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How to optimize the economic model in blockchain games?



Divided by platform, mobile games have long dominated the game industry.

About 51% of the global game market share comes from mobile terminals. Mobile gaming revenue is expected to grow to $100 billion by 2021. Currently, mobile game developers need to pay a 30% fee for any information obtained from the application store (paid APP) or in-game transactions.

In contrast, blockchain games and other games of the same type are niche markets with unique economic models. In the blockchain, the most famous digital asset game/collection category is CryptoKitties. In 2017, CryptoKitties was launched on Ethereum, and players obtained tokens by collecting, feeding and auctioning cats. This model creates a new economic model for gamers, creating new game assets and selling them to other players as regular cryptocurrencies.

The most expensive CryptoKitties asset ever sold for more than $1.7 million in 2018. Later, the game evolved to feed and sell "real cats". This situation was even more pronounced after Ethereum slowed down due to transaction overload.

Baidu Smart Yunxiling releases new platform-level products: News on September 26. On September 26, Baidu Smart Yunxiling launched the SaaS platform "Digital Star Operation Platform 1.0" and "Digital Human Live Broadcasting Platform 2.0". Based on the core technology of Baidu Smart Cloud, the digital human live broadcast platform 2.0 has realized pure AI-driven digital human 24-hour non-stop broadcasting, built-in multiple industry templates, allowing digital human to bring goods such as "digital clothing" and other functions; the digital star operation platform SaaS version is in The ever-changing makeup system, virtual idol special effects library, virtual idol gameplay library, and anchor workbench have been innovated and enriched to perfectly adapt to all kinds of virtual idols. (36 krypton) [2022/9/26 5:51:44]

Currently, CryptoKitties is the main part of KittyVerse, and KittyVerse is also the extended industry of CryptoKitties, which is composed of dozens of game developers. The community has developed dozens of products that use ERC-721 cats as game assets, such as Kitty Race, which expands its use in other games and provides players with a good gaming experience.

Justin Sun: We will combine Heco, TRON and BTTC cross-chain to create a new public chain ecosystem: On October 14th, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON and member of Huobi Global’s Global Advisory Committee, posted on social media that in the future we will integrate Heco Ecology and TRON ecology, BTTC cross-chain ecology are jointly combined to create a public chain ecology. We believe in the power of unity, and we will also deploy a large amount of capital to encourage Heco developers to jointly develop on TRON and BTTC ecology to build a blockchain together world. [2022/10/14 14:27:59]

Since the CryptoKitties upgrade, many blockchain-based games have improved and started to show potential for future development. Up to now, there are 750+ blockchain-based games or collection applications active-zce on various platforms.

Blockchain game developers use the assets in the game to make profits through pre-sales, crowdfunding and online games. Get a small fee from other digital asset transactions (as mentioned below) to help game developers realize their cash.

US media: Encrypted asset investment may have insider trading problems: On May 22, the Wall Street Journal stated that public data showed that some anonymous encrypted asset investors may have obtained benefits by using insider information on tokens listed on exchanges. A crypto wallet hoarded $360,000 worth of Gnosis tokens over a six-day period last August, and Binance said on day seven that it would list the token. According to the analysis of Argus, the aforementioned encrypted wallets began to sell 4 minutes after Binance released the statement and settled all positions within 4 hours, with a return rate of about 40%. The Luna crash earlier this month was a crypto version of a "bank run," with regulators questioning the fairness of crypto markets for retail users. (Golden Ten) [2022/5/22 3:33:41]

The possibility of freely transferring assets makes blockchain-based games surpass Internet 2.0-based games. In centralized games, gamers may lose previously accumulated assets due to account theft, game cancellation, or decentralized resolutions.

QuickSwap has regained control of the URL, and user funds have not been affected: On May 15th, QuickSwap tweeted about 6 hours ago that it had regained control of the URL and set up preventive measures: future users need to confirm when using QuickSwap Is there a "green dot" as shown in the figure? If there is no such green dot, the user needs to manually clear the browser cache until the green dot appears before using it. Funds such as liquidity pools were not affected in this attack. As previously reported, QuickSwap said yesterday that the domain name hosted on GoDaddy had been hijacked. [2022/5/15 3:16:50]

In contrast, the blockchain provides security for players' collectibles or digital assets, tamper-proof ownership records, and allows cross-game asset transactions, and also provides players with more options for realizing their earned assets in the secondary market.

Although the market potential is unlimited, blockchain games have not yet made great progress. The reason is the lack of interoperability (cross-chain) between current blockchain games. While blockchain-based digital assets, such as game prizes or collectibles, come from an interoperable network, game developers are refusing to take advantage of this functionality.

Tencent released the "metaverse rate" industry scoring standard: Golden Finance reported that on January 12, Tencent News and the Communication Department of Fudan University School of Journalism released the "2021-2022 Metaverse Annual Report". It is worth mentioning that the report puts forward "metaverse The concept of "universe rate" is used to measure the "telepresence | immersion" created by metaverse technology, which has become the industry development level scoring standard. The report pointed out that the "Metaverse" is reflected in multiple core dimensions (indicators), including computing power, responsiveness, fidelity, immersion, interactivity, user autonomy, digital property protection, digital currency payment, etc. The metaverse rate will be an industry scoring system. Different companies have different strengths (0-100) or focus (1%-100%) on the dimensions of Hi-Fi and Open, but they can all be metaverse companies, so There is a "Metaverse Rate". [2022/1/13 8:45:04]

Why? Once most game developers have their own user base, in order not to let users lose, they would rather only profit from the game world they create. Trading in any inter-game value or asset runs the risk of losing users. This could lead to the destruction of the transactional economy in the game, allowing the flow of various unrestricted games into a free and open market economy.

Therefore, most developers refuse to use their financial rewards for in-game merchandise purchases or game sessions. This market distinguishes the entire game ecology from the previous model. Next, let's analyze in detail.

In 2019, nearly 12,000+ addresses are processing transactions for at least one decentralized game application every week. At that time, the active-zce users among them had reached 70%, but 90.77% of the players were only active-zce on 14 projects in 2019.

This shows that there is little interaction between the cryptocurrency game or NFT community and other gaming communities. The My Crypto Heroes game with the most active-zce users or players is currently the project with the least interaction with other gaming communities, with 93% of players not playing other blockchain games.

In order to expand the blockchain game ecosystem, we hope that users of decentralized game applications will try more applications. With the exception of CryptoKitties, almost all projects have less than 10% co-users with other projects.

The blockchain requires NFT tokens to provide new token standards, allowing token developers to set license fees and use across platforms. This method enables developers to grasp the economic return of the game in the free market and go further in the market.

The NEAR Protocol (NEAR Protocol) enables protocol-level rights to break the isolation of developers. Developers create on the NEAR protocol and can directly set the proportion of the developer's transaction fee. When their smart contract is activated, this fee will be reflected in the transaction fee.

This opens up a new world of automated entitlement and license-based business models at scale, which has previously been difficult to add to DAPPs. With the problem of uncontrollable variables, new projects (developers) can cooperate with other projects to create applications of assets in other game applications.

For example, select two games from other blockchain games played by users active-zce in CryptoKitties and MyCryptoHeroes, and create and interact with their digital assets.

For example, CryptoKities can join the MyCryptoHeros game solicitation and create special CryptoKitties bread. This feature not only increases revenue for developers, but also increases user engagement, driving users to try other apps.

In addition to increasing opportunities for developers to increase revenue, the NEAR Protocol also simplifies user interface design for users. Considering the high barriers to entry brought about by the complexity of decentralized applications, developers use users in the cryptocurrency or blockchain community as trial objects for game applications.

The NEAR protocol simplifies the use of applications, allowing developers or entrepreneurs to expand the user base to the cryptocurrency novice community. Here's how to do it:

Let startups consider developing products based on the blockchain-based NEAR protocol, and guide users to try decentralized applications without charging any fees just like trying other applications. Developers can prepay transaction fees for users in advance, so that users do not need to face the problem of insufficient funds in cryptocurrency when using the application.

In addition, users can register by email address or password. Once the user is ready to update account security, the app will automatically and securely transfer access to the user's account. Users can create a unique account system using a NEAR wallet with a recognizable name.

The introduction of the blockchain system allows users to experience a smooth gaming experience. Using a NEAR-based decentralized application process is similar to Facebook and Instagram.

For startups that are considering developing NEAR blockchain-based products, they can take advantage of the Open Web Collective's accelerated program to launch successful products. Joining the accelerator program, start-ups can leverage Open Web Collective's large community and industry advisory team to build a unique model for their business development.

The foundation uses entrepreneurial methodology to help start-ups define value direction, locate user groups and establish business solutions, and verify the feasibility of ideas in the market. This mechanism ensures a successful product launch and avoids problems.

The blockchain game world has already opened, and promoting the base layer or protocol to serve a wide range of mainstream users or developer communities is one of the future development tasks. Through easy cross-game asset usage and a beautiful user interface, the NEAR protocol is driving the process of reshaping the blockchain gaming ecosystem, which has been neglected in previous blockchain games.


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How to optimize the economic model in blockchain games?

Divided by platform, mobile games have long dominated the game industry.About 51% of the global game market share comes from mobile terminals. Mobile gaming revenue is expected to grow to $100 billion by 2021. Current.

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