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BitZ has crossed the milestone of the third anniversary, and the Chinese name "bizai" is officially launched



The three-year period has lived up to Shaohua. In September 2020, the BitZ trading platform has passed the third anniversary of its journey. In the past time, BitZ has experienced rapid growth, experienced industry troughs, and created excellent results. There have also been dormant waiting.

Now BitZ has been operating safely and smoothly for three years. Even under the extreme market conditions of March 12, the BitZ contract has always been running smoothly without downtime. When the market is frenzied, we will not forget our original intention, and when the market is quiet, we will stick to our confidence, and finally won the recognition of the market. At present, BitZ platform has a total of 5 million registered users, has 6 main business segments, 24-hour peak trading volume of more than 2 billion US dollars, and daily fiat currency trading volume of more than 300 million yuan, ranking among the top 3 in the world. The currency trading business has launched more than 600 trading pairs. The trading volume of perpetual contracts in August this year reached 32.3 billion U.S. dollars. Bitcoin’s forward contract liquidity ranked third in the world, and its zero slippage trading advantage has attracted investors favor.

BitMax Exchange opens Kava 2x leverage trading: According to the announcement on the official website, BitMax Exchange will open KAVA 2x leverage trading at 22:00 on April 13, Beijing time. The leverage trading pairs are KAVA/USDT, KAVA/BTC, and leverage multiples are supported. 2 times.

After the opening, the daily interest rate of KAVA loans is 0.1%, and the daily interest rate of point cards is 0.05%. For more details, please visit the official website of the BitMax platform. [2020/4/13]

On September 28th, BitZ held an anniversary celebration with the theme of "Grateful Era · Forging Forward". At the ceremony, BitZ CEO Chang Shun gave a live speech, describing the three-year development process and precipitation of BitZ, and also announced the official launch of the Chinese brand name "BiZai", opening a new chapter.

Dynamic | Monitoring: 130,000 ETHs were transferred from an unknown address to Bithumb Exchange: According to Whale Alert monitoring, at 21:19 Beijing time, 130,000 ETHs were transferred from an unknown address (beginning with 0x88d) to Bithumb Exchange, worth more than $24.07 million. [2020/2/4]

Along the way, Changshun, as the CEO, has played a crucial role in overcoming all obstacles and achieving today's achievements. Since his student days, Chang has been influenced by entrepreneurs born in the 1980s such as Li Xiang and Dai Zhikang. The idea of breaking out of his own world has taken root in the heart of this talented student who dares to think and fight. During college, Changshun established his own studio. Fu Sheng Jinshan Duba’s membership department and Zhang Yiming’s Jiujiufang had him. His rich experience allowed Changshun to accumulate contacts, broaden his horizons, and also come into contact with digital currency. and the blockchain industry.

News | Bitfinex Launches Tether Gold Margin Trading: Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has added margin trading for its physical gold-backed stablecoin Tether Gold (XAUt), Golden Finance reports. Beginning January 30, the exchange will support margin trading of XAU₮ and its trading pairs against USD and Bitcoin. According to the press release, the margin feature will require an initial equity capital of 20 percent and offer up to 5x leverage. [2020/1/31]

In 2013, after graduating from university, Changshun officially entered the digital currency industry. In the past 7 years, Changshun has used the industry as a financial experiment base, and has continuously tried to entrust traditional finance, or even content-zce that traditional finance dare not try, to blockchain and digital currency. in the system. Chang Shun pointed out, "This kind of speculative investment market is a test of personal learning and flexibility. There are indeed opportunities to make tens of millions or hundreds of millions in minutes, but your height of cognition determines whether the money belongs to you. Personal wealth must match personal comprehensive professionalism."

Dynamic | Data analysis company: Deribit exchange has an abnormal proportion of put option transactions: Jinse Finance reported that Bitcoin and Ethereum derivatives data analysis company Skew reported on Twitter that in the past two days, the ratio of put option transactions on Deribit exchange unusually high. Typically, a put option becomes more valuable as the price of the underlying asset depreciates relative to the strike price set by the contract. The increase in put option contracts could mean that more market participants are taking a bearish view on the upcoming bitcoin price action. However, the price of Bitcoin has been approaching the $7,000 mark, which means that traders may be trying to hedge their investments in case Bitcoin falls further. [2019/12/17]

At the same time, Changshun believes that the underlying mechanism of the decentralized blockchain contains greater value. Whether it is in the management and governance of the government or enterprises, if it is truly transparent and fair, its potential energy will be great, and it will also promote The healthy development of society. Transparency and fairness are the core of blockchain governance and the core values of BitZ.

Transparency means making the process management and results public, accepting internal and external supervision, and making the assessment clearer and fairer. "On the principle of transparency and fairness, there is no so-called authority, only to ensure that the right thing is always done, even if it is difficult." Changshun pointed out, "Users first is the consensus of all companies. Based on the basis of survival, it is also the most core indicator to prove our own value, and we must serve every user well with professional products.” It is this core value and philosophy that has made BitZ brilliant today.

At the ceremony, Changshun officially announced the Chinese brand name of BitZ "Bizai", implying that the platform can accompany the industry for a long time. At the same time, BitZ will pay more attention to the essence of business in the future, so that the business value of companies and individuals can be clearer and released.

Subsequently, Zhang Ye, founder of Tsingshan Capital, and Wang Yuying, vice president of Meihua Venture Capital, delivered their speeches and sent their best wishes to BitZ.

Zhang Ye said that Tsingshan Capital invests in a wide range of fields, and it is impossible to have a deep understanding of every project and industry. Therefore, it is better to say that it invests in individuals rather than in projects. Changshun is just such a trustworthy and reliable company. people.

Wang Yuying also expressed her recognition of Changshun and the BitZ team, pointing out that the investment in BitZ has made Meihua Venture Capital get rich returns, and she is full of confidence in the future of BitZ.

As Changshun said, "Professionalism and norms, professionalism is the foundation of everything. The current business environment has become more cruel. Either continue to be professional and become better, or not do it. This will be a long-term goal of the company. Principles." Three years of age are only a short span of time, but it is a height that many people cannot reach. Indecisive in the face of risks, eventually can only be swallowed by the wave of the industry. Fortunately, under the leadership of Changshun, BitZ walked steadily and calmly.

The future is long and promising. After passing the milestone of the third anniversary, we expect BitZ to bring more high-quality products and services, and hope that it can become the longest-lived and the longest-lived The best trading platform.


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BitZ has crossed the milestone of the third anniversary, and the Chinese name "bizai" is officially launched

The three-year period has lived up to Shaohua. In September 2020, the BitZ trading platform has passed the third anniversary of its journey. In the past time, BitZ has experienced rapid growth.

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