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Christie's auction of "Portraits of a Mind" set a record for the highest NFT auction price



On October 7, the 21st work (Block 21) in the "Portraits of a Mind" bitcoin-themed series of artworks was sold at Christie's in New York for $131,250.

Christie's has partnered with OpenSea to sell NFT art collections: According to news on November 24, Christie's has partnered with OpenSea to sell a new batch of NFT art collections to art collectors. The auction will take place on OpenSea, a major NFT marketplace, rather than Christie’s own website. According to previous reports, on September 30, according to the official Twitter of the auction house Christie’s, its NFT sales exceeded 100 million US dollars. (cryptobriefing) [2021/11/24 7:07:51]

The "Portraits of a Mind" series has a total of 40 digital artworks. The physical works are built on a canvas disc with a diameter of 50.59 inches. The surface is engraved with 322048 numbers, and the inner edge is engraved with the words "Block 21"; Suspended pigments and graphite, aluminum paint, their 12.3 million numbers are an exact transcription of the v 0.1.0 code that released Bitcoin. Each code is hand carved and embellished in gold color (a metaphor for bitcoin mining) and arranged in a (decentralized) pattern.

Digital artist FEWOCiOUS NFT's works sold at Christie's for $2.16 million: On July 1, five NFT works of digital artist FEWOCiOUS were sold for $2.16 million in an auction at Christie's auction house. It is reported that this group of works titled "Hello, i'M Victor (FEWOCiOUS) and This Is My Life" was inspired by the experience of the 18-year-old artist growing up in an abusive family when he was young. [2021/7/2 0:21:14]

The works in this auction set a record for the highest auction price of an NFT (non-fungible token). This is the first auction of an NFT in a major auction house. The identity of the buyer is currently unknown. The previous record price for an NFT was $105,000 set a month ago.

Beeple works auctioned by Christie's will allow ETH payment: Christie's auction house in the United Kingdom revealed to Bloomberg that the auction of digital artist BeepleNFT works from February 25th to March 11th will accept the use of Ethereum for the first time. Pay in US dollars. Noah Davis, a staff member of Christie's auction house in the United Kingdom, said that encryption payment will become a more mature and mainstream business model. The reason why Christie’s auction house accepts cryptocurrency for the first time is to reach new user groups and let users who had no interest before realize that the auction market is actually interesting. It is worth noting that Christie's auction house currently only supports the payment of cryptocurrency for this artwork, which means that not all artworks will accept cryptocurrency payment in the future. (The Block)[2021/2/19 17:28:21]

According to previous reports by Rhythm, the first half (Block 0 to 20) has been privately provided to some collectors and is currently held by some well-known figures in the blockchain industry, including Binance CEO Zhao Changpeng, Bloq Chairman Matthew Roszak, Coinscrum founder Paul Gordon Wait.


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Christie's auction of "Portraits of a Mind" set a record for the highest NFT auction price

On October 7, the 21st work (Block 21) in the "Portraits of a Mind" bitcoin-themed series of artworks was sold at Christie's in New York for $131.

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