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Becoming a Respectable Enterprise: Love and Justice of MXC Group



Nowadays, with the participation of the government, state-owned enterprises, large companies, blockchain technology start-ups and other parties, as well as the advancement of technology itself, blockchain has been applied in many industries, and some excellent blockchain companies and projects are also Improve the social image of blockchain through practical actions.

Although technology has no values, users can control its direction and make technology more warm. Just like the company vision and culture mentioned in the recent internal letter by mx, the founder of MXC Matcha: to become a respected company.

Dedicated to public welfare, the righteousness of no regrets after all the money is gone

Being a person and being an enterprise must be interlinked. Henry Wu, vice president of MXC Group, organized the seventh, eighth, and ninth National College Students’ Agriculture Support Research and Exchange Meetings during his college years. After working in MXC Group, Henry Wu led the establishment of the Corporate Social Responsibility The Ministry, with Helen Mu as the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, continues to promote public undertakings such as rural revitalization.

Chainalysis: The digital renminbi may become a scalable global payment network: On January 3, Salman Banaei, head of policy research at the blockchain data analysis company Chainalysis, recently talked about digital renminbi and Stablecoin. He said: China is about to launch The central bank digital currency, and the digital renminbi has the potential to become a scalable global payment network, and may occupy a significant market share in the future payment network. U.S. policy makers should consider these issues, and U.S. and other regulators should be cautious about the development of stablecoins, avoid the risk of over-regulation, and ensure that they do not erase space for innovators by overemphasizing competing priorities, Fostering innovation is key to our success, and we should be careful to keep digital assets going. [2022/1/3 8:21:29]

During the epidemic in early 2020, MXC Group cooperated with the Red Cross Society of Hong'an County, Huanggang City, Hubei Province, the Red Cross Society of Shahekou District, Dalian, Beijing Gongren Foundation and local public welfare individuals, and successively donated materials of nearly 500,000 RMB to the epidemic area. Including gloves, disinfectant, and more than 30,000 N90/KN95 protective masks.

Blockdata: Institutional-level DeFi is expected to become a trillion-dollar industry: September 17 news, according to blockchain research company Blockdata, if the world’s largest 100 banks invest in DeFi, even experimental investments, There could also be a $1 trillion influx. According to data from blockchain data analysis company Chainalysis, the adoption of DeFi is largely driven by large investors-in the second quarter of 2021, large institutional transactions of more than $10 million accounted for more than 60% of DeFi transactions, This compares to less than 50% of all cryptocurrency transactions.

Banks are also eyeing DeFi. JPMorgan Chase, an American investment bank that initially opposed cryptocurrencies, is bullish on the staking business of cryptocurrencies, which currently generates $9 billion a year in revenue and could be worth more than $20 billion by 2022 when Ethereum 2.0 is released, and could be worth more than $4 billion by 2025. One hundred million U.S. dollars. With 55 of the world's 100 largest banks holding $94 trillion in assets, it is not out of the question that they would invest in cryptocurrencies. Jonathan Knegtel, co-founder of Blockdata, said: "If one or two major banks find a way to inject even 1% into DeFi, it will provide a new path for other banks not to be left behind. 1% of $94 trillion , that is, $0.94 trillion in liquidity will be injected into the DeFi ecosystem, which is about half of the market value of cryptocurrencies, and it is just a drop in the ocean for the traditional financial system.” (Forkast) [2021/9/17 23:32:16]

MXC Group is also the first enterprise in the blockchain industry to pay attention to the epidemic situation in county areas and rural areas and provide assistance. While forces from all walks of life are rushing to help Wuhan and Hubei, some social forces are focusing their work on rural areas where the epidemic prevention force is relatively weak. Because villagers in many areas do not have the habit of wearing masks and have less reserves, in the face of sudden epidemics and With closed management, masks are even more scarce. The "Epidemic Prevention in Hundred Villages, Goose Action" launched by the Beijing Gongren Public Welfare Foundation is one of the forces, and MXC Group is the first responder to this public welfare action.

Co-founder of Paradigm: If Bitcoin becomes a value storage tool, its ultimate state is a bubble: Matt Huang, co-founder and managing partner of Paradigm, an encrypted asset investment fund, recently wrote an article to explain the value of Bitcoin in his eyes. According to the article, Bitcoin is a brand new decentralized monetary asset, similar to gold. If Bitcoin succeeds as a trusted store of value, its ultimate state is a bubble. Bubbles are also a way for Bitcoin to gain wider acceptance. There have been at least four bubbles in Bitcoin's 11-year history. The characteristics of each bubble period are similar. Although investors who experienced the bubble period left painful memories, each bubble has aroused greater attention from the outside world to Bitcoin, which has promoted the expansion of Bitcoin's acceptance and gradually expanded the group of long-term currency holders. They firmly believe in Bitcoin. It will become a value storage tool in the future. This momentum is evident in the higher and higher floor prices of Bitcoin each time the bubble bursts: $2 in 2011, $200 in 2015, and $3,500 in 2018. [2020/5/16]

It was an employee of MXC Group who first discovered this initiative. After discovering this appeal, this employee immediately reported to the company leadership, who immediately decided to join the Gongren Foundation's "Hundred Villages Epidemic Prevention" campaign and appointed the person in charge of public welfare of MXC Group Helen is the person in charge of this operation and is responsible for purchasing masks.

Voice | Director of Facebook Blockchain: Libra can become an agreement to help money flow will benefit billions of people: David Marcus, Director of Facebook Blockchain, published today "Why Building a New Money Protocol Is Really Changing the Way People Play" The Only Way says the Libra project will enable wallets, merchants and services from around the world to transfer value at incredibly low cost. This will be a near real-time settlement method, without even considering the liquidity pools prepared by banks around the world for various currencies. Libra can be a "protocol" that allows money to flow quickly, cheaply, and steadily between service providers, institutions, and people around the world, and can greatly reduce costs by eliminating very many intermediaries and complex operations and overhead . Libra will make modern digital currencies and financial services more accessible to billions of people. [2019/9/26]

Without N95, you can only choose N90. The courier station is understaffed and Helen can carry it by human flesh. After several twists and turns, Helen finally sent the first batch of supplies in time. Members of the MXC Group began to join the action, looking for reliable mask procurement channels.

Some employees contacted their friends in Japan, who can help buy a large number of masks. However, due to the large quantity, they must declare and clear customs in the form of foreign trade transactions. MXC Group is not a foreign trade enterprise and has no foreign trade qualifications, so it cannot do foreign trade. Customs procedures.

The senior management team of MXC Group once wanted to ask foreign trade companies to assist in solving the problem, but failed to meet the requirements after many consultations. In the end, MXC Group chose to mobilize employees to buy in batches in the form of individual overseas purchases and break them into parts. Finally, two weeks later, the masks arrived one after another, and the employees who received the masks sent them to the village as soon as possible, striving to deliver them to the villagers in need as soon as possible.

While mobilizing colleagues to purchase mask materials separately to solve various emergencies, Helen also issued an appeal in the social group of the blockchain industry, hoping that more industry colleagues can participate and jointly pass on public welfare actions. This move was quickly responded by blockchain peers. A blockchain non-profit organization in Shenzhen immediately decided to donate to the Gongren Foundation to support the "100 Villages Epidemic Prevention" campaign.

When the epidemic was severe and the whole country was fighting the epidemic, MXC Group also prepared epidemic prevention materials for employees. "When the epidemic was at its worst, it was hard to find a mask. In addition to donating to the society, the boss also sent ten masks to each of us. I was as happy and moved as if I got a Noah's Ark ticket. Birthday wishes or Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes, but the company did not abandon you at the most critical moment, and also considered your life and difficulties." Sherry, who is in charge of derivatives operations, said.

"Where the Tao is, I will go to it even if there are tens of thousands of people; where there is righteousness, there will be no regrets after the thousands of gold are gone." Mencius' words are the spiritual quatrains and coordinates of the Chinese people, the spiritual core and strength of the Chinese nation, and public welfare. Career best footnote. In times of crisis, MXC Group resolutely assumed its due social responsibilities, allowing everyone to see the responsibility of blockchain pioneers and feel the warmth of the blockchain industry and MXC Group.

Serve users with meticulous care

As a blockchain company, MXC Group has assumed social responsibilities to the outside world, and has a meticulous care for its users.

In the internal letter, the founder asked employees to consider users from various aspects such as business, customer service, operation, and technology. Product design is user-friendly and convenient, and user participation and welfare are more considered in operational activities. The customer service department is patient in answering users' questions And respect the user's assets, improve the user's experience and community feeling.

At the same time, the team is required to think from the user's perspective, and use the experience of the parties to improve and improve every link in the product service, and even set up a "User Welfare Department" dedicated to benefiting users. User-oriented is the most frequently heard slogan in various industries, but there are not many companies that can persist for a long time and practice it consistently. MXC Group knows that users are the foundation of an enterprise, and only by treating each other sincerely can it be supported by users.

The digital asset industry is bustling, and most people care about their interests. What's more, in the face of temptation, they abandon their beliefs, lose their way, and become insensitive in front of cold numbers.

We hope that the industry is warm, and we also hope that there will be more warm enterprises like MXC Group, adhere to the concept of science and technology for good, and jointly build a warm digital society.


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Becoming a Respectable Enterprise: Love and Justice of MXC Group

Nowadays, with the participation of the government, state-owned enterprises, large companies, blockchain technology start-ups and other parties, as well as the advancement of technology itself.

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