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What exactly is Coca-Cola's crypto payment ambition CENNZ?



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Hello everyone, we are Aunt Zhang and Aunt Yang

Two Blockchain Entrepreneurs

The third season of the talk show conference has ended brilliantly

Lao Luo's quotations are still in the ears

"If you owe the bank 100 yuan, it's your trouble; if you owe the bank 100 million, it's the bank's trouble"

The Coca-Cola NFT loot box has been launched on OpenSea, and the current bid is 2WETH: The Coca-Cola NFT loot box has been launched on OpenSea, and the current bid is 2WETH (about 4801 US dollars). The auction will end at 4:00 on August 3, Beijing time. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to Special Olympics International. [2021/7/30 1:24:38]


Coca-Cola bottlers are testing DeFi on Ethereum: Jinse Finance reported that CONA Services (Coke One North America), the largest technology partner of Coca-Cola bottlers in North America, announced the establishment of a "Coca-Cola Bottling Port" to reduce technical barriers for suppliers . The project, enabled by The Baseline Protocol, a middleware solution for large corporations, enables Coca-Cola bottlers not only to communicate and trade privately on the Ethereum public blockchain, but also to access DeFi applications and tokenize assets. The project plans to present its initial results in the fourth quarter of 2020. [2020/8/4]

In this world,

The market value of Bitcoin surpasses Coca-Cola: It is understood that the market value of Bitcoin has once again surpassed the total market value of Coca-Cola, an established company, after surpassing the sum of the wealth of Bill Gates and Buffett. [2017/12/5]

Some people work hard for ten yuan food and clothing

Some people do everything they can just to survive

Who is struggling to survive just to have a full meal?

But someone else took Coca-Cola's $180 million investment

Happy fat house with traditional giant crocodile (shut up.gif)

Let us welcome the guest guests of this issue-

Jerry, the co-founder of Centrality, who has been in the industry for 16 years but has not achieved financial freedom so far

Today, we have prepared the official Q&A...

In the field of payment, the first-mover advantage is overwhelming. Once the payment habit is developed, it is difficult to migrate. People don’t need so many products, and mainly they don’t have so much money. Why can the blockchain be confident in the payment track? God? And how do you view the development prospects of blockchain in the payment field?

And quick questions and answers...

"Why didn't the three major firms start?"

"Why didn't you buy 100 times coins, don't you want to?"

"Can the currency price be a blockbuster?"

"I just want to say that I still want to count on the project to retire"

"Aunt Zhang and Aunt Yang's talk show conference is also known as the Tucao conference of the currency circle. Can you expose the project's shortcomings?"

"The only slot is no name"

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Gu Yanxi: Technical and business factors that determine the liquidity of US real estate tokens

Real estate assets are characterized by large assets and poor liquidity. This has always been the problem. But in economic activities supported by a centralized computing system.

Premiere Video | NFT Topic (2): Project Quick View GHST WHALE SAND ENJ MANA

Take you to understand each NFT project in 20 minutes:Aavegotchi - GHSTSamsung Electronics will announce the mass production of 3nm technology, and the first customer is a mining chip factory: June 30 news.

What are the application scenarios of NFT?

On September 23, foreign media reported that Christie’s, a well-known art auction house.

What exactly is Coca-Cola's crypto payment ambition CENNZ?

Written in the front: go to the back to see Hello everyone.

MicroStrategy CEO: Bitcoin is the safest and most liquid asset in history

Nasdaq-listed merchant MicroStrategy bought another $175 million worth of bitcoin last month, after buying $250 million in bitcoin. MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor was interviewed by Stansberry Research on Friday.

Golden Relativity | Song Ailu: The blockchain is becoming more and more mature, and the formulation of anti-money laundering standards is imminent

In recent years, as the blockchain technology has become more mature, the risks brought by the blockchain have been paid more and more attention. At present.

Video: OKEx takes you to understand what is NFT?

OKEx CEO Jay Hao posted on Weibo on September 28 to discuss "how to view NFT" with users, which attracted more than 10 Weibo big Vs to interact and discuss.