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Golden Sentinel | LTC rose by more than 8% within a day, "Wright Silver" is going to take off?



Speaking of the status of Litecoin (LTC), encrypted digital currency enthusiasts know "Bit Gold, Lite Silver". Today, Litecoin LTC rose against the trend, with the highest increase reaching 68.47USDT, an intraday increase of over 8%, which just rightly interprets this statement.

LTC’s increase in this round, some netizens believe that it originated from a tweet composed of a series of emoji symbols published by LTC founder Li Qiwei on Twitter in the morning. Some netizens speculated that the meaning of the tweet might be "the fund takes money to rush".

Golden Morning News | A list of important news at night: 1. Bank of China used the blockchain bond issuance system for the first time to issue 20 billion two-year special financial bonds for small and micro loans;

2. PLA Daily: Blockchain can effectively promote continuous innovation in training management;

3. Internet judicial white paper: mobile Internet, big data, and blockchain have all "blessed" the court;

4. Securities Daily: Many places have made efforts to promote blockchain technology innovation, and the industrial layout has its own focus;

5. Director of the Office of Judicial Reform of the Supreme People's Court: Internet courts will actively study and deal with the opportunities and challenges brought by blockchain and other technologies to the judiciary;

6. Governor of the Bank of France: The Bank of France will soon start testing digital currencies;

7. A government data center in a province of Argentina was attacked by ransomware, and the hackers demanded payment in Bitcoin;

8. The Swiss Encryption Valley Association released a paper on asset tokenization;

9. Foreign media: Kazakhstan will not tax encryption mining;

10. European Central Bank document: If the cash usage rate declines further, the European Central Bank's digital currency may be accelerated. [2019/12/5]

Jinse Finance live report on Huobi Singapore TyLer Wu: 20% of Huobi Pro income is used for insurance and 20,000 BTC as a guarantee reserve: Jinse Finance reported live on June 6, at the "Financial Chain Change - Huobi Group Global Brand Upgrade Conference ", Huobi Singapore Managing Manager TyLer Wu introduced the advantages of Huobi Pro technically, and pointed out, "20% of Huobi PRO's income is used for insurance. If anything happens to us, we can use these assets Pay to customers, we currently have 20,000 BTC as a security reserve." [2018/6/6]

From the perspective of capital flow, as of 18:48, the net inflow of LTC in 24 hours was 315 million yuan, of which the net inflow of OKEx 24h was 296.791 million yuan, and the net inflow of ZB Exchange was 86.5776 million yuan.

Jinse Finance’s exclusive analysis of JD’s blockchain layout is very “three-dimensional”: BAT’s blockchain layout has always been in the leading position in the world. The line of sight once again pays attention to the blockchain progress of this e-commerce giant. The introduction of this program is: to realize the value calculation and equity exchange between ecological rights and interests. The page after entering includes "Beijing Heart Value" and "Vigor Value", and there is a cartoon chicken. If true, the layout of the mini program reflects that has begun to use blockchain technology in terms of customers and markets, and the layout of the blockchain has added a new dimension. Previously, in terms of finance, JD Finance hoped to use blockchain and other financial technologies to provide consumers with more efficient, lower-cost, and more enjoyable services; There can be greater development in domestic and global logistics; has also established a drone rescue team to explore the application of blockchain technology in disaster relief and public welfare.'s efforts in various fields reflect its three-dimensional layout in the blockchain field. We have also seen from the layout of that the blockchain solves the pain points in the e-commerce field and promotes the solid progress and broad prospects of the scene. [2018/5/17]

In fact, judging from the news, the recent LTC benefits have always existed.

First of all, the "Gold Swallowing Beast" Grayscale has been increasing its holdings of LTC while increasing its holdings of BTC. As of November 13, the total holdings of Grayscale LTC Trust reached 769,611LTC, an increase of 9% on that day.

Secondly, from the perspective of Litecoin's own development, at this stage, Litecoin is currently seeking to adopt key privacy-enhancing features. Litecoin founder Li Qiwei believes that these features are becoming more and more attractive to cryptocurrency users. These enhancements are already in testing and will be upgraded to the mainnet next year.

From a technical point of view, K Shen, an analyst at Jinse Finance, said that the upward breakthrough at the end of the triangle in the general direction has reversed the suppressed situation at the apex of the 17-year bull market, and the large cycle has opened up new upward space. The range pressure of the August high of 69-70 US dollars is also the 38.2% Fibonacci suppression area. If this pressure band can break through and stand firm, it will continue to hit the February 2020 high of 85 US dollars. The daily line is currently running within an upward trend channel. The overall situation is in a state of shock and upward. The key pressure range is still 69-70 US dollars. In the short-term, you can reduce your position on rallies, and then follow up after an effective breakthrough. If the trend operation does not break the channel, continue to hold the main position. The current point is 57 US dollars.


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Golden Sentinel | LTC rose by more than 8% within a day, "Wright Silver" is going to take off?

Speaking of the status of Litecoin (LTC), encrypted digital currency enthusiasts know "Bit Gold, Lite Silver". Today, Litecoin LTC rose against the trend, with the highest increase reaching 68.47USDT.

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