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11.17 morning market: LTC rose 20% and more, can you continue to buy?



Bitcoin continued to hit new highs last night. The market started from the rebound in the early morning of yesterday and went up all the way. At around 12:00 this morning, it first broke through the previous high of 16477, and then continued to rise, reaching the highest point of 16880. It is still running around 16700. A one-day surge of nearly 5%. The market was a little surprised last night. First of all, the U.S. stocks continued to rise, which is one of the important factors that have prompted Bitcoin to continue to rise. Diving, while Bitcoin rebounded quickly after falling just a little bit, the market may be stronger than expected, and then when the U.S. stock market rose slightly at the opening, Bitcoin became more energetic, which is expected to be related to some off-market factors. In addition, although The current results have not yet come out, but if there is no accident, Grayscale also maintained the operation of continuing to buy coins yesterday.

BTC fell below the $49,000 mark with an intraday drop of 11.68%: According to data from Huobi Global, BTC fell short-term and fell below the $49,000 mark. It is now reported at $48,999.0, with an intraday drop of 11.68%. The market fluctuates greatly, please do a good job in risk control . [2021/5/13 21:59:10]

It is also worth noting that LTC not only broke through the recent new high yesterday, but also broke through the previous high of 312 in one fell swoop, reaching above 70 US dollars, the highest was close to 75 US dollars, a single-day surge of more than 18%, last night Bitcoin rose and LTC rose Not unrelated. It shows that LTC supporters are relatively strong in execution. Yesterday Li Qiwei just tweeted that LTC would surpass BCH, and he did what he said. On the same day, the market value of LTC has surpassed BCH and came to fifth place. At present, it is still recommended that everyone be careful about the trend of BTC. It is true that the general direction continues to be bullish, but the possibility of a callback should also be considered when Bitcoin is currently so strong. Backlash, it is recommended that the current spot take profit in batches according to our previous suggestion, and the contract will wait and see first.

The average decline of the DeFi concept sector today is 11.87%: Jinse Finance and Economics shows that the average decline of the DeFi concept sector today is 11.87%. Among the 47 currencies, 6 rose and 41 fell, among which the leading currencies were: MLN (+14.88%), TRB (+7.20%), and SWFTC (+6.13%). The leading currencies are: NAS (-20.92%), YFI (-20.56%), AKRO (-20.01%). [2021/4/20 20:38:50]

Dynamics | The locked-up value of DeFi projects was US$1.14 billion, a decrease of 1.91% from the previous week: According to the data on the DeFi special page of Up to now, the total locked-up funds of 33 DeFi projects have reached US$1.14 billion, of which Maker locked-up USD 348 million, accounting for 30.49%, ranking first; EOSREX locked USD 327 million, accounting for 28.62%, ranking second; Edgeware locked USD 151 million, accounting for 13.25%; Compound , Synthetix, dYdX, Nuo and other DeFi applications accounted for a total of 27.64%. Up to now, the total number of ETH locks has reached 3.37 million, accounting for 3.1% of the total ETH market circulation, and the total number of EOS locks has reached 100 million, accounting for 9.67% of the total EOS market circulation. In the past week, as a whole: 1. Affected by the upcoming launch of Maker’s multi-collateralized DAI, the overall DAI lock-up decreased by 38.45%, of which Compound’s lock-up decreased by 9.38 million, and dYdX’s lock-up decreased by 1.67 million; 2. DeFi projects The overall lock-up value decreased by 1.91% from last week. [2019/11/18]

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Author: Block Gold Digger Misty Rain


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11.17 morning market: LTC rose 20% and more, can you continue to buy?

Bitcoin continued to hit new highs last night. The market started from the rebound in the early morning of yesterday and went up all the way. At around 12:00 this morning.

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