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Suzhou will launch a digital RMB red envelope on Double Twelve.What is the upgrade compared to Shenzhen



Suzhou Double Twelve will launch digital RMB red envelopes!

On November 23, The Paper learned exclusively from an insider in Suzhou that after Shenzhen, Suzhou will launch a digital RMB red envelope test on Double Twelve.

The above-mentioned insider told The Paper that at present, many merchants in Xiangcheng District, Suzhou have installed NFC (Near Field Communication, near field communication) QR codes, but the payment carrier is still in the testers. At present, testers have experienced digital RMB. Payment, and can use the "Offline" and "Touch" functions.

The winning rate of digital RMB red envelopes in Shanghai and Suzhou is expected to exceed 10%: On August 6, the Bank of Communications’ Shanghai-Soviet Digital RMB Pilot special event will be officially launched. At that time, 500,000 red envelopes totaling 20 million yuan will be distributed to Shanghai and Suzhou citizens. Digital RMB gift package. With the number of 500,000 copies, the winning rate of the digital RMB red envelope is expected to exceed 10%. (Shanghai Securities News) [2021/8/4 1:34:48]

Before Suzhou, Shenzhen was the first pilot city to test digital RMB red envelopes.

Dynamic | The central bank’s statutory digital currency pilot project is expected to land in Shenzhen, Suzhou and other places: According to the reporter of Caijing, led by the People’s Bank of China, the four major state-owned commercial banks of Industry, Agriculture, China, and Construction, China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom The central bank's legal digital currency pilot project jointly participated by the three major telecom operators is expected to land in Shenzhen, Suzhou and other places. The pilot project is led by the Central Bank's Currency, Gold and Silver Bureau, and implemented by the Digital Currency Research Institute. According to the reporter’s understanding, at the end of last year, the Anti-Counterfeiting Department under the Central Bank’s Currency, Gold and Silver Bureau was changed to the Digital Currency and Anti-counterfeiting Management Office, which is the only official authority for the central bank’s digital currency. "Not long ago, the Central Bank's Digital Currency Research Institute launched a horse racing model. On the premise of voluntary, each bank will choose a scenario in Shenzhen to try first. Which one will try it out in the future will not rule out directly adopting this model." A person close to the pilot project disclose. In addition, the relevant standards of legal digital currency and the testing of payment system access are also advancing simultaneously. The above-mentioned person close to the pilot project team said that this pilot (Shenzhen’s legal digital currency pilot) plan is divided into two phases. The end of this year will be the first phase, which will be a closed pilot in a small-scale scene. Next year will be the second phase, which will be widely promoted in Shenzhen. . If the pilot work goes well, the central bank's legal digital currency will make substantial progress, and it can be said that it is truly "ready to come out." "Since it is established in the Digital Currency Research Institute, the research standards must be compatible with legal digital currencies." In addition, a person close to the central bank said that the order of forming an innovative thing is to first research technology, conduct small-scale experiments, and form a unified consensus and standard. "It is important to set standards before launching them on a large scale in the market." In addition, the central bank has also conducted tests on the development of digital currency access payment systems. According to a liquidator, the existing payment system supports digital currency to a certain extent and does not require major transformation. [2019/12/9]

On October 9, the Shenzhen Municipal Government and the People's Bank of China launched a digital RMB red envelope pilot project, issuing 10 million yuan of "Lixiang Luohu Digital RMB Red Envelopes" to individuals in Shenzhen. Each red envelope is worth 200 yuan, and the total number is 50,000. The winning results showed that there were over 1.9 million applicants, and the winning rate was only 2.6%. Those who win the lottery can use it in 3,389 merchants that have completed the transformation of the digital RMB system within the jurisdiction of Luohu District. According to the data released by the "i Shenzhen" WeChat official account, as of 24:00 on October 18, 2020, 47,573 individuals who have won the lottery have successfully received the "Lixiang Luohu Digital RMB Red Envelope", and used the red envelope to make 62,788 transactions with a transaction amount of 8.764 million yuan.

Voice | Zhu Min, Deputy Secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee: Blockchain technology can solve the contradictions encountered in the development of the digital economy: On the afternoon of November 10, the "Blockchain Lecture Hall" was held at the China Fund Museum. Zhu Min, deputy secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, said at the event that the advancement of network technology and communication technology is infiltrating and changing our production methods and lifestyles, thereby promoting the vigorous development of the digital economy. People are enjoying the improvement of production efficiency and the improvement of lifestyle. With the advancement of convenience and social management methods, we are also worried about how our own information and privacy can be better protected. It is a double-edged sword. How can efficiency and privacy achieve a win-win situation? This is how our digital economy develops. encountered contradictions. The emergence of blockchain technology provides the possibility for us to seek solutions. [2019/11/11]

However, the "offline" and "touch" functions were not available in the previous trial in Shenzhen.

In addition, the closed beta in Chengdu is also in progress. According to a person in the banking industry in Chengdu, he revealed to The Paper that at present, Chengdu uses a whitelist invitation system, and the digital RMB wallet (called "Panda Wallet") can only be downloaded through the invitation of employees of major banks.

The above-mentioned banking industry practitioners said that at present, Chengdu has carried out several phone charge activities. Users can freely transfer money in their wallets into digital renminbi, and only need to spend 0.01 yuan in digital renminbi to charge 20 yuan of phone charges.

Charge activity of digital RMB in Chengdu


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Suzhou will launch a digital RMB red envelope on Double Twelve.What is the upgrade compared to Shenzhen

Suzhou Double Twelve will launch digital RMB red envelopes!On November 23, The Paper learned exclusively from an insider in Suzhou that after Shenzhen.

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