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How to Mint Sellable Music NFTs



At the end of this blog, you will learn how to: 1) Upload your audio files to IPFS with Pinata 2) Mint NFTs for your audio files with Rarible and sell them to the market I have a basic understanding of creating audio files, how to use encrypted wallets, and why NFT needs to use IPFS. Uploading to IPFS The first thing you will do is upload the audio file to IPFS. IPFS (Interplanetary File System) is a protocol that uses "content-zce addressability" to ensure that the files corresponding to NFT are available. Content addressability allows NFT creators and collectors to prove that this document is different from traditional Web2 URLs. The problem with Web2 URLs is this: your NFT file can easily be swapped out, faked or corrupted without the collector knowing. This is because Web2 URLs have no idea what your NFT files originally were, thus reducing the value of these files in the long run. However, this can be easily prevented by uploading your files to IPFS via Members of the U.S. Congress comment on the Fed’s CBDC report: The Fed failed to show how it protects data: On January 21, Toomey, a Republican member of the U.S. Senate, commented on the Fed’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) report: The Fed failed to show how it protected data, This is deeply worrying. [2022/1/21 9:03:35] "Pinata Upload" If you don't have a Pinata account yet, go and register. When you're logged in, click "Pinata Upload" at the top right of the page. "Browse" Next, click "browse" to browse the audio NFT file you want to use in your computer. "Custom Name For Pin", "Preserve filename" and "Upload" When you have selected the audio file to upload, you can voluntarily fill in the first and second steps before uploading in the third step. (Voluntary) You can give your audio file a "Custom Name For Pin" name on the Pinata platform. This name will only be visible on the Pinata platform. If you don't name the file when uploading, it will default to the original file name, and you can change the name later on Pin Explorer. Mayor of Miami: Exploring how to accept bitcoin for tax payment: Golden Finance reported that Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said that the city is exploring how to accept bitcoin for tax payment, thus taking the next step in the adoption of bitcoin. According to the mayor, city officials have begun the legislative process that would one day allow the use of bitcoin to pay for taxes, fees, and more. [2021/9/29 17:13:51] (Voluntary) Next, you can "Preserve filename" on IPFS to preserve the filename. Selecting this option will place your files in a directory that will allow you to preserve the original filenames when retrieving them from the IPFS network. However, from an aesthetic point of view, preserving the link created by the file name is a folder, which is more complicated and will be bypassed in this tutorial. Finally, click the "upload" button to upload the file to Pianta and upload the pin code to IPFS. "Pin Explorer" After you click the "upload" button, you will see a green prompt at the top, showing "File Successfully Uploaded" The file was successfully uploaded! Then you can go to "Pin Explorer". Here you can manage all IPFS files on your Pinata. Currency Observation Room | How to transform from Xiaobai into a qualified trader: At 11:00 on April 2, Jinpan invited market leader Li Mingcheng to be a guest in Jinse Finance's "Currency Observation Room" live broadcast room, and will share "How to Transform from Xiaobai" Become a Qualified Trader", please pay attention, scan the QR code below to watch. [2020/4/2] "IPFS Hash" In "Pin Explorer", find the audio file you just uploaded and click the "IPFS Hash" link. "Link" If you click "Preserve filename" and save the filename, you will come to the IPFS directory page. You can link to this directory page, but as mentioned, this page is not pretty. So, find the file link and right click. Right-click "Copy Link Address", click "Copy Link Address", copy the link, and copy the IPFS link to your clipboard. This IPFS link is the buyer of your audio NFT through Rarible's "Unlockable" (public) feature The way to obtain the file, this feature will be mentioned later in the post. Big coffee zero distance| In the "Distance" live broadcast room, we will share "How to obtain huge profits in the market through news", please pay attention, if you want to join the group to watch the live broadcast, just scan the QR code of the poster to sign up! [2020/2/19] If you did not choose "Preserve filename" , keep the file name, when you click "IPFS Hash" on the "Pin Explorer" page, you will go directly to the page of the file itself (as shown in the picture above). Just copy the URL link to the file highlighted above.   Minting Audio NFT When finished copying the IPFS link, go back to Pinata's "Pin Explorer" and click on the "Menu" menu on the right side of the page next to the file. "Menu" Zero Distance from Big Guys | Reshaping Trading Psychology: How to Adjust Your Trading Mentality After Liquidation: At 19:30 on October 22, "Zero Distance from Big Guys", hosted by Golden Disk and exclusively sponsored by UP Exchange, officially launched. At that time, 0707, the real big V iron head, will share "Reshaping Trading Psychology: How to Adjust Trading Mentality after Liquidation" in the live broadcast room of "Big Coffee Zero Distance". Please pay attention, if you want to join the group to watch the live broadcast, just scan the QR code of the poster to register! [2019/10/22] "Mint NFT" "Menu" will expand to display multiple options. Click on "Mint NFT", which is the "Mint NFT" key. "Create collectible" click on "Mint NFT" and you will be on the Rarible Create collectible page. At this point, you will decide whether you want to cast one ("Single") or multiple ("Multiple") collectibles (collectible). "Choose image" Next, click "Choose Image" and choose the image key. Here, you'll find an image and upload it, representing the audio file you're casting. "Choose collection" and "Name" After uploading the image, you must first choose which collection you want the NFT to be in. You can choose the Rarible collection, or create your own collection with your own name and logo. “Description” and “Royalties” Here, you need to add a description to your file. Please be sure to note: the link to access the audio file will be signed after the purchase of the NFT. Next, choose your royalty percentage. "Set price", "Unlock once purchased" and "Create" After selecting the royalty percentage, remember to "Set price" to set the price. You will then select "Unlock once purchased" to unlock after purchase. Once selected, it will give you a place to paste the link, and once the buyer purchases the NFT, the link will be unlocked. Paste the IPFS link you copied to your clipboard earlier here. Finally, click "Create" to create. Now, you need to follow the wallet prompts provided by Rarible to complete the token minting and sign the transaction. An Audio NFT on IPFS to Sell Your audio NFT is now ready and available for sale on numerous marketplaces. Happy Pinning! DAOSquareDAOSquare is a A real community, we are helping more people understand and join the encrypted world, and realize the creation of personal value and social value. DAOSquare is a for-profit DAO, and we are commercializing DAO so that more people can see the feasibility of DAO and promote the mass adoption of DAO. DAOSquare is an incubator, we are helping more people use DAO or community-driven organizations to start their personal brands, entrepreneurial projects, and anything of value, and support their growth.


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How to Mint Sellable Music NFTs

At the end of this blog, you will learn how to: 1) Upload your audio files to IPFS with Pinata 2) Mint NFTs for your audio files with Rarible and sell them to the market I have a basic understanding of creating audio.

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