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11.Market at noon on 18: Bitcoin reached a new high of 18,000 US dollars every step of the way.The bull market has entered a stage of willful rise



The article is contributed by the head of the Cooking Group, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics. The remarks only represent his personal views and are only for learning and exchange! Golden Disk will not actively provide any transaction guidance, nor will it charge any fees to guide transactions. Readers are requested to carefully screen and beware of being fooled. the

Draw the bow when it is strong, and use the arrow when it is long. When shooting people, shoot horses first, and when capturing thieves, first capture the king. Just now, Bitcoin broke through $18,400, setting a new high since the beginning of 2018. It is less than 10% away from the historical high of $19,875. There is no doubt that the bull market charge has sounded. I have been mentioning the historical high of 19,875 in the current few days. In an accelerating market, it will inevitably be refreshed soon.

The on-chain transaction volume of Bitcoin during the National Day holiday decreased by 11.75%: According to OKLink data, during the National Day holiday (10.01-10.08), the transaction volume on the Bitcoin chain was approximately 17.0561 million BTC, a decrease of 11.75% from the previous month. There were 2.5141 million transactions, a decrease of 0.74% from the previous month. During the same period, the transaction volume on the Ethereum chain was approximately 21.8087 million ETH, a month-on-month decrease of 16.04%, and the number of on-chain transactions was 8.1741 million, a month-on-month decrease of 2.39%. The on-chain transaction volume of Bitcoin and Ethereum both declined during the holidays. [2020/10/9]

At the current weekly level, Bitcoin is still in the midst of a crazy rise. Similar to this, the daily level has also reached the position of the rising crazy Tang monk. According to the K-line Westward Journey strategy, after the weekly level rise is completed, there is a high probability that the daily level will fall to the Westward Journey to adjust the demand. We must know that the K-line Westward Journey strategy has higher accuracy in the operation logic of the larger time level. Therefore, if Bitcoin breaks through its historical highs and liberates the bargaining chips that have been oppressed in the entire universe for nearly three years, there will inevitably be a daily level of backstepping. At the same time, in the 4-hour convergence structure, an extreme market-style breakthrough occurred ahead of the convergence yesterday. But on the current daily line and the 4-hour level, I can't draw the upward convergence structure of the two time levels.

BTC’s 24-hour net outflow of funds is 1.196 billion yuan: Jinse Finance’s monitoring data shows that the top three 24-hour net inflows in the cryptocurrency market are: ETH (+1.137 billion yuan), LTC (+199 million yuan), DEP (+133 million yuan); the top three net outflows of funds are: ETC (-1.36 billion yuan), BTC (-1.196 billion yuan), and DOGE (-162 million yuan). [2020/5/17]

The market has formed an extreme unilateral trend, and the formation of this trend is caused by the super main force using almost unlimited funds to force the price up. Once it reaches a high level, the buying orders will suddenly drop, and all the longs that entered the market before will turn their guns around and become de facto shorts. The current market sentiment has entered an overbought state. I personally think that the daily line-level callback will start in the next few trading days, and will start next week at the latest. The market will eventually enter the normal trend of switching between weekly-level rises and daily-level pullbacks. And after the completion of the daily level correction, it is the best time for rational market participants to choose to enter the market.

The current price of TNB is 0.79 yuan, a drop of 11.30%: According to Huobi Pro data, the current price of TNB is 0.79 yuan, a drop of 11.30%. [2018/1/28]

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Author: Head of the Cooking Group


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