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A list of DeFi project innovations in 2020: What new things have brought new value and opportunities?



Risk reminder: This content-zce is only for popular science learning and communication among encryption enthusiasts, and does not constitute investment opinions or suggestions. Please treat it rationally. In the past few months, in addition to the "star projects" like Polkadot and Uni that have attracted a lot of attention, you may find that most of the attention-grabbing projects are some "innovative" projects first launched on Uniswap. Some of these innovations are very subversive, and some are just some "small changes" to the current DeFi ecology, but they are eye-catching or overwhelming. The currency prices of these projects are often like a roller coaster, going up and down, some people get rich, and some go to zero. But in any case, under the premise of the main theme of DeFi in the currency circle this year, you should have an understanding of these innovations. These projects are also important for people to think that blockchain, especially DeFi, is "fun". Liquidity mining: Compound, Balancer, YAM Liquidity mining is the hottest concept in the DeFi circle this year, and even the entire blockchain in 2020. None of them. The "initiator" should be the two projects Compound and Balancer. If you continue to trace back, Fcoin may be the earliest initiator of this concept. However, to carry forward this concept, or to say that everyone can blurt out a representative of the liquidity mining class, YAM may be everyone's first choice. Just as Fcoin became popular back then, followed by dozens of "trading is mining" trading platforms, after YAM (sweet potato), various crops and recipes, radish (CRT), pasta (PASTA), Salmon (SAL), sushi (SUSHI), kimchi (KIMCHI), pork chops (CHOP), dumplings (jiaozi)... It can be said that a very important indicator for judging whether a project or concept is innovative is - in Did a bunch of imitation disks appear after it? Report: The global cryptocurrency ATM market value is expected to grow by $2.37 billion during 2022-2026: According to a report from Research And on June 13, the global cryptocurrency ATM market value is expected to grow during 2022-2026 2.37 billion U.S. dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 53.09% during the forecast period. Drivers for the growth of this market include rising number of ATM installations, rising demand for transaction-specific cryptocurrency hardware, and rising number of mergers and acquisitions. The study believes that rising investments in the cryptocurrency ATM market is another major reason driving the growth of the market in the coming years. (Business Wire) [2022/6/13 4:23:11] With the recent decline of DeFi, liquidity mining has lost its previous glory. Variations and new ways to play. It is foreseeable that liquidity mining will not die, and it will still be the token distribution method for many projects. Fair start and aggregator (machine gun pool): YFI, uncle series Strictly speaking, YFI can also be placed in the liquidity mining just now, because before YAM, it was YFI that used liquidity mining to create 1,2 Pool fairness kicks off this concept. Specifically, it is a pool of non-local currency collateral (usually ETH or stable currency) mining, low risk and low return. 2 pools of local currency liquidity mortgage (local currency + ETH's Uni market-making liquidity proof) mining, high risk and high return. No pre-mining, no VC, no private placement, etc., so it is called a fair start. Before the vernacular, there was an article that specifically talked about YFI and the concept of 1, 2 pools created by it. Interested readers can go back to "YFI 10,000 times in 43 days: How much do you understand, how much can you earn? Is it now overvalued or undervalued? ". The Block released a forecast for 2022: the growth of the L2 ecosystem will be faster than that of the L1: On January 5th, The Block released a forecast for 2022: the L2 ecosystem will experience a higher growth rate than the L1; ZK-rollups (ZKRs ) will have more adoption than Optimistic rollups (ORU), with StarkNet leading the way; mining experts predict that there will be more than 30 publicly listed bitcoin mining companies by the end of 2022; structural market experts predict, 2022 may witness the approval of a futures-based ETH ETF, but not a spot-based BTC or ETH ETF. Additionally, some analysts believe that the merger of Ethereum 2.0 will happen by the end of 2022. It is reported that in 2021, The Block Research team has grown to 32 analysts, an increase of 300% over the previous year. [2022/1/5 8:26:26] Another concept created by YFI is Vault—commonly known as the machine gun pool in Chinese. Users deposit assets such as ETH or stable coins. The machine gun pool uses liquidity mining or Strategies such as borrowing and lending (mainly CRV mining at the earliest) automatically find the place with the highest return on funds for customers. After YFI, how many imitations of the Uncle series were born, we can know how successful YFI is in concept innovation. After its own currency price surpassed Bitcoin, it also surprised countless people. However, under the recent general decline in DeFi, the income of various uncles as aggregators has also plummeted, and they are no longer as brave as they used to be. Some people even say that YFI has entered a "middle-aged crisis", but anyway, aggregators as DeFi Revenue management must occupy a stable link in the ecological chain. Liquidity relocation: ushiswap Huobi Technology won the "Outstanding Brand Award of Listed Companies in 2020": On March 27, the "China Institutional Investor Annual Meeting and the 14th Golden Cicada Award Ceremony" hosted by China Times was held in Beijing . Huobi Technology (01611.HK) won the "2020 Outstanding Brand Award for Listed Companies" issued by China Times. In addition to providing OEM production of power supplies and electronic components and electronic manufacturing services, Huobi Technology is also committed to developing technical solutions based on blockchain technology. At the same time, Huobi Technology has also applied for a number of virtual asset and financial related licenses in major global markets to incubate and expand emerging businesses. At present, the company and its subsidiaries have successfully applied for Type 4 (advising on securities) and Type 9 (asset management) licenses issued by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, and have been approved to invest in and manage 100% virtual asset portfolios ; Hong Kong trust or company service business license; and Nevada trust company license. Since the beginning of this year, the stock price of Huobi Technology has been strong. As of March 27, Huobi Technology has a cumulative increase of 208.56%, with a total market value of 5.869 billion Hong Kong dollars. [2021/3/27 19:22:47]Sushiswap has created a very interesting concept-liquidity relocation, to put it bluntly, is to steal your liquidity. Uniswap was running well on its own. Although it did not issue coins, it has always been the leader in DEX. Balancer issued coins, but it is still not the opponent, and it is overwhelmed by Uniswap. At this time, Sushiswap was born, very simple and rude, I am Fork you, but I have coins! As a result, a large wave of funds went to mine, and then Sushiswap came to an even more extreme situation, moving the liquidity for mining from Uniswap. This caused Sushiswap's TVL (asset lock-up volume) to exceed Uniswap at one point, and it sat on the dragon chair for two days as the leader of DEX. RippleNet network transaction volume up 85% in Q1 2020: Ripple's Q1 momentum is strong, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse revealed in a recent virtual all-hands meeting. From the fourth quarter of 2019 to the first quarter of 2020, the RippleNet network transaction volume increased by 85%. XRP remittance platform ODL transaction volume has increased by 190% over the same period. (U.Today) [2020/6/11] Of course, the boss is still the boss, and it is impossible to be easily defeated by a Fork. Sushi's throne was taken back by Uni within two days. But in any case, this wave of liquidity "plundering" by Sushi can be regarded as a precedent in the circle. After Sushi, a large wave of Swap appeared in the circle. Many of them imitated Sushi, not only moving Uniswap's liquidity, but also using Sushi's LP mines and moves the liquidity of Sushi. It is very interesting to watch a lot of liquidity move around. The only thing that remains unchanged is still the status of Uniswap boss. Make the stablecoin more stable: When Pickle (pickle) Curve first came out, many people were-I am going, is it so retro, it is too ugly. However, people rely on that simple page to become the leader of stablecoin exchange, with low slippage and good depth, killing all CEX in seconds. Then Pickle, the sour cucumber, wants to adjust the depth of the stablecoin pool on Uniswap through liquidity mining and give token rewards to make the stablecoin more stable. The principle is very simple. By going to Uniswap to provide liquidity for DAI-ETH, USDC-ETH, USDT-ETH, sUSD-ETH, etc., you can get rewards of PICKLE tokens. Pickle also thoughtfully provided a one-click migration tool from Sushiswap to Uniswap. Dynamic | Report: The global regulatory technology market value may reach 412.3 billion US dollars by 2023: According to the report of consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, the global regtech (regulatory technology) market value may reach 6.45 billion US dollars by 2020, while another report shows that by 2023 , the global regtech market value may reach 412.3 billion US dollars. Also, according to data provided by Tracxn, India’s investment in regtech so far has increased more than fivefold in 2019 to $43.5 million, compared to $7.26 million in 2018. (YourStory) [2019/11/14] Pickle itself also endows tokens with value, and made a canned cucumber Pjar, which is similar to an aggregator like YFI. At the same time, the governance plan introduces a quadratic voting model to get V god liked "Nice", and then the currency price soared seven or eight times on the same day... Strictly speaking, Pickle can only be a micro-innovative project, but it is also better than other simple forks and copies Pasting is too good, and I still look forward to more similar micro-innovation projects appearing in the circle. If you want to get rich, get rich together, if you want to die, die together: CoreCore is a very scary project - you add liquidity, you can't withdraw! Many investors who were the first to mine didn’t know about it. They rushed in to dig, sell and withdraw, and then wanted to withdraw. When they found that they couldn’t leave, they were frightened. Just such a token that I don’t know what to use at all, the unit price was once close to 10,000 US dollars, and now the DeFi market environment is plummeting, and the unit price is still nearly 4,000 US dollars. The innovation of Core lies in the token economy. Originally, liquidity mining was miners digging and selling. Liquidity can be withdrawn at any time. When withdrawing, generally speaking, there will be another wave. Core directly uses the contract to lock the miners' mining funds and prevent you from leaving. Want to pay back? It can only be done by digging out more and more cores, and the price is getting higher and higher. The typical "if you want to get rich, get rich together, if you want to die together, die together". And more importantly, because the liquidity funds are locked, Core has a reserve price. Regarding this, Mr. Jia of Niu Capital must have commented on Weibo, and he directly quoted it here. NFT: YFI Insurance, MEME, Aavegotchi The first NFT craze this year is neither MANA nor Enj, but YFI. As we all know, NXM’s insurance requires KYC, which also keeps many investors out of the door. Although there is WNXM later, due to the limited amount, the supply is still in short supply. So Andre genius designed the deployment of insurance contracts covering Balancer, Compound, Curve, Synthetix and, and tokenized the insurance policy in the form of NFT (based on ERC721). The insurer is Nexus Mutual, so KYC/AML is not required, and your policy can be transferred, sold, etc. Meme is a joke version of the work after the flood of liquid mining of vegetables and fruits. As a result, it was made into the style of Dogecoin by the powerful community. Nearly $2000. MEME has passed the joke stage now, and its own token has become a "hoe" for mining NFT, and the value of the token still depends on the value of the NFT dug out, such as establishing a partnership with a well-known artist; various rare NFT; virtual land or game assets, etc., in short, it can be regarded as an innovative project in the NFT world. Aavegotchi is a representative project of Gamfi in the future DeFi direction emphasized by YFI boss Andre. It is equivalent to the fusion of DeFi+NFT+game+DAO. Each Aavegotchi Token is ERC721, which manages a custody contract address behind it, which is supported by Aave The ERC20 collateral is used as the basic value, and then its scarcity and "extra value" are determined according to the number of mortgage assets, different characteristics in the game and corresponding game equipment, much like the combination of CryptoKitties and DeFi. DAO-based development arsenal: Buidl and Build are both incubator series, except for a non-anonymous team and an anonymous team. They are all in the style of DAO, and they are all designed with mother currency + sub-coin. The mother currency can get sub-coin airdrops, participate in sub-coin project governance, obtain sub-coin revenue sharing, participate in sub-coin liquidity mining, etc. In short, every sub-project In addition to having their own tokens, they will also feed back the mother currency. Buidl has the eldest son ARTE (an NFT project), and the second son Unifi (a stable currency and liquidity pooling project based on Uniswap). Build is developing Metric (a community version 1Inch), an OTC Market, and a Core imitation disk project.


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A list of DeFi project innovations in 2020: What new things have brought new value and opportunities?

Risk reminder: This content-zce is only for popular science learning and communication among encryption enthusiasts.

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