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Gu Yanxi: Digital stable currency helps the global flow of real estate assets.



At present, the application of blockchain technology in the US real estate market is mainly used to improve the efficiency of existing processes. While one goal of this effort is to enhance the liquidity of real estate assets, progress has been slow due to imperfect infrastructure and faulty business models. Among the missing infrastructure services, the lack of application of digital stablecoins is an important lack in this regard.

One of the main purposes of applying blockchain technology to the real estate market is to provide liquidity for real estate assets. Dividing the ownership of a real estate into standardized small units for transaction circulation is the most basic measure to realize asset circulation. However, due to the restrictions of the current US law, the real estate that flows in this way can only be open to qualified investors in the US and investors outside the US, and there are also many restrictions on publicizing it to the public. Due to the inherent characteristics of this asset class, real estate can only attract a part of qualified investors in the United States. Accredited investors in the United States account for only about 2% of the total population of the United States. Some of them are less in number. However, the real estate itself has a large number of types and is scattered, so it is difficult to achieve better flow based on the certificate generated by a single real estate. However, in terms of targeting overseas investors in the United States, under the premise of compliance, there is a lot of room for operation. In the process of selling to overseas users, various costs must be low, and at the same time, the convenience of transactions must be guaranteed. In such a process, digital stable currency is an indispensable trading medium. For overseas users in the United States, digital stablecoins can greatly improve transaction efficiency and reduce costs. This is conducive to their investment in US real estate. This is also conducive to expanding the scale of overseas users, so it is very helpful for financing. However, among the basic services of the current US real estate token market, digital stablecoins have not been widely used. If this problem is resolved, the real estate token market in the United States will be further activated.

Gu Yanxi: European Central Bank President Lagarde's view is highly favorable to Bitcoin: In response to "ECB President Lagarde's view that Bitcoin needs to be regulated", Gu Yanxi said that Lagarde's view is highly favorable to Bitcoin . If the global regulation follows the idea she suggested, that is, from G7 to G20, and then to a larger scope, then it is the recognition of Bitcoin as a tradable asset by the world's major financial regulation. Bitcoin will therefore be traded everywhere under the premise of meeting regulatory requirements. Institutional or even government funds can be invested in Bitcoin. As a result, the market value of Bitcoin will increase significantly. [2021/1/14 16:08:46]

Even in the U.S. market, if digital stablecoins are widely used, it will be very helpful for U.S. investors to purchase real estate tokens. The primary source of real estate financing in the United States is banks. Since the bank itself is subject to strict compliance restrictions, it will have many restrictions in the course of its business development. For example, a method of raising funds for real estate, with the participation of banks, it is impossible to raise funds based on digital currency. If digital stable coins are widely used, investors can have a large amount of digital stable coins for direct investment, then real estate developers can directly raise enough funds from users with digital stable coins. Fundraising like this is much less constrained. In the secondary trading market of real estate tokens, the application of digital stable coins will also greatly improve transaction efficiency, which will also increase the liquidity of real estate tokens. So even in the U.S. market, the widespread application of digital stablecoins will greatly improve the liquidity of real estate assets.

Gu Yanxi: The policy of the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) affects not only the U.S. dollar digital currency: In response to "the recent U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) issued a policy explanation letter", Gu Yanxi pointed out: In this policy explanation letter , OCC clearly stated that the federal banks and savings institutions in the United States can participate in becoming nodes of INVN and use stable coins as a means of payment. This policy of the OCC will not only determine the development of the US dollar digital currency, but also bring about fundamental changes in the development of the financial industry. These changes will specifically occur in the following aspects:

First, the US dollar CBDC will not be launched in the next few years;

Second, there will be more USD stablecoins appearing in the market;

Third, it will promote the use of US dollars in a wider range;

Fourth, it will promote the construction and promotion of encrypted digital financial facilities;

Fifth, it will promote the generation and circulation of digital stable coins other than the US dollar;

Sixth, it brings greater challenges and opportunities to the US banking industry. [2021/1/8 16:42:56]

From the perspective of the value of blockchain technology itself, one of its important functions is to facilitate the flow of digital assets around the world. At present, the application in any industry should first aim at internationalization, rather than being limited to one market. However, in the current U.S. real estate token market, the mainstream business philosophy is still based on the U.S. domestic market. One consequence of this guiding ideology is that it does not pay enough attention to the application of stablecoins, because in the US market, the use of US dollars is commonplace. Similarly, the corresponding business model will naturally encounter many difficulties, and it cannot give full play to the maximum value of blockchain technology.

Gu Yanxi: The entry of institutional funds pushes up the market value of Bitcoin, and its value consensus is completely different from the value consensus of the Internet era: On December 22, Gu Yanxi, a researcher of blockchain and encrypted digital assets, published a column saying that Bitcoin is now The market capitalization of China has surpassed the market capitalization of JP Morgan Chase, the largest commercial bank in the United States, and has also surpassed the market capitalization of Visa, a network that provides global credit card clearing services. This shows that the market has formed a consensus on the value of Bitcoin on a global scale. If only ordinary retail investors around the world form a consensus on the value of Bitcoin, it will be difficult to push the market value of Bitcoin to the current height. The reason why Bitcoin has reached its current market value is because institutional funds have begun to enter Bitcoin. He said in the article that a common view still exists in the market is that the value of Bitcoin is the result of market speculation, and the value caused by such speculation will not last. This view often compares Bitcoin's value to similar bubbles in history, such as the most recent dot-com bubble. However, the current value consensus of Bitcoin is fundamentally different from the value consensus of the Internet era. The value of Bitcoin is not at all dependent on underlying ownership or expected returns. The characteristic of Bitcoin value is that it is its value itself. The size of this value is completely judged by the market, and it is completely people's subjective judgment. Gu Yanxi finally pointed out that the market is not very optimistic about the current currency circulation mechanism, so it is possible to use Bitcoin as a value storage and transfer tool, which leads to the continuous rise of Bitcoin prices. [2020/12/22 16:03:48]

The real estate token market in the United States has developed to this day, and it has begun to realize the importance of internationalization to this business. This understanding has made greater progress than in 2018. Service providers in this market are beginning to establish service facilities outside the United States. The sales of real estate tokens in the United States have also begun to pay more attention to overseas users. With the progress of these businesses in internationalization, the application of digital stable currency will definitely receive more and more attention. It is believed that it will be increasingly used in the US real estate token market.

Voice | DAEX founder Gu Yanxi: Blockchain will have a greater impact on the securities market: On September 9, local time, at the "2018 Focus on Blockchain Spreadtrum Global Tour Silicon Valley Summit" co-hosted by CoinTime, DAEX founder Rengu Yanxi pointed out in "The Impact of Blockchain on the Securities Industry" that the blockchain will have a more obvious impact on the secondary market of the stock market, because the primary equity market can complete the equity conversion of personal opinions, and equity participants It is possible to vote directly on the blockchain, and the efficiency of the general meeting of shareholders is significantly improved. Participants who switch from institutional and high-net-worth individual participants to small investors can also participate and enjoy the dividends of early entry into the market; the financing process, geographical boundaries, listing time, etc. will also undergo major changes. At the same time, the blockchain will have an impact on the basic structure of asset custody and liquidation. Multi-centralized asset custody and liquidation will become more efficient, lower cost, and reduce market risk exposure. [2018/9/10]

I have always believed that after the launch of the Libra digital stablecoin, its first service target must not be the 1.7 billion users worldwide who do not receive financial services or have insufficient financial services as claimed in its white paper, but will definitely make the application more popular in the world. The field of cross-border transactions and payments. The nature of the members who have recently joined the Libra Association is also proving my point. Recent members joining the Libra Association include companies in the fields of cross-border e-commerce, cross-border payments and encrypted digital currencies. Their common feature is that their business is in the field of cross-border transactions and payments. For the real estate industry, the globalization of the flow of real estate tokens is also imperative (see my other related article), and the digital stable currency will be very helpful to the global flow of real estate assets, so I wouldn't be surprised if a company uses the Libra stablecoin to provide real estate tokenization services.


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Gu Yanxi: Digital stable currency helps the global flow of real estate assets.

At present, the application of blockchain technology in the US real estate market is mainly used to improve the efficiency of existing processes. While one goal of this effort is to enhance the liquidity of real estat.

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