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FIL led the rise by 18.35%.The wave of decentralized storage is coming



According to official sources, the Filecoin mainnet will be officially launched when the block height reaches 148,888, and the estimated time will be October 15, 2020. At present, many trading platforms have indicated that they will launch FIL transactions as soon as possible. Thanks to the news that the mainnet launch is approaching, FIL led the rise in decentralized storage sector projects with 18.35% today.

With the fermentation of FIL, decentralized storage has become a wave that cannot be ignored. Generally speaking, decentralized storage projects include POC consensus projects that use hard disk space as computing power to prove mining, and storage service projects that use distributed storage as computing power for mining. Data storage is to store a certain amount of data in different storage media through different storage architectures.

Decentralized storage has the advantages of privacy protection, low storage cost, data redundancy backup storage, open source applications and algorithms, etc., which is conducive to the value transfer of data and the avoidance of single point of failure.

Filecoin launched the Storage Provider Guidance Funding Program: On April 19th, according to the official announcement, Filecoin launched the Storage Provider Guidance Funding Program (FSPM), and qualified recipients can obtain expert operator consultation. For a limited time, 10 qualified applicants will receive 10 hours of fully subsidized consulting services (valued at $4,000) as part of the FSPM launch. [2022/4/19 14:33:05]

In the current business ecology, data storage is based on centralized servers and storage hard drives, while on the blockchain network, data interaction operations such as: accounting, one-time verification, calculation, synchronization, etc., mainly rely on various distributed The joint confirmation of the node network promotes trust and verifies identity, ensuring the transparency of information and preventing it from being tampered with and forged.

Feixiaohao data shows that the current average increase of decentralized storage projects is 0.65%.

FIL fell below the $120 mark: According to data from Huobi Global, FIL fell below the $120 mark in the short term, and is now at $119.09, an intraday drop of 2.2%. The market fluctuates greatly, so please do a good job in risk control. [2021/5/15 22:05:12]

Not only the fiery Filecoin, but also many decentralized storage projects in the blockchain world have gradually developed. With the development of decentralized storage, OKEx has recently added a storage project token display area. The first batch of tokens entering the exhibition area of OKEx storage projects include BTT, SC, STORJ, LAMB, GNX, CVT industry and other projects, and many projects have become more popular in the recent market.

FIL: InterPlanetary File System IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is a global, point-to-point distributed version file system, the goal is to supplement (or even replace) the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that currently dominates the Internet A file system of computing devices connected together. The principle is to use a content-based address instead of a domain-name-based address, that is, what the user is looking for is not an address but a content-zce stored in a certain place. There is no need to verify the identity of the sender, but only the hash of the content. Through this It can make web pages faster, safer, more robust, and more durable. Filecoin is an incentive layer on top of IPFS, and builds a decentralized storage market on IPFS through the token incentive model. FIL6 is Filecoin's June futures.

The current total pledge amount of the Filecoin network is about 31.29 million FIL: According to, Filfox browser data shows that the current block height of the Filecoin network is 424420, the effective computing power of the entire network is 1.970EiB, and the total pledge amount is about 31.29 million FIL, the number of active-zce miners is 1129, the reward per block is 18.847FIL, the output in the past 24 hours is 263607FIL, the average mining income in 24 hours is 0.1291FIL/TiB, and the current circulation of FIL is 71368623FIL. At present, the top three effective computing power are: F01248 (Zhiheyunzh) temporarily ranks first with 74.13PiB, F02770 (Time Space Cloud & Smart) ranks second with 72.63PiB, and F09652 (RRmine) ranks with 50.87PiB third. [2021/1/19 16:30:55]

BTT: Many internet users today are familiar with the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol invented by Bram Cohen that powers Torrent clients in use around the world today. With BitTorrent (BTT), a TRC-10 utility token based on the TRON blockchain, BitTorrent extends its familiar protocol to create a token-based economy for network, bandwidth, and storage resources on the existing BitTorrent network, thereby Provides a way for network participants to capture the value of shared bandwidth and storage. BitTorrent (BTT) allows content-zce creators to connect with their audience, earn and spend digital currency without a middleman. A giant leap forward A BitTorrent client can empower a new generation of content-zce creators by introducing blockchain to hundreds of millions of users around the world and empowering them with tools to distribute them directly to others on the web. Users of torrent clients are familiar with challenges such as slow downloads and files that become unusable over time. By providing incentives for users to share, the token will provide faster download speeds and longer cluster life across the network.

Filecoin's current effective computing power of the entire network is 710.98PiB: According to, filfox browser data shows that the current block height of the Filecoin network is 194059, the effective computing power of the entire network is 710.98PiB, and the total pledge amount is about 14.22 million FIL , the number of active-zce miners is 628, the reward per block is 11.6857FIL, the output in the past 24 hours is 158088FIL, and the average mining income in 24 hours is 0.2196FIL/TiB;

At present, the top three effective computing power are: F01248 (Zhihe Yunzh) temporarily ranks first with 44.09 PiB, F02770 (Time Space Cloud & Smart) ranks second with 44.02 PiB, F01782 ( with 27.07 PiB ranked third. [2020/10/31 11:18:28]

SC: SIA is a decentralized cloud storage platform using blockchain technology. Compared with traditional cloud storage methods, the decentralized Sia system can make cloud storage safer, faster, and lower cost. Through erasure coding, encryption, and block chain, Sia not only has traditional cloud storage functions, but also solves the security and privacy problems of traditional cloud storage. Servers where users provide storage space can receive Siacoin (cloud storage coin) – the built-in token of the Sia system, so as to encourage more idle space to become storage space providers. Users can use Siacoin to rent or sell storage space. SC2 (full name SiaCore) was changed to SC (full name Siacoin) on December 20, 2018.

FIL went live on Huobi within 5 minutes and rose to 220 USDT: Huobi Global website market shows that Huobi has opened Filecoin (FIL) currency trading at 23:50. As of 23:55, FIL has risen to 220 USDT, a maximum increase of 21 times. The price fluctuates greatly, please pay attention to risk control. [2020/10/16]

STORJ: Storj is a cloud storage platform that strives to be censorship-free, surveillance-free, and non-downtime. The Storj platform allows users to store data in a secure and decentralized manner through encryption and a series of decentralized applications. It uses block transaction functions such as transaction ledger, public/private key encryption and cryptographic hash functions for security. Plus, it will be cheaper, faster, and more secure than traditional cloud storage services. Storj's core goal is to improve traditional cloud storage services and allow users to regain "control" of their devices and data. Decentralization means that Storj has no central server. In addition, due to the use of client-side encryption technology, only end users can access decrypted files and keys, which greatly improves file security.

LAMB: Lambda is a high-speed, secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure project. Lambda is a blockchain's data storage infrastructure with its own chain for billing, transactions, encryption, and access control. LAMB is the native token of the Lambda project and can be used to create memory and storage resources that consume nodes.

GNX: GenaroNetwork, combined with decentralized storage and the public chain's dual-bottom intelligent data ecology, creates a hybrid consensus mechanism of SPoR (Sentinel Proof of Retrievability) + PoS (Proof of Stake) low energy consumption and sustainable, which improves performance while ensuring security. Genaro is committed to building a distributed shared cloud, providing developers with a one-stop development platform, which can deploy smart contracts and store data required by DApp at the same time, and provide everyone with a trusted Internet, connecting the real world and blocks through data chain world.

CVT: CyberVein was founded in 2017 by the Singapore CV Technology Foundation. CyberVein's big data middle-end solution is based on the PISR (private, interlink, secure, robust) distributed database developed by CyberVein, focusing on enterprise-level "blockchain + big data" customized services. The original three core products of "management, storage, and use" of data can respectively "break data islands, ensure data security, and realize data monetization." In this way, the upstream and midstream of the data flow are perfectly connected and the data is managed across domains, the data is abstracted and packaged into services, and an enterprise-level data flow platform based on blockchain is created.


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FIL led the rise by 18.35%.The wave of decentralized storage is coming

According to official sources, the Filecoin mainnet will be officially launched when the block height reaches 148,888, and the estimated time will be October 15, 2020. At present.

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