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First release | Things you need to know about BTC, ETH, and Filecoin mining.



Many friends actually think that the mining industry is very mysterious, with heavy capital investment and small crowd participation. They have never been to a mine, and they heard that it is windy and sandy in remote places. At the same time, I also heard that many people in the mining industry are very rich, so a kind of earthy and earthy image was outlined in my mind. Today I will briefly explain the most important mining industry in the current market and the most noteworthy projects. Tell me what happened, what will happen, the content-zce is deep but not mind-boggling, the dishes are all cooked, and the readers don't need to figure it out.

Some people may say that everyone knows about BTC and ETH, but Filecoin, a project that always seems to skip tickets and is rumored to be launched three days later (October 15), why is it side by side with the boss and the second? When I talk about Fil below, I will explain why.


The above picture is from the Internet, which fits with the content-zce of this paragraph, and is quoted

1. Miners: The current mainstream mining machines Antminer (Bitmain) and Whatsminer are basically on par in all aspects. If you understand one, you will understand the other.

First release | Baidu’s financial report reflects that the blockchain BaaS platform has become a new strategic focus: Jinse Finance reported that on February 28, 2020, Baidu (stock code BAIDU) announced its financial report, which separately described the progress related to the blockchain BaaS platform. The blockchain platform based on Baidu Smart Cloud is expected to become a new growth engine in the direction of technological innovation. In terms of AI services, Baidu has reached a cooperation with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to jointly build a blockchain alliance and realize cross-bank information verification on the Baidu Blockchain Service (BaaS) platform. [2020/2/28]

2. Estimation of fluctuations in computing power: The electricity bill in the wet season can currently be calculated at 0.21-0.23 yuan per kilowatt-hour. This data is more useful in the next comparison. I don’t know how to calculate it and it will not affect the analysis of this article. Once the S9 flood season is over, it will be shut down directly, because it is no longer profitable, and the current computing power accounts for about 15% of the entire network. If nothing else, the BTC computing power will fluctuate from 135E today to below 120E next month.

3. Increased mining costs: The wet season is almost over this month. What will happen after that? The cost of mining has increased, by how much? Depends on how much the electricity bill goes up. The electricity fee of about 0.22RMB will become more than 0.35RMB, and even reach the range of 0.38-0.42, which means that the mining cost will increase by 50%+

First Release | Liu Yao: Baidu Blockchain launched the Tianlian platform to empower on-chain business: On December 20, the "2019 China Blockchain Developers Conference" hosted by CSDN was held in Beijing on December 20. Liu Yao, head of Baidu Smart Cloud blockchain products, gave a speech on the theme of "Enterprise Blockchain Empowers Industrial Innovation Landing". He pointed out that 2020 will be the first year for blockchain enterprises to land. With the implementation of the blockchain industry, Baidu has upgraded the blockchain to a platform-based strategy, and launched the Tianlian platform relying on Baidu Smart Cloud, which is to empower 360's on-chain business innovation. [2019/12/20]

4. Impact: The cost of computing power has increased by more than 50%, which means that most S9 mining machines need to be shut down and dragged out, while the mining cost of the S17 series has increased from 50% to more than 75% (if the currency price does not increase), the S19 series The cost of mining machines during the high water period accounts for about 30-40%, then the cost will fly to about 50-60% after the high water period, and the cost of T17 will directly rise to 75%.

Simplified understanding is: if the price of BTC remains unchanged, during the wet season, mining a bitcoin earns 0.6-0.7 bitcoins, and now digging a bitcoin earns 0.3 or 0.4 bitcoins—this is still a good machine.

In other words, from the supply side, the halving effect of Bitcoin will only be highlighted at this time. It is reasonable and reasonable for the price of BTC to rise in the next two months.

First Release | Antminer S17 Performance Exposure Using new heat dissipation technology and global optimization customization scheme: Jinjin Finance News, a few days ago, Bitmain’s upcoming Antminer S17 performance exposure. According to Moments, the product manager of Antminer S17, the new product will adopt a new generation of heat dissipation technology and global optimization and customization solutions. It is understood that the heat dissipation technology may refer to the packaging technology of the chip, or it may be the heat dissipation structure design of the machine. As for the "global optimization and customization" plan of the S17 product, no details were disclosed. There are voices commenting that this may be a preparation for the decisive battle of the wet season. [2019/3/22]

Of course, if there is a black swan event, such as a rapid drop of 30%+ in the price of BTC, it will cause mining disasters. Don’t think about the bull market, don’t look at the K-line, and those who have money and channels to collect second-hand mining machines, retail investors are more suitable to wait for the opportunity to spot layout.

In May 2020, the Bitcoin block reward was halved, and the flood season came at the same time, and high energy efficiency mining machines (simplified to be understood as large computing power mining machines) were put on the shelves, and the mining cost did not increase much. It’s different now, after the abundant water, the new computing power mining machines are temporarily unable to come out, the price does not rise, and the miners panic; the price soars, and the mining machine rings, and the gold is ten thousand taels. Bitcoin and the Bitcoin mining industry will move towards new maturity after this halving + flood period ends.


Announcement | Huobi Global World Premiere of Project PAI at 16:00 on June 29: Huobi Global will launch Project PAI (PAI) deposit service at 16:00 on June 29, Singapore time. At 16:00 on July 2, PAI/BTC, PAI/ETH transactions will be opened in the Innovation Zone. PAI withdrawal service will be opened at 16:00 on July 6. [2018/6/29]

The picture above shows the founder of Nvidia: the macho "Huang Renxun"

Has the DeFi fire died down?

With the DeFi lending business, ETH needs to be pledged for mining, but it only increases the price of some ETH.

It is DEX and Swap that are really beneficial to ETH miners, that is, the rise of UNISWAP and the launch of various projects, FOMO emotions have arisen-"Give me a smart contract, don't ask, just Swap." This kind of transfer and Swap fees are very high, and the gas fee is more than four times higher than the block reward. That is to say, what should have earned 1 yuan before, now earns 5 yuan. Further reasoning, mining machines that used to pay back in one year now pay back in 2-3 months-this was also the actual situation in the past. (At the peak period of 2020, the payback period of ETH mining machines will be reduced to less than 2 months).

IMEOS debut EOS Go announces two new check-in conditions:According to Jinse Finance partner IMEOS report: Today, EOS Go announced two new check-in conditions on steemit:

1. Plan to ensure security: whether the candidate node publishes an article on steemit to introduce the node’s security method and plan. The “safety method” standard is an opportunity to show EOS voters the knowledge of security best practices and the organization’s implementation plan;

2. Position: Describe the position of the node to share inflation rewards and/or distribute dividends to EOS token holders (candidate nodes are published on steemit). The following two issues are mainly elaborated:

Will the organization provide payments to EOS token voters for any reason, including BP elections and community advice?

Does the organization have a written no-ticket payment policy? If so, please provide a link. [2018/4/27]

What now? It basically takes one year to pay back the cost of mining ETH. Nvidia’s new GPU came out. During the National Day, various financial bloggers gave video explanations. Everyone searched for “NVIDIA” or “Huang Renxun” on platforms such as Douyin, Baidu, Bilibili, and YouTube. Nvidia founder) can see that a bunch of people are talking about this GPU, talking about Boss Huang’s martial arts, of course, friends who don’t have a blockchain. (Graphics cards are divided into A card and N card, this article focuses on N card, A is AMD, N is NVIDIA).

The first reason is that the currency circle and the mining circle seem to have not really come out of the circle; the second reason is that when the GPU comes out, the price increase exceeds the performance improvement.

You may ask, what about my friends who say they are mining with Nvidia’s new graphics card?

Answer: Because the second-hand graphics cards of the older generation are not easy to buy. It's that simple.

Is there a future for graphics card mining machines in the future?

Yes, very promising. Because in addition to ETH, many projects can be mined with graphics card mining machines. ASIC mining machines (simplified to be understood as professional mining machines) have a high R&D cost and a long cycle. When the ASIC comes out, the projects are all abolished, or the price of the currency has been abolished. Wouldn’t it be worthless?

Graphics card mining machine, you can build a model similar to a machine gun pool, pay attention to mining income, which one has the highest income to mine? For example, Conflux (Tree Map, Chief Scientist Yao Qizhi), which may be launched this month, seems to be suitable, and the graphics card mining machine will be used for two days to try it out. If the income is good, continue to dig, and if the income is not good, withdraw.

Summary: Graphics card mining machines can attack when advancing, and defend when retreating. It's good business.

If you are not careful, there will be a big problem in this world, and you will take the graphics card back to your hometown to open an Internet cafe. Originally, the biggest function of the graphics card is the graphics. AI, image recognition, and games can be used. Opening an Internet cafe is also good—just kidding.


The picture above shows the leader of the Filecoin/IPFS project: Juan Benet. Yes, this is his most handsome picture

There is a high probability that it will be launched in three days. The reason for saying high probability is that someone has counted it, saying that Protocol Labs claimed that the Filecoin mainnet has been launched 7 times (I remember three or four times). don't know. However, I am still very supportive of such a project, such a group of newly emerging special miners, near the launch.

Why is it called a special miner?

The configuration of the Fil mining machine, I once showed it to a friend of the National Supercomputing Center. The friend said, "Is this a mining machine?" Big."

First, the Bitcoin mining machine has no other use except for mining Bitcoin for the time being. The ETH mining machine can be used in addition to mining ETH, graphics cards and other components. The Filecoin mining machine can be pulled out, and it can be used at the National Supercomputing Center and the State Key Laboratory with a slight modification.

Second, it is not a big problem for bitcoin mining machines to be placed in a harsh environment, as long as the heat dissipation is good; graphics card mining machines (such as mining ETH) should be placed in a dust-free environment, otherwise they are prone to failure (the fan is the most important), Filecoin's For mining machines, almost all miners give up building mines and directly pull them to the formed IDC computer room - the conditions are better. Do you know what is called "Golden House Cangjiao"? Is a Filecoin mining machine more than 100,000, 200,000 expensive? not expensive. Pull out the mining machine and sell it second-hand, which is more likely to preserve its value than your Maserati.

Look at everyone’s living conditions. Bitcoin mining machines live in the suburbs, ETH mining machines live in low-rent housing; Filecoin mining machines directly enter high-end villas.

Third, the expectation is higher or the gambling is greater. A project that has not been launched has attracted tens of billions of RMB in mining equipment with its vision. There is no such project in the history of the blockchain, and it is unprecedented.

What about the coin price?

Many media or self-media have stopped talking about the currency price of Filecoin recently. The reason is very simple, that is, I can’t see it clearly. It is a mysterious project. At the beginning of this section, I said "you will never understand the heart of a scumbag". I have given a prediction, and now I basically stick to my prediction that there is a high probability that the $50 will be touched or even higher in the first two months. As for flying to a few hundred dollars or fluctuating to more than a dozen dollars, it is the realm of the gods, so it is hard to say.

Regarding the currency price and market value of Filecoin, you can refer to the article I wrote in July: "Filecoin currency price and market value forecast, a new perspective"

Can I make money by buying computing power or mining machines?

Rest assured, there is a high probability that you will be able to recover your capital within a year.

Let me talk about the details: it is more difficult to pay back the capital within three months. Look at the manufacturer's coin-sharing rules, and look at the trend of the currency price.

This article takes stock of the three major mining coins of BTC, ETH, and Filecoin. The writing is slightly ridiculed, but the content-zce is very real. I hope it can give readers some inspiration.


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First release | Things you need to know about BTC, ETH, and Filecoin mining.

Many friends actually think that the mining industry is very mysterious, with heavy capital investment and small crowd participation. They have never been to a mine.

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