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Jing Xiandong, Chairman of Ant Group: Ant Chain is exploring the blockchain to solve the trust problem of multi-party collaboration.



On October 21, the official account of Ant Group released "A Letter from Jing Xiandong to Investors", which mentioned that the cost of trust is the biggest obstacle and cost in business. Breaking trust barriers through innovative guaranteed transaction models, and relying on technology and data capabilities to provide pure credit loans for small and micro enterprises, AntChain is now exploring the use of blockchain technology to solve the trust problem of multi-party collaboration in the digital age.

The full content-zce is as follows:

Dear investors:

The Ant Group you are paying attention to is not a financial institution, nor a mobile payment company, but a company determined to use the best technology and resources today to help banks and financial institutions better serve every consumer and every customer. A technology company for small and micro enterprises.

Sixteen years ago, Ant Group started with a dream: In the future world, financial services will not be exclusive to a few people, but services that every ordinary consumer can obtain at any time.

Today, sixteen years later, we can proudly say that because we believe, we see that today 1 billion domestic consumers and 80 million small and micro businesses are enjoying the convenience brought by financial technology, enabling them to live and start businesses Travel lightly on the road.

Ant Group Peng Yijie: Ant Chain will soon launch an enterprise carbon neutral management SaaS platform: On July 12th, at the 2021 Ecological Civilization Guiyang International Forum, Ant Group announced that it will soon launch an Ant Chain enterprise carbon neutral management SaaS platform, and will The product was recently launched to help more companies scientifically manage the entire process of carbon neutrality through blockchain technology.

Peng Yijie, President of Ant Group’s Social Welfare and Green Development Business Group, said that in terms of green finance practices, the MYbank initiated and established by Ant Group has recently landed the first small and micro carbon quota pledge financing business of an Internet bank; in terms of open cooperation, Ant Group and MasterCard and other 12 global companies have joined the "Green Action Initiative" initiated by the Green Digital Finance Alliance (GDFA), aiming to help 1 billion people around the world practice digital green life by 2025. [2021/7/12 0:45:48]

This achievement inspires us, and we believe that this is only the prologue of the future.

The financial system of the industrial age in the past two hundred years has served 20% of the population and institutions; the digital age that is opening must serve the remaining 80%, and this era has just begun.

Foreign media: The US government considers adding Ant Group to the transaction blacklist: According to Reuters, citing two people familiar with the matter, the US State Department has submitted a proposal to put Ant Group, the fintech arm of e-commerce giant Alibaba ) into the transaction blacklist. Reuters pointed out that although it is unclear when the proposal will be reviewed, it is because the Trump administration's trade hawks want to prevent US investors from participating in Ant Group's IPO. It is reported that in addition to becoming a global leader in digital payments, Ant Group has also been working on its own blockchain business. [2020/10/15]

Together with like-minded partners, in the near future, we will turn "people find money" and "businesses find money" into "money finds people" and "money finds companies" with technology, so that every consumer, Every small and micro enterprise will benefit from financial technology.

This is the responsibility of Ant Group, and it is also the future that Ant Group invites you to join and go to together.

We are "beautiful" because we are "small"

Today, Ant Group is already a technology company with three pillars: digital payment, digital financial technology platform, and digital life. Facing the further future, we are still evolving.

Ant Group launched the Trusple trade finance service platform: Ant Group officially launched the Trusple trade finance service platform on September 25. Trusple is a digital international trade and financial service platform built on the basis of AntChain. It aims to realize the digital upgrade of the entire trade link and provide deterministic comprehensive trade services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Buyers and sellers can draft orders on the Trusple platform, and the payment method and payment terms are on-chain to ensure that the content-zce cannot be tampered with. Automatic payment (AP) and payment commitment (BPU) are provided by the bank to ensure transaction certainty. Based on the trade data of the platform, the bank provides users with financial services, improves trade efficiency, uploads and circulates trade data, and accumulates credit. [2020/9/25]

Hundreds of millions of consumers, small and micro enterprises, and their pursuit of a better life are the meaning of Ant's existence.

Ant believes that as long as we can enable every ordinary person to have the same service rights as bank presidents; as long as we can enable every mom-and-pop store and stall owner on the street to get loans as easily as big companies, and get the same development opportunities...then Ant Group must belong to the future company.

Jing Xiandong of Ant Group: Ant Blockchain is officially upgraded to "Ant Chain": Jinse Finance live report, on July 23, Jing Xiandong, chairman of Ant Group, announced in Hangzhou that the Ant Blockchain was officially upgraded to "Ant Chain" . AntChain will uphold the original intention of Ant Group to solve trust problems with technology in the past 16 years, reconstruct the trust system of the digital economy, and let the blockchain change production and life like mobile payment. Jing Xiandong shared three key achievements of AntChain at the press conference: In terms of technology, AntChain has always ranked first in the number of global patent applications for four consecutive years; in terms of application, AntChain has helped solve the problem of Trust issues in more than 50 actual scenarios; in terms of business, AntChain currently "uplinks" more than 100 million times a day. Among them, the "daily chain volume" data has never been disclosed by the company before, and this data is equivalent to the "daily activity" in the blockchain field. In 2019, Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Group and head of Ant Chain, once pointed out that the number of chains will be an important indicator to measure the prosperity of the digital economy. The official debut of AntChain means that Ant Group has entered a new stage of development in solving business trust issues. [2020/7/23]

We do not pursue bigness or strength. What we pursue is that the consumers and small and micro enterprises we serve will become better and stronger. What we pursue is that we can become a good company with healthy growth for 102 years.

We expect that through our efforts, every individual can enjoy inclusive and green financial services; every small and micro enterprise has equal opportunities for development; through open cooperation, digital life is within reach.

We're fighting the trust problem

We are a problem-solving company that has been solving real problems for consumers and small and micro businesses.

Guaranteed transactions 16 years ago solved the problem of strangers trading on the Internet; fast payment 10 years ago solved the problem of low success rate of online payment; You can manage money; the money collection code more than three years ago allows every roadside stall to enjoy the convenience brought by mobile payment.

We are not driven by opportunity, but by mission and vision.

In order to better realize the mission of "making it easy to do business in the world", we are obsessed with the issue of trust, because the cost of trust is the biggest obstacle and cost in business.

Breaking trust barriers through innovative guaranteed transaction models, and relying on technology and data capabilities to provide pure credit loans for small and micro enterprises, AntChain is now exploring the use of blockchain technology to solve the trust problem of multi-party collaboration in the digital age.

In the past 16 years, if we say that the core problem we have solved is to build trust.

We always ask ourselves, if one day, the company disappears, what will we leave for the world? What we want to leave behind is a system of trust.

We strongly believe in the future of digital inclusion

We are experiencing a digital transformation of the whole field and the whole industry chain.

It is not the patent of technology companies. Only when all industries and companies participate in it can the era of digitalization truly come.

The modern service industry, including the financial service industry, is becoming the main way to boost domestic demand and solve employment. The development of the service industry cannot be separated from the digital infrastructure, which is also the expectation of consumers for a better digital life.

Based on this, we will promote the digital upgrade of the modern service industry, including the financial service industry, so that every small and micro enterprise can share the digital dividend, so that every individual can enjoy services within reach.

Travel fast alone, travel far together, we will go hand in hand with our partners to meet the digital future together.

We use technology to develop an incremental market serving small and micro enterprises and long-tail users. We choose to work with partners to make the cake bigger, rather than share the stock cake with zero-sum games.

We believe that as long as we continue to solve problems through technological innovation, we will definitely create bigger markets and opportunities.

Today, people in more developing countries and regions urgently need more inclusive services, and small businesses there also urgently need more development opportunities.

We will do everything we can to help them, and to help them is to help ourselves and to help make the world a better place.

Technology must be the biggest "public welfare" of this era

We have always insisted on doing things that others are unwilling to do, can't do or can't do well. It is technology that gives us such capabilities and opportunities. It is technology that makes Pratt & Whitney a sustainable business model, giving full play to its public welfare attributes.

We will insist on investing in technology, make technology warm, let QR code, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain... These technologies go from the laboratory to the field, and enter every ordinary people's place full of smoke and fire. Life in the market, walk to every smiling face that blooms because of the change.

We will continue to invest three-thousandths of our annual operating income in public welfare undertakings.

In addition, we will continue to increase investment in green development. In the past four years, we have planted more than 200 million trees with 550 million Ant Forest users. And within the next ten years, we will plant another billion trees. Let the earth have more green water and green mountains, and less wind and sand.

We will continue to support the development of women, so that girls in poor areas have the opportunity to study and have the right to choose.

We know that there will still be countless difficulties and challenges on the way forward, but we move forward fearlessly, and we invite you to join this journey of hope.

Just like when we started sixteen years ago, we don't choose to believe because we saw it, but we see it because we believed it.

October 21, 2020

Source: Ant Group Public Account


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Jing Xiandong, Chairman of Ant Group: Ant Chain is exploring the blockchain to solve the trust problem of multi-party collaboration.

On October 21, the official account of Ant Group released "A Letter from Jing Xiandong to Investors".

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