The scene debuts. The digital renminbi atomization service based on HarmonyOS can realize the functions of digital renminbi collection and payment. Consumers can directly add digital renminbi service cards to their desktops, and receive and pay with just one click, bringing a convenient experience to consumers who use digital renminbi. At the same time, the digital renminbi card can also be transferred to smart devices such as watches with one click, laying a solid step for the realization of the vision that everything can be paid for in the Hongmeng ecosystem. In the future, smart home devices such as refrigerators, treadmills, and home control systems that support the distributed functions of HarmonyOS, and smart terminal devices such as charging piles, POS machines, and ATMs, will all be able to realize the convenient payment and receipt of digital RMB under the Internet of Everything. Money, bringing the era of interconnection of everything and payment of things. [2021/9/10 23:15:50]

5. Collect all 6 major lines. At present, the six banks of Industry, Agriculture, China, Construction, Communications, and Postal Savings Bank are designated operating institutions and have the conditions to open corresponding bank digital wallets. Among them, one of the highlights of this digital renminbi event that has attracted the most attention from the industry is to support the online consumption of "Jingdong Mall"'s self-operated products. This is the first digital renminbi online scenario to be accessed in the pilot.

Some vending machines in Shanghai subway stations can use digital renminbi for payment: some vending machines in Shanghai subway stations have launched the digital renminbi payment function, and payment can be successfully made through digital renminbi wallets. Relevant bank insiders told reporters that the digital renminbi is currently in the promotion stage in Shanghai, and some merchants have opened the digital currency collection function or the company's digital currency wallet can be traded. [2021/2/22 17:39:20]

At 8 a.m. on December 11, citizens who have won the lottery will receive a text message and be invited to download and register the "digital renminbi" app. After the 200 yuan digital renminbi red envelope takes effect at 8 p.m. that day, they can spend it on

In the first step, the winning user needs to perform a "sub-wallet" push operation through the "Digital RMB" App, and push the corresponding sub-wallet of the digital wallet to the "Jingdong" App for subsequent payment operations.

In the second step, users need to choose JD’s self-operated products to place an order, and non-self-operated products cannot use “digital renminbi” for payment.

The third step is to select the "online payment" payment method on the settlement interface.

The fourth step is to select the "digital renminbi" option when paying, and pull up the digital renminbi sub-wallet for payment.

In addition, if online payment is made in digital renminbi on the JD App, you can get a 50-yuan voucher package benefit if the order amount exceeds 100 yuan, which contains 2 JD payment coupons. The specific usage rules are subject to the information on the coupon.

It can be seen from the above that the online payment process of "digital renminbi" is roughly similar to a third-party payment wallet. When paying, users only need to select the corresponding payment method to complete the payment conveniently. The slight difference is that the user needs to push the digital RMB sub-wallet to the corresponding App before using it. The reason for this is from the perspective of the mobile payment network:

On the one hand, because there are multiple designated operating agencies for digital renminbi, users can theoretically open multiple digital renminbi sub-wallets through the digital renminbi App, and actively push the corresponding sub-wallets so that users can directly call the corresponding wallets for payment. The option to set the default sub-wallet payment is likely to be added after the function is perfected in the future.

On the other hand, since it is in the testing stage, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, it may be more controllable to push the digital renminbi sub-wallet from the user end to the "Jingdong" app. After all, the "digital renminbi" app can only be used by the winning users. When the digital renminbi is connected to the online scene in the future and the functional applications are perfect enough, users may be able to directly pull up the digital renminbi option on the e-commerce App side to pay.


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The digital renminbi will support online payment for the first time, and the specific operation will be decrypted

"Mobile Payment Network" News: On December 5, the digital RMB red envelope pilot project jointly launched by the Suzhou Municipal People's Government and the People's Bank of China officially started an appointment. C.

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