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Golden Outpost | Countdown to mainnet launch Filecoin will launch a one-week launch event from October 19



According to the official Filecoin news, the Filecoin mainnet will be officially opened at epoch 148888. It is expected to reach this epoch around October 15th, and then start a period of monitoring and problem solving to ensure the normal operation of the network after the transition (as expected). In addition, a week-long Filecoin launch event will be held from October 19th to October 23rd.

In the past month, the entire Filecoin ecology has been completely focused on the space race. During the entire space race, more than 500 miners landed more than 325PiB of storage in Orbital Burn, of which 265 user applications were carried out in Slingshot More than 40,000 storage and retrieval transactions and collectively have thoroughly tested the functionality, security and resilience of the network. Early miners invested a lot of money in finding bugs, accumulating operational knowledge, and laying the groundwork for the network to spend a lot of packaging and storage hardware. The Space Race testnet will continue to operate and gradually enter the mainnet over the next 3 weeks with protocol upgrades and state transitions, rather than setting it up from scratch (losing all storage capacity).

Golden Morning News | September 14 Overnight Important Updates: 21:00-7:00 Keywords: bZx, Compound, SushiSwap, Ethereum

1. The attack on the bZx protocol has been repaired and the stolen funds have been deducted from the insurance funds;

2. Compound’s proposal 022 on increasing the market lending limit has been passed;

3. The total lock-up volume of the SushiSwap protocol dropped significantly after it lowered the block reward;

4. EU officials: Concerns about stablecoins will be addressed in future legislation;

5. OKEx CEO: Binance Smart Chain misleads the public and leads to the degradation of DeFi;

6. Data: The daily release volume of Ethereum smart contracts is close to the highest level ever;

7. Ethereum developers: The bZx protocol uses a backdoor to destroy funds to solve the problem of stolen funds;

8. Security researcher: Android-based devices have recently been attacked by cryptomining botnets;

9. SBF discusses Yield Farming: Food tokens are a ridiculous bubble, but they might not be. [2020/9/14]

Filecoin said that it will adopt a segmented approach to launch the main network, adding different groups and communities to the network within a period of time until the main network is launched. Various groups in the Filecoin community—including miners, users, custodians, applications, network services, etc., will join the network before the main network is launched. Of course, various groups still need to do a lot of preparatory work to ensure the network is launched.

Golden Power Group | Dialogue with Xie Wei: Demystifying the "Small City Plan" of Loudi, the No. 1 Blockchain City: The combination of Blockchain and the real economy has become an irresistible trend of the times, and Golden Finance has launched a new model of "Blockchain + Industry" "Series of interviews with "strength factions", dialogues with enterprises and institutions that are at the forefront of "blockchain +". At 13:00 on January 20th, Wu Jianhua, host of CCTV’s financial program, and Wang Yukun, content-zce director of Jinse Finance, joined hands to talk with Xie, deputy director of Loudi City’s National Blockchain Research and Application Demonstration Promotion Leading Group Office and CCF Blockchain Committee Communications Committee member. Wei, revealing the secrets of the "small city plan" of Loudi, Hunan's "chain city". For live broadcast details, you can scan the QR code or view the original text link. [2020/1/20]

Storage Miners   - Continue adding storage to the network during the Ignite phase and prepare operations for mainnet launch and stress test storage and retrieval transactions.

Quotes | Golden Hot Search List: BCH is listed for the first time, DASH is at the bottom: According to the exclusive data of Golden Finance, in the past 24 hours, BTC regained the top spot in the hot search-zce list, and BCH and DASH were listed for the first time, ranking ninth, respectively. tenth.

The specific top ten list is as follows: BTC, ETH, EOS, ETC, ONT, ADA, XRP, QTUM, BCH, DASH. [2018/8/15]

Users & Applications   - Participate in our ongoing space race, Slingshot, to leverage Filecoin's distributed storage capabilities to provide usable, resilient data storage.

Hosts & Ecosystem Partners  - Use this time to bring operations and stakeholders into the network.

SAFT Holders  - Please check CoinList and your chosen custodian email for how to get set up on the network prior to mainnet ignition and during the mainnet transition.

Implementation Developers   - Enhancing testing, hardening and interoperability between different implementations of Filecoin, including lotus[PL], forest[ChainSafe], fuhon[Soramitsu] and go-filecoin[The Force Zone].

In addition, Filecoin claims that the mainnet ignition stage is an opportunity for the Filecoin community to participate in network improvements and make decisions. Storage miners, community leaders, developers, users, and ecological partners can participate in enhancing the network through the open Filecoin Improvement Process, and upgrade through the cross-discussion of the implementation plan at the core development meeting held every two weeks, and through the inter-miner Consensus approves new changes.


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Golden Outpost | Countdown to mainnet launch Filecoin will launch a one-week launch event from October 19

According to the official Filecoin news, the Filecoin mainnet will be officially opened at epoch 148888. It is expected to reach this epoch around October 15th.

Filecoin is expected to launch the mainnet on the 15th: 25% of the block rewards for storage miners will be released directly.

According to the news on October 14, the Filscout website shows that the current Filecoin block height has reached 145,000, and there are less than 3.

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