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Exclusive Video | What is the decentralized stablecoin DAI? From the financial system of the future?



This issue is jointly launched by Golden Finance and Bitouq. Updates every Wednesday and Friday. Updates from time to time on weekends.

Exclusive | Jinse Finance’s Mining Coin Data Report on February 19th: Jinse Finance reported that according to the data of Coinin Mining Pool:

The daily income of mainstream currency mining is: BTC (¥1.17/T), ZEC (¥0.53/T), LTC (¥22.45/G), BSV (¥1.19/T), BCH (¥1.22/T), DASH (¥0.10/G).

The current popular mining machine data and net income are: Avalon A1066 (BTC, ¥29.23), Innosilicon A9+ (ZEC, ¥49.87), Innosilicon A4+ (LTC, ¥7.08). [2020/2/19]

The stablecoin market is getting bigger and bigger. As of press time, the market value has reached 23 billion U.S. dollars. This video will show you the interpretation of the decentralized stablecoin DAI. As of press time, the circulation of DAI has exceeded 1 billion. How coins are decentralized.

Exclusive | Block Value Fund Xia Xia: The decline of Ethereum is only temporary: Block Value Fund Xia Xia said in an exclusive interview with Jinse Finance that the current market of Ethereum mainly has a greater impact on the short-term fundraising of project parties, and at the same time has a great impact on Ethereum The consensus of the entire currency circle in the community will have a certain negative impact, but I believe that all of this is temporary, and it is good for the long-term development of the entire blockchain industry. Through this decline, some unsteady beliefs and just wanting to Speculators who come in to make quick money can also stimulate new iterations of new technologies. [2018/8/22]

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Exclusive | Blockchain Global founder: Cryptocurrency anonymity has become one of the reasons for attracting hackers: Cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb lost more than $30 million worth of cryptocurrencies due to hacker attacks. Not long ago, South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinrail was hacked. The attack cost $40 million. Golden Finance exclusively interviewed the founder and CEO of Blockchain Global, Sam Lee. funds, and compared with national-level exchanges and corresponding defense technologies, hackers have effective means of attacking them. Since the cryptocurrency itself is anonymous in the form of codes during the transmission process, the attributes of virtual currency will provide convenience for hackers, whether it is cashing out after success or asset transfer.

In response to such problems, on the one hand, many current exchanges still need to improve in the field of security, especially in the security of the underlying wallet. It is believed that with the continuous improvement of industry awareness and the level of security protection of exchanges, this situation will continue to improve globally.

On the other hand, it is precisely because the current virtual asset exchange integrates the matching system, fund storage, settlement and clearing functions, once a certain point is breached, the exchange as a whole will be in danger. In this regard, we can learn from the rules of the traditional securities secondary market. The unit that matches the transaction (the securities party) and the clearing and settlement after the transaction (the China Securities Regulatory Commission) are two independent institutions, and there is also a third party to supervise. [2018/6/26]

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Exclusive Video | What is the decentralized stablecoin DAI? From the financial system of the future?

This issue is jointly launched by Golden Finance and Bitouq. Updates every Wednesday and Friday. Updates from time to time on weekends.

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