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CVT was specially invited to attend the Busan City Hall Exhibition in South Korea, leading 625 teams from 22 countries to practice global public welfare



The epidemic cannot stop CVT's global layout

The new epidemic has become another major crisis in human history since the 2008 financial crisis. Although the global pandemic of the new crown virus has become a catalyst for anti-globalization thoughts to some extent, globalization, as a major development trend that accompanies industrialization, will not end there.

CyberVein has been actively facing the restrictions and challenges brought about by the epidemic, and has successively launched 31 projects in China, Singapore, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Spain, India, Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam, the Philippines, France, the United Kingdom, Brazil, etc. Community self-government committees have been established in several countries and regions, with a considerable scale of communities and nearly one million fans. CyberVein is constantly seeking innovative development paths around the world, step by step to achieve the goal of global sustainable development. This year's market layout progress is better than 80% of blockchain projects. Especially in South Korea, CyberVein has become the most popular and concerned overseas blockchain project.

The transaction volume of CVT listed on Bithumb reached a record high of 1.6 billion: According to official news, CVT was officially listed on the Bithumb exchange on December 9, and opened trading and recharge channels at 14:00 (UTC+8), with a maximum increase of nearly 180% at the opening . Within 24 hours, the trading volume of CVT on Bithumb has reached 1.6 billion, surpassing the spot trading volume of BTC on Bithumb, and CVT is at the forefront of attention in the Korean digital currency market.

Today, the overall increase of CVT in the whole network is 20%, still ranking first in the increase list of CoinMarketCap. [2020/12/10 14:46:00]

Seungil Hope Foundation Ambassador Hee-Gap Kang took a photo with the CyberVein prayer kite

CVT was invited again to attend an important event held by the Korean government

From October 8th to 22nd, the Busan City Government of South Korea held a two-week urban construction exhibition. The main people attending the event included Park Bong-kui, chairman of Korea CEO Summit, and Hee-Gap Kang, publicity ambassador of Seungil Hope Foundation (https ://, WTO General Secretary-Yu Mingxi, former Minister of the Environment-LeeMaanEe, Chairman of Sejong Telecom-KimHyungJin, Korean Congressman-ChoMyungHee and other highly prestigious seniors and politicians in South Korea.

The transaction volume of CVT listed on Bithumb reached 72 million in one hour: According to official news, CVT was officially listed on Bithumb exchange on December 9, and opened trading and deposit channels at 14:00 (UTC+8), with a maximum increase of 180% at the opening. And within 1 hour of going online, the transaction volume of CVT exceeded 10 billion won, reaching 72 million.

Up to now, CVT's overall network growth has reached 45%, ranking first on CoinMakertCap and OKEx. [2020/12/9 14:41:48]

The scene of the urban construction exhibition of the Busan City Government in South Korea

Under the collision and stimulation of the epidemic and the digital economy, the exhibition will help open up and create a more diversified innovative society. During the exhibition, seminars on smart city construction, urban investment seminars, technology docking seminars, and public welfare activities were organized. A variety of rich and colorful communication scenarios, through which participants can promote business cooperation and communication.

CVT co-founder Jerry: In the future, CyberVein will also explore the development of smart cities based on data: On September 20, the fifth stop of the CyberVein National Brand Tour will return to Xiamen. As the chief partner, CyberVein attended the "Together for Entrepreneurs Conference-Xiamen Station" hosted by Jinse Finance and Economics, and chatted with 50+ blockchain companies, 30+ media, and 500+ participants about the current blockchain industry latest news from .

At the meeting, Jerry, the co-founder of CV Technology Foundation, delivered a keynote speech on "CVT3.0 - Strides into the Era of Data Capital". Jerry said, "DigitalChain has achieved leapfrog development from the new blockchain database to the DAVE smart city solution in three years. In the future, CyberVein will also build a data intelligence field based on data and driven by technological innovation. Explore Smart City Development”

At the same time, Jerry also expressed the hope that more enterprises, institutions, and entrepreneurs will join CyberVein's data value ecology, give full play to their own advantages in technology, resources, and capital, and create a benchmark in the field of smart city construction. [2020/9/20]

CyberVein was specially invited to attend the exhibition as an overseas blockchain demonstration project to showcase DAVE smart city solutions, and proposed constructive and customized solutions for the development priorities of the cities present under the epidemic. As the global digital base of smart cities, DAVE is the AI engine for the development of new smart cities. Many mayors present gave their understanding of DAVE, and finally said that "DAVE is really using algorithms to drive various technologies to provide better social and economic life. Good service" reached a strong consensus.

After signing a contract with the Hainan Provincial Government, CVT was invited to attend the Sanya Industry Conference: On September 1, CyberVein technology was launched in Hainan, and it signed a contract with the Hainan Provincial Government to build Wenchang International Space City, with an investment of over 100 million yuan in the first phase. The initial investment scale of Wenchang International Space City has exceeded 11.2 billion yuan, involving a planning area of 18,000 mu. Previously, China Aerospace Museum, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Shenzhen Baoneng Group and other units have settled in.

As the only blockchain project at present, CyberVein will be fully responsible for building 8 core projects including Wenchang Aerospace Research Base, Digital Finance Demonstration Zone, Smart Model Community, and Science and Technology Exhibition and Trade Center, and will participate in my country's Aerospace business and industrial planning.

On September 5th, after CyberVein attended the 4th "ChainSights Global Blockchain and Digital Finance Summit" held in Sanya, as a co-organizer, it will hold the "2020 Global Digital Value Summit Yacht AFTERPARTY Cocktail Reception" to start the second national brand tour (Sanya).

According to data from the OKEx exchange, the current price of CVT is 0.115 usdt/cvt, and its market value ranks among the top 60 in the world. [2020/9/5]

Previously, CVT had communicated with the governments of Seoul, Jeju, Busan, Suncheon and Yeosu on the construction of smart cities, and completed preliminary cooperation intentions. This time, Grace, the co-founder of CyberVein, also communicated with Lee Man-yi, the former Minister of Environment of South Korea, on the top-level planning of smart cities in various municipalities in South Korea, as well as big data solutions for natural environment protection.

CyberVein co-founder Grace and the Mayor of Suncheon met at the Suncheon Bay Ecological Park to showcase the friendly relationship between China and South Korea

CVT connects the world and cares about the world

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to exhibiting in the technical field of this exhibition, CyberVein also participated in large-scale public welfare activities jointly held by the city halls of Busan, Suncheon, and Yeosu in South Korea. CyberVein led 22 countries in The 625 parade teams held a seven-day praying kite flying event at Oryukdo and Gwangalli beaches——hundreds of kites soared high above many cities in South Korea, and the CyberVein logo-zce showed its More brilliance. In this way, CyberVein hopes to plant a seed of love and show the world that CyberVein and other socially responsible companies and organizations are continuously injecting strong impetus into the world economy and urban reconstruction with practical actions!

CVT led 625 parade teams to fly prayer kites at Oryukdo and Gwangalli beaches 

In addition to commemorating the election of Minister Yoo Myung-hee as WTO Secretary-General, the public welfare event is mainly to express the confidence of the people to defeat the new crown epidemic and the determination to revive the recovery of the world economy. This move has been widely reported by Korean media, and more and more Korean The public has a new understanding of CyberVein. In addition to the public opinion surrounding "CVT technology for good, people-oriented", many people praise CVT for spreading positive energy. According to recent Korean media statistics, CVT has strong credibility and influence in South Korea. The number of "CVT" in Naver has reached 25,638, and the content-zce of CyberVein Naver Blog has reached 3,493. There are more than 780,000 entries.

The picture is a group photo of the guests commemorating the election of Minister Yu Mingxi as WTO Secretary-General

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed more challenges to human development, and all countries are facing more urgent social governance tasks. During this period, in addition to actively cooperating with and helping the South Korean government to deal with the urban governance problems existing in the epidemic and establishing a pragmatic, efficient, stable and powerful smart city system, the members and teams in other regions of CVT are also simultaneously "glowing hot" and taking the initiative Communicate with the world and contribute to economic recovery and urban construction after the epidemic!


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CVT was specially invited to attend the Busan City Hall Exhibition in South Korea, leading 625 teams from 22 countries to practice global public welfare

The epidemic cannot stop CVT's global layoutThe new epidemic has become another major crisis in human history since the 2008 financial crisis.

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