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Golden Hardcore | EPNS: The Missing Cog in the Ethereum Ecosystem



Jine Finance recently launched a column called Hardcore to provide readers with introductions or in-depth interpretations of popular projects. This issue of Hardcore focuses on the Ethereum push notification service EPNS. EPNS was included in the support list announced by the Ethereum Foundation in August this year. This project is also included in the latest CoinList seed of CoinList.

Have you noticed an important cog missing in the Ethereum ecosystem?

It is communication.

Despite the rapid development of blockchain technology, when it comes to communication, the industry is still like the early Internet. The industry lacks a mechanism to accomplish direct communication from services such as dApps and smart contracts to users.

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of October 20: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Xinhua News Agency, Grayscale ETP, Eth2, LINE, Filecoin official

1. Xinhua News Agency: Digital currency is not equal to blockchain.

2. Data: The top ten whales withdrew 20.5% of their ETH deposits from exchanges within two months.

3. Report: The overall performance of Grayscale ETP products was poor this month, and GDLC fell by nearly 20%.

4. The Eth2 bounty program has merged various bug bounties, and the bounty for serious bugs is as high as $50,000.

5. LINE may cooperate with a central bank that focuses on the development of micropayment digital currency.

6. Data: The transaction volume of Dex on Ethereum in the past 24 hours is about 393 million US dollars.

7. The official "market making" address of Filecoin transferred 30,000 FIL tokens again.

8. Grayscale report: In addition to replacing gold, BTC can also improve the returns of traditional investment portfolios.

9. Li Lihui: The legal digital currency may be the sixth edition of RMB. [2020/10/20]

Contrary to the ethos of Web 3.0, these services still assume that users will come to them for updates, similar to the Internet in the early 2000s when users performed an action and then checked the results in their email.

Golden Morning News | List of important overnight events on January 3: 21:00-7:00 Keywords: European Union, Anti-Money Laundering Law, Ripple, TRON, USDT

1. The fifth European Union anti-money laundering directive is expected to be implemented in the UK on January 10, which will affect the encryption industry.

2. Economic Daily: Be wary of the resurgence of virtual currency transactions.

390 million XRP have all been locked into Ripple escrow accounts.

4. Over 30,000 companies across the country contain the word "blockchain" in their names, business scope or product information.

5. Former Barclays tech chief to launch UK regulated crypto bank in 2020.

6. The TRON network has issued more than 900 million USDT, accounting for nearly 22% of the total supply.

7. Bitcoin computing power reached 119 EH/s on January 1, a record high

8. BTC is currently quoted at US$6,984, down 3.08% in 24 hours, with a market value of US$126.676 billion. [2020/1/3]

What was acceptable in the days of Web 2.0 or earlier may seem eccentric now. In the age of advanced technology, users expect to be notified about important events and updates, or actions that need to be taken on the terminal. Behind this change is push notifications, and now the technology should also find its way into the DeFi industry.

Analysis| Golden disk: BTC/USD fell below 6000 and the price shock: Comprehensive analysis of the golden disk: BTC/USD suddenly plummeted in early trading, breaking through the 6000 integer level in an instant, hitting a new low of 5900, and then pulled up by the main bulls, the price shock 7 % or more, the short-term risk will intensify, so it is not recommended to participate. [2018/8/14]

Apps should be able to reach users directly, not through channels like Twitter and Telegram. For example, if a project owner decides to suspend token transfers for some reason, they should be able to reach users immediately with a push notification instead of a public broadcast on social media channels.

Communication on the web is based on protocols that standardize notification operations on the blockchain-based DeFi ecosystem. EPNS (Ethereum Push Notification Service) is a decentralized DeFi notification protocol that enables applications to send notifications to users on Ethereum in a platform-independent manner, that is, users can send notifications on mobile phones, tablets, networks, wallets, etc. Wait to be notified. The DeFi aspect of the protocol also enables users to earn money through these notifications.

Golden Finance News: Australian authorities are revising the draft of the "Anti-Money Laundering/Anti-Terrorism Act", suggesting that digital currencies be included in the "Anti-Money Laundering/Anti-Terrorism Act" and "Regulations". [2017/10/17]

Users can choose the services they want to get notifications from based on their preferences and goals. If someone doesn't want to receive messages from a particular app, they just need to turn off push notifications. Unlike traditional text messaging, everything is in the user's hands. This enables users to get updates on the blockchain-based services of their choice, potentially increasing their efficiency.

Thanks to the design of the push notification protocol, apps are able to provide value to their users without bothering users who don't like them.

As with regular push notification services, the best service method is to be selective when sending notifications. Push too much and users will opt out.

There are many use cases where an application may need to notify the end user immediately. Some examples include:

The blockchain domain name will expire soon

The transaction on DEX has been completed

The security of the protocol is compromised

Requires a quick governance vote to resolve the issue

Token Policy Change Proposal

It’s much better for the platform to reach users directly than to announce an event on social media, where you can never be sure whether the audience actually read the content.

Apps can also effectively use push notifications to inform users about important developments in the services they offer or in the industry. Push notifications are an effective medium for constant communication and the presentation of new content.

But be careful not to use it too often, or it might irritate some users.

EPNS abstracts the data layer to facilitate sending notifications to centralized and decentralized operators. Backed by a solid infrastructure, the protocol supports the delivery of notifications from decentralized to centralized operators, and finally to centralized platforms such as iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, etc. Sending notifications requires users (apps only) to pay a small fee in ETH or DAI. The specific fee is determined by the governance model.

The lack of direct communication between applications and end users has been a glaring gap in the Ethereum infrastructure. Although blockchain is a world-changing technology, communication is still stuck in web-2.0.

The arrival of push notifications in the Ethereum ecosystem bridges this gap. These notifications are instantly distributed to the platforms used by end users and facilitated through the EPNS (Ethereum Push Notification Service) protocol. Apps have full control over the content-zce of communications, and users can opt-in and opt-out. The ideal use cases for push notifications in the Ethereum space are abundant.

The EPNS protocol realizes standardized communication in the Ethereum ecological space, and supports the decentralized transmission of notifications to centralized operators and centralized platforms.



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Golden Hardcore | EPNS: The Missing Cog in the Ethereum Ecosystem

Jine Finance recently launched a column called Hardcore to provide readers with introductions or in-depth interpretations of popular projects.

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