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5 must-reads in the evening | From the suspension of UNI to see the application of the efficient market hypothesis in the encryption market.



1. One article to understand the Polkadot parachain auction

Entering the end of 2020, another big drama in the field of cryptocurrency - Polkadot parachain slot auction is about to kick off. As a parachain plays a vital role in the Polkadot ecosystem, the auction of parachain slots has always attracted much attention. For Polkadot: Parachain slot auction is an important milestone in Polkadot's roadmap, which means that Polkadot's cross-chain vision has really begun to land.

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of September 27: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: ARK Invest report, KuCoin, Bitmain, DEX

1. ARK Invest report: Bitcoin may be the most attractive monetary asset after gold.

2. KuCoin’s stolen ERC20 tokens have been traded for 266ETH through Uniswap.

3. The National Blockchain Vulnerability Library "Blockchain Vulnerability Grading Rules" was released.

4. Beijing Bitmain has added legal litigation information: Ketuan Zhan withdrew the lawsuit.

5. Data: The number one ETH address holds 7.27 million ETH, a record high in 50 months.

6. Ebang International's net loss in the first half of the year narrowed by 66%, and its stock price rose by more than 85% in the three months since its listing.

7. Data: In September, the trading volume of DEX exceeded 21 billion US dollars, nearly double that of the previous month.

8. Data: The Bitcoin address involved in the KuCoin security incident has split BTC to two new addresses.

9. Galaxy Digital Capital Management: Bitcoin has 60x market expansion potential. [2020/9/27]

What is a slot auction? And how to participate? click to read

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of May 9: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: CME, Jack Ma, Sichuan government, V God, 3iQ

1. The open interest of CME Bitcoin futures is approaching $500 million, hitting new highs in a row.

2. Sichuan government work report: Sichuan will seize the industrial highlands such as blockchain.

3. Guizhou issued opinions to build 2 to 3 blockchain industry bases.

4. Jack Ma: I believe that blockchain technology is solving the problem of protecting intellectual property rights.

5. "2019 Shanghai Financial Prosecution White Paper": Although "virtual currency" has property attributes, it does not have the legal status of currency.

6. 3iQ: The issuance of Class A and Class F shares of the Bitcoin Fund has been completed, with a total value of about 48 million US dollars.

7. V God: Ethereum may become a permissionless platform for the central bank's digital currency CBDC.

8. Willy Woo: The halving will make exchanges the largest net sellers of Bitcoin.

9. Data: The ETH/BTC implied volatility gap is narrowing rapidly. [2020/5/9]

2. How to create an "entry track" for institutional DeFi demand?

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of December 19: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Shanghai, Jing Xiandong, State Grid, Ernst & Young, Libra

1. Shanghai Municipal Regulations on Local Financial Supervision and Management (Draft): The municipal local financial supervision department should promote the application of blockchain and other technologies in the supervision platform.

2. Jing Xiandong sent a letter to all employees: I believe that digital technologies such as blockchain can solve trust problems.

3. Weihai Economic Zone's risk warning on preventing illegal activities of "virtual currency".

4. The State Grid released ten scenarios for the application of blockchain technology.

5. The first blockchain automatic appropriation of Alibaba’s on-chain public welfare program was successfully completed.

6. Ernst & Young released the third-generation zero-knowledge proof blockchain technology, which can reduce transaction costs through batch processing.

7. Economist Liu Zhiyi: Next year will be the first year of blockchain industrialization.

8. Hang Seng Electronics launched four blockchain products.

9. Members of the Libra Association: Although the strategy has not been finalized, Libra will be launched in 2020. [2019/12/19]

The potential impact of cryptocurrencies on traditional finance (TradFi) and institutions has been a hot topic in recent years. Blockchain technology has introduced automation into the financial industry, bringing disruption and innovation, especially the recent rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) that has aroused great attention in the industry. However, many institutional users still believe that this field is full of risks, so whoever can create an "entry track" for institutional DeFi needs will be able to take the lead in the market. click to read

3. How much do you know about the risks of using PayPal to buy cryptocurrency

PayPal, one of the world's most well-known online payment systems, is known as the Alipay of Western countries. As early as five years ago, many merchants who accepted PayPal payment began to choose to accept Bitcoin, and as the popularity and application of cryptocurrency became more and more widespread, PayPal also began to fully invest in this emerging industry, but using PayPal to buy cryptocurrency is really Very reliable? We will analyze it in detail in this article. click to read

4. Hot discussion among experts: What impact does the "non-interest-bearing" digital renminbi have on monetary policy?

What is the relationship between digital renminbi and third-party payment? What is the impact of "no interest payment" on monetary policy? Recently, at the 2020 China-UAE Innovation Investment Conference, Cheng Lian, a researcher at the Financial Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, deputy director of the Financial Policy Research Center, secretary-general of the Academic Committee of the National and Financial Laboratory, and chief economist of Wanxiang Blockchain Zou Chuanwei expressed his views on the prospects and challenges of digital currency development. click to read

5. See the application of the efficient market hypothesis in the encryption market from the suspension of UNI mining

The efficient market hypothesis has many controversies in the traditional financial market, because investors often believe that stock prices are manipulated, and market makers can always obtain excess returns. But relatively speaking, in a market with more transparent information, prices are more effective and can better reflect market expectations for the future. Click to read


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Bai Li, Brand Business Director of The Force Zone: Slingshot’s distribution of 500,000 FILs is difficult to solve the problem of the pledge coin gap

The data shows that the current effective computing power of the decentralized storage blockchain launched on October 15 is close to 850 PiB, and around October 19.

Exclusive video | Keep3r reveals in depth the DeFi killer that became famous overnight

This issue is jointly launched by Golden Finance and Bitouq. Updates every Wednesday and Friday. Updates from time to time on weekends.Exclusive | BTC 24h chain transaction volume decreased by 12.

Golden Sentinel | LTC rose by more than 8% within a day, "Wright Silver" is going to take off?

Speaking of the status of Litecoin (LTC), encrypted digital currency enthusiasts know "Bit Gold, Lite Silver". Today, Litecoin LTC rose against the trend, with the highest increase reaching 68.47USDT.

Innovation at the tip of the knife: Did Flash Loans do something wrong?

From the known information, there have been 4 flash loan attacks in the past week, including Value DeFi ($5.4 million), Cheese Bank ($3.3 million).

NetEase Future Conference, the first blockchain NFT ticket

The much-anticipated 2020 NetEase Future Conference audience registration officially opened on November 18. This year, Netease Future Conference continued its continuous innovation path, creating a unique.

10 must-read articles a week | CCB plans to issue $3 billion in ERC20 bonds BCH forks again

With the continuous advancement of blockchain technology in the financial field, this week.