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Founder of Yaochi: FIL will usher in a good short-term increase after it goes online



Filecoin official news pointed out that the Filecoin mainnet will be officially launched at epoch 148888, and it is expected to reach this epoch around October 15.

The Filecoin mainnet launch is coming soon. As a hotspot that stirs the world, the operation of the mainnet launch and the follow-up progress of FIL have become the focus of the market. As the launch is approaching, the official said that it will compensate miners so that they have no debts before entering the mainnet; the community proposes to release 25% of the block rewards for storage miners immediately after launch; major trading platforms claim to launch FIL as soon as possible... Market attention soaring. Jinse Finance talks to IPFS\Filecoin practitioners to see how they view the launch of the mainnet.

Jinse Finance: Earlier, some people asserted that Filecoin’s mainnet may be a mess after its launch. Now that the mainnet is coming soon, what’s your opinion and prospect on Filecoin? What is your opinion on the current performance of Filecoin's entire technical route, ecology, and community?

The number of unconfirmed transactions on the entire Bitcoin network is 2,573: Jinse Finance reported that data shows that the number of unconfirmed transactions on the entire Bitcoin network is currently 2,573, with a computing power of 264.45 EH/s and a 24-hour transaction rate of 3.34 transactions/s, the current difficulty of the entire network is 35.36 T, it is predicted that the difficulty will be lowered by 3.27% to 34.21 T next time, and there are 8 hours and 26 minutes left before the adjustment. [2023/1/3 22:21:14]

Mr. Xiao, the founder of Yaochi: Filecoin is not only a star blockchain project, but also a distributed storage market with application value. Filecoin has been developed and polished for several years, and miners and ecological participants have waited too long. It has been a long time, and now it is finally going online. The enthusiasm of the market and miners is very high. Although the Filecoin network is not particularly perfect, the official will gradually optimize it through protocol upgrades in the next time, but the launch of the Filecoin mainnet also represents Its growth is an important milestone. I am quite satisfied with its current development, and I am full of confidence in its future development prospects.

Alkimiya, a license-free open source protocol, launched the Avalanche mainnet today: On March 26, Alkimiya, a permissionless open source protocol for the consensus capital market, announced that it will launch the Avalanche mainnet today. According to reports, Alkimiya consists of two parts: Silica is a float-to-fixed swap issued by block space producers; HashVault is a vault that packages Silica contracts and reorganizes the basic cash flow into various financial products.

Sellers on the Alkimiya platform can lock in fluctuating future income on a fixed upfront payment. This allows them to better manage risk in staking/mining operations. Buyers receive a sustainable stream of revenue directly from block space production - previously only available to miners/validators. [2022/3/26 14:19:25]

Now Filecoin's technology, ecology, community, etc. are also thriving. All-round ecological forces such as Slingshot application, wallet development, exchange support, and miners' participation are strongly promoting the development of Filecoin. We also look forward to more people participating in the process. The construction of Filecoin ecology is coming.

Cross-chain Web3 mobile wallet Steakwallet announced the addition of Yearn protocol: On March 12th, the cross-chain Web3 mobile wallet Steakwallet announced the addition of Yearn protocol. Users' assets on the Ethereum and Fantom chains can participate in Yearn through this wallet through simple operations protocol. [2022/3/12 13:52:04]

Golden Finance: In addition, the popularity of Filecoin's domestic and foreign communities was seriously unbalanced earlier. Has this situation changed at this stage and after the mainnet launch? In addition, what difficulties and challenges do you expect to face after going online?

Mr. Xiao, the founder of Yaochi: Chinese miners are very active-zce in mining. They are important participants in the Filecoin ecosystem. With the start of the space race, foreign miners have gradually paid attention to and participated in the Filecoin network. I believe that with the With the launch of Filecoin, more foreign miners or traders will enter the Filecoin ecosystem.

After the launch, the circulation of FIL in the short term is small, which may lead to frenzy in the trading market. When various exchanges launch FIL futures and spot products, everyone must pay attention to market risks. The FIL consensus may experience certain challenges. In addition, due to the impact of Filecoin's pre-mortgage and FIL circulation, the growth of Filecoin's entire network computing power will be limited to some extent, which is also a difficulty that Filecoin's network scale development will encounter.

Jinse Finance: The Filecoin community proposes to release 25% of storage miner block rewards immediately after launch. For FIL, is there a risk of selling pressure? How do you view the future trend of FIL?

Mr. Xiao, the founder of Yaochi: The proposal to directly release 25% of the mining revenue is still under discussion. If the proposal goes online, it will be a good thing for miners, and it will not cause selling pressure on the market, because FIL’s early The circulation is very small, even if the 25% mining income is increased, the total circulation is not large, this is one of them. In addition, the growth of Filecoin computing power needs to provide pre-mortgage. To meet the rapid growth of Filecoin network computing power and reach the official network benchmark, a large amount of FIL is also required as collateral.

After FIL goes online, it will definitely usher in a good short-term increase, because there are few, everyone will grab it. After the main network of Filecoin is gradually stabilized, as the miners continue to release their mining income, the price of FIL may decline to a more rational price. As for the real storage demand and order increase of the Filecoin network in the later period, it will play an important role in distributed storage , At that time, it may continue to rise like Bitcoin.


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Founder of Yaochi: FIL will usher in a good short-term increase after it goes online

Filecoin official news pointed out that the Filecoin mainnet will be officially launched at epoch 148888.

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