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OKLink: iPhone 12 is coming, can the 5G network keep up?



After experiencing the first "stranded" press conference in September this year, on October 7, Apple's official public account released a "newsletter", announcing that a press conference will be held at 1:00 a.m. Beijing time on October 14. Continuing the style of "less words are more important", although the poster did not disclose the specific content-zce of the press conference, the rumored iPhone 12 finally showed up.

As the first 5G mobile phone launched by Apple in the 5G era, the belated iPhone 12 has attracted a lot of attention from the outside world. Especially for fruit fans, iPhone 12 is their first choice for the wave of 5G replacements they have been looking forward to.

On 5G, Apple is at least a year behind the Android camp, and at the same time missed the first train of 5G. In January 2019, Huawei released the 5G baseband chip Balong 5000; in February 2019, Qualcomm released the second-generation 5G baseband chip Snapdragon X55. In September of the same year, at Apple's autumn conference, Cook explained that the iPhone 11 was not equipped with 5G on the grounds of not using immature technology.

Hong Kong stocks closed: Outech Cloud Chain closed flat, Huobi Technology closed down 4.39%: Hong Kong stocks closed today, the Hang Seng Index closed at 26532.58 points, down 0.13%; , closed flat; Huobi Technology (01611.HK) closed at HK$3.700, down 4.39%. [2020/12/2 22:53:00]

In fact, in the past few years, Apple fought with Qualcomm and switched to Intel baseband. However, due to the slow development of Intel's 5G baseband, it missed the first year of 5G, and even almost failed to launch the 5G iPhone in early 2020. The advance of 5G commercial use has caused the baseband chip battle royale to shrink in advance, and Intel, which did not run the circle in time, was out. Apple had to "reconcile" with Qualcomm in advance to catch up with the express train of the 5G era.

5G iPhone opens a new chapter Can 5G networks keep up?

In the past few years when Apple has installed Intel baseband chips, iPhone users have deeply experienced the pain of no signal when going down the stairs, no service when entering the subway, and the need to run out of the door to scan codes in convenience stores. Will the iPhone's first taste of 5G improve?

Hong Kong stocks closed: Okey Cloud Chain closed down 1.96%, Huobi Technology closed down 5.90%: Hong Kong stocks closed today, the Hang Seng Index closed at 26341.490 points, closed down 2.06%; Ooke Cloud Chain (01499.HK) reported 0.150 Hong Kong dollars, closed down 1.96%; Huobi Technology (01611.HK) reported 3.670 Hong Kong dollars, closed down 5.90%. [2020/11/30 22:35:25]

The 5G experience on iPhone 12 will depend on the operator and place of residence chosen by the user. Depending on the carrier, 5G has different frequencies, and some frequencies do have breakthrough speeds, but some won't connect to users' phones. Although other frequencies have longer connection distances and stable connections, the speed is not necessarily much faster than 4G LTE.

As the largest country in 5G, the three major domestic telecom operators have started 5G commercial use for nearly a year. As the voice of 5G is getting louder and louder, many users say that they obviously feel that the speed of 4G network is getting slower and slower and getting stuck. Some netizens specifically tested the network speed and said that the network speed has indeed dropped significantly.

Hong Kong stocks closed: Outech Cloud Chain closed up 1.35%, Huobi Technology closed down 3.45%: Hong Kong stocks closed today, and the Hang Seng Index closed at 24754.42 points, closing up 0.75%; The Hong Kong dollar closed up 1.35%; Huobi Technology (01611.HK) closed at 4.200 Hong Kong dollars, down 3.45%. [2020/10/21]

Some media have even recently discovered that China Mobile’s online business halls and apps in many regions have stopped providing users with preferential 4G packages, and users can only choose relatively high-priced 5G packages when handling packages. At the same time, China Unicom and China Telecom also have similar situations. In this regard, the relevant customer service personnel said that users can go to the offline business hall to apply for 4G packages.

At present, for most users, 4G packages can basically meet their daily needs, and they still hold a wait-and-see attitude towards 5G, which is gradually fully covering. Under the wave of 5G, the types of 4G packages that users can choose independently are gradually decreasing, and the processing channels are also narrowing, and they are becoming extremely sensitive to 4G speed reduction. Consumers expressed their desire to have more choices, rather than being forced into the 5G era.

Hong Kong stocks closed: Ooke Cloud Chain closed flat, Huobi Technology closed up 1%: Hong Kong stocks closed today, and the Hang Seng Index closed at 24624.34 points, closing up 0.14%; Ooke Cloud Chain (01499.HK), a subsidiary of Ooke Group, closed at HK$0.186 , closed flat; Huobi Technology (01611.HK) closed at HK$4.060, up 1%. [2020/9/8]

According to iiMedia Research’s research on non-5G mobile phone users, the top three reasons hindering their choice of phone replacement are: no demand, high package tariffs, and high mobile phone prices.

5G+Blockchain+IoT to build a "credible" society

For consumers, the biggest confusion is, what exactly can 5G do? Compared with the previous 4G and 3G, 5G has been endowed with unprecedented heights, and was incorporated into the new infrastructure together with high technologies such as blockchain and AI at the beginning of this year. Its revolutionary significance is more reflected in industrial production, such as unmanned driving, Internet of Everything and so on.

As a new generation of mobile communication technology, 5G has higher transmission rate, less communication delay, and wider network coverage. The future of 5G commercial use is to "connect everything that is not connected" and realize the deep coverage and rapid Expand the network.

From the perspective of blockchain application and promotion needs, the original blockchain can only realize the non-tamperable data on the chain, but it is difficult to ensure the authenticity of the data on the chain. Before the data is on the chain, there is still the possibility of human tampering. The use of IoT sensors instead of manual operations can realize automatic data collection and reduce the possibility of false data uploading from the source.

The fusion effect of the Internet of Things + 5G is that the Internet of Things system is becoming more intelligent. With artificial intelligence embedded in the Internet of Things, the Internet of Things is not only responsible for data collection and delivery of feedback information, but also intelligent algorithms and industry rule engines will be embedded in network edge terminals. The dynamic regulation, scheduling, and optimization of data, computing power, and rules in this process can be automated and trusted management through blockchain technology and smart contracts.

The relevant person in charge of OKLink explained by taking unmanned driving as an example: "5G, as a communication element, can transmit data to base stations or cloud service desks. If the information it transmits at this time can be tampered with , will lead to an error in the obstacle avoidance algorithm, which will lead to a collision between the car and the intrusion of foreign objects. If 5G is combined with the blockchain and the Internet of Things, the driving of the car will collect data through the Internet of Things, use 5G to transmit data, and pass the blockchain The chain ensures the security of data and the non-tampering during the transmission process, which can empower areas such as unmanned driving."

Up to now, "Blockchain + 5G + Internet of Things" has been applied in smart cities, warehouse receipt logistics, agricultural traceability, social governance and other fields. For example, the warehouse receipt circulation system based on the blockchain can confirm the warehouse receipt information in real time through the Internet of Things, and the receipts registered on the blockchain can be circulated and traded, which can effectively alleviate the problem of insufficient funds caused by the inventory pressure of the enterprise. Don't worry about the authenticity of warehouse receipts and repeated financing.

The relevant person in charge of OKLink added: "Actively promote the integration and development of new technologies such as blockchain and 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, etc., which can effectively protect the security of users' personal privacy data from the source. With 5G, Internet of Things and other technologies The process of development and new infrastructure construction is accelerating, and the use of the characteristics of the blockchain can effectively complement the new data security risks that may be brought about by smart IoT devices. Promote the integration of technologies as soon as possible to build a credible data flow that begins to take effect from the source of data system to ensure the credibility and security of data from the root.”


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OKLink: iPhone 12 is coming, can the 5G network keep up?

After experiencing the first "stranded" press conference in September this year, on October 7, Apple's official public account released a "newsletter".

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