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Exclusive Video: How Is DeFi Different? How to avoid the coin loss crisis? Can the assets of the project failure be recovered?



This issue is jointly launched by Golden Finance and Bitouq. Updates every Wednesday and Friday. Updates from time to time on weekends.

Exclusive | Li Xiangming: The development of cryptocurrency compliance is about to usher in a new historical stage: Recently, Coinbase stated that the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority have approved Coinbase’s acquisition of brokerage Keystone Capital, Venovate Marketlpace and Digital Wealth LLC. The acquisitions would allow Coinbase to offer cryptocurrencies that are considered securities and bring its business under federal regulation. Li Xiangming, the founder of Private Cloud and an information security expert, said in an exclusive interview with Jinse Finance: The approval of the transaction by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (Finra) means that Coinbase has been removed from the digital currency trading platform. In one fell swoop, it has transformed into a fully licensed legal and formal cryptocurrency brokerage, and can eventually even cooperate with regulatory agencies to tokenize existing traditional securities products and complete the integration of traditional finance and cryptocurrency. The future development prospects and imagination are very broad.

Coinbase’s move will also lead to the rapid imitation of global mainstream exchanges. Next, we will continue to see mergers and acquisitions of traditional brokerages by mainstream digital currency exchanges, and mergers and acquisitions of digital currency exchanges by traditional large brokerages. The wave of mergers and acquisitions between traditional financial institutions and digital currency exchanges will intensify around the world, accelerating the integration of the encrypted economy and traditional finance.

Generally speaking, the United States has realized that the future trend of cryptocurrencies is irresistible. This decision represents that the US government’s discussion on the regulatory plan for cryptocurrencies has ended, and a consensus and specific regulatory plans have been formed. I personally appreciate the SEC’s decision and welcome. The United States’ inclusion of cryptocurrencies in the securities field for regulation also represents to a certain extent the development direction of governments’ digital currency regulation methods, and will have a huge demonstration effect on the regulation of cryptocurrencies in countries around the world, especially major countries in the future. The regulatory development of cryptocurrencies is about to usher in a new historical stage. [2018/7/18]

With the gradual expansion of the development area of DeFi, the threshold for participation is gradually lowered, but most users still lack the understanding and basic knowledge of smart contracts. This video will tell you about the necessary security of smart contracts Sex tips.

Golden Exclusive | Xiao Lei: The traditional market lacks bitcoin derivatives that can be traded directly: According to foreign media reports, the spot price of cryptocurrencies has been in a downturn in the first two quarters of 2018. Despite the bearish market sentiment, the CBOE and CME Group saw a significant increase in the sale of futures contracts in the second quarter of 2018. In view of the current sluggish bitcoin spot market, but the rising trading volume in the futures market, Jinse Finance exclusively interviewed Xiao Lei, an expert in digital currency analysis, who said, “The bitcoin futures contracts on these two exchange markets are a new development in themselves. Variety is a process from scratch, so this process must be a process of increasing trading volume, but overall, due to the decline in the bear market, futures are actually more acceptable to investors, because they can be shorted according to the trend , this is a credible participation channel for many investors who were not optimistic about Bitcoin before. Generally speaking, the trading volume of the futures market may affect the sentiment of the spot market. If the trading volume continues to rise, the actual Even if it is a bear market, it can be seen that the market is enthusiastic about Bitcoin transactions. This may also indicate that the traditional market currently lacks Bitcoin derivatives that can be directly traded, which may stimulate more exchanges and financial institutions to develop Bitcoin. related derivatives such as currencies.” When the reporter further asked whether the increase in futures trading volume would cause spot funds to transfer to futures, Xiao Lei said, “It is possible, but shorting itself is also under great pressure, because the spot market At present, there is still the dominance of prices, if there is a certain amount of rebound in the spot market, the pressure on short sellers in the futures market will be doubled.” [2018/7/13]

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Golden Finance Exclusive Analysis Whether the price will rebound after the tax day is still a question mark: Recently, Fundstrat co-founder Tom Lee predicted that the price of Bitcoin may rise after April 17, when the tax day in the United States ends. According to the exclusive analysis of Jinse Finance, at the end of March this year, the US Federal Internal Revenue Service issued a statement stating that it plans to start taxing the benefits of earning cryptocurrency trading spreads and using cryptocurrency trading as capital gains in April. In early April, the IRS reminded U.S. taxpayers to include cryptocurrency income on their annual tax returns. The IRS notes that cryptocurrency transactions are taxable like other forms of property. At the same time, it said that taxpayers who do not properly report the income tax consequences of cryptocurrency exchanges may be subject to audits and in some cases may be penalized. According to federal regulations, the U.S. tax filing deadline is 12:00 midnight on April 15 each year, which means that April 15 marks the end of the U.S. tax season. Therefore, some analysts pointed out that one of the reasons for the sharp drop in Bitcoin in the first quarter of 2018 was that cryptocurrency investors were scrambling to sell Bitcoin to reduce tax payments as the tax day approached. And as the tax season ends, investors will be less likely to sell cryptocurrencies under tax pressure. This time, Tom Lee predicted that the price of bitcoin may rise after April 17, which is also based on the deadline of tax day. However, the decline of cryptocurrency is not only due to tax payment, but also affected by many other factors, such as Google and Twitter’s ban on ICO advertisements, etc. Therefore, whether the price can really rebound in late April is still a question mark. [2018/4/9]

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Exclusive Video: How Is DeFi Different? How to avoid the coin loss crisis? Can the assets of the project failure be recovered?

This issue is jointly launched by Golden Finance and Bitouq. Updates every Wednesday and Friday. Updates from time to time on weekends.

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