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Beijing vigorously promotes "government services + blockchain" to help build a world-class business environment with better quality and efficient services



Since the beginning of this year, Beijing has continuously innovated administrative management and service methods, vigorously promoted the application of blockchain technology in the field of government services, and improved the level of government data sharing and cross-departmental business collaboration efficiency through blockchain technology, and focused on real estate registration and cross-border trade. In high-frequency fields such as financing for enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, a number of blockchain application scenarios have been implemented, and the intelligent and convenient approval service has been promoted, and the time, links and materials for handling affairs have been greatly simplified, and affairs can be handled by "swiping face" to promote business operations. The environment is continuously optimized.

1. Consolidate basic applications and build a collaborative and shared government service ecosystem on the "chain"

Use blockchain technology to break through long-standing data sharing and business collaboration pain points in the field of government services, realize the authenticity and credibility of shared data, real-time circulation, clear confirmation of rights, and traceable traces, promote cross-departmental business collaboration, and continuously improve administrative effectiveness.

(1) Promote the "chain" of government affairs data, and strive to break the "information island". In view of the past problems of low quality of government data sharing, unclear ownership definition, data providers "unwilling to hand over", and data users "dare not to use", the blockchain technology is used to innovate the data sharing working mechanism, without changing the original Under the premise of data management responsibilities, the databases of all parties become nodes on the blockchain, and multiple nodes are updated synchronously through consensus algorithms. The multi-center layout enables all parties to "self-operate and manage" and "share without Distributed bookkeeping ensures that the data rights of each node are clear, safe and free of responsibility, greatly improves the level of data sharing, and has achieved remarkable results in promoting cross-regional, cross-level government data and data sharing of different subjects such as governments, banks, and enterprises . Up to now, about 60,000 items of government affairs data and more than 600 items of bank and enterprise data have been shared on the "chain" of government departments at all levels in the city, basically meeting the needs of the business masses.

Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission: The North District of Zhongguancun Science City will build an advanced blockchain computing power platform: According to news on July 26, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission revealed that it will accelerate the promotion of three 100 key projects in the first half of this year, and accelerate the construction of new ecological construction projects for the digital economy. The construction of the world's leading blockchain advanced computing power platform will be launched in the North District of Zhongguancun Science City to effectively support the operation of the Chang'an Chain Collaboration Network. (People's Daily Online) [2021/7/26 1:16:39]

(2) Establish an inter-departmental consensus mechanism to enhance cross-departmental business collaboration capabilities. All departments form an alliance chain through the block chain to realize real-time synchronization and complete consistency of business data and operation records, which are recognized and accepted by all nodes in the entire network. At the same time, relevant business agreements are converted into executable codes and deployed on the blockchain. Each department intelligently fulfills business contracts according to pre-set business rules, and promotes rapid and automatic approval of approval service items across departments. At present, more than 30 government departments in the city, and nearly 20 units such as banks, airports, electric power, and public transport have been included in the alliance chain, and more than 100 businesses have achieved efficient cross-departmental coordination.

The median salary of blockchain engineering and technical personnel in Beijing exceeds 40,000: A few days ago, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau released the "2021 Beijing Human Resources Market Salary Survey Report (First Quarter)". In the first quarter report, the median monthly salary of nearly 80% of the positions exceeds 20,000 yuan/month, and the median salary of the highest blockchain engineering and technical personnel is as high as 43,360 yuan/month. (Beijing Evening News) [2021/4/28 21:05:14]

(3) Build a credible system and promote the widespread application of electronic certificates. Focusing on problems such as the large number of paper materials that enterprises need to carry to the government and the difficulty in the application of electronic certificates, build a Beijing electronic certificate database, "chain" the key feature values of various certificates, and use technical features such as block chains that cannot be tampered with. Ensure that the data on the "chain" is authentic and credible, achieve one-party authorization and self-certification, multi-party verification and certification, and realize "face recognition" services. After the real-name authentication and authorization of the person in charge, more than 40 types of electronic certificates, such as ID cards, household registration books, marriage certificates, business licenses, etc., can be used on the "Beijing Tong" mobile client and WeChat, Alipay, Baidu and other small programs, through the "chain" Verification and comparison, more than 800 items, such as doctor's practice registration and motor vehicle driver's license renewal, can be handled without carrying relevant licenses. At the same time, the information in each link such as authorization, confirmation, signature, photo taking, and approval is "chained" throughout the process to fully protect personal privacy and effectively avoid the abuse of electronic certificates.

Cai Qi, Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee: Efforts to build a highland of global blockchain technology innovation and industrial development: News on January 16, on the afternoon of January 15, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group Study (Expansion) will hold a lecture on building a new development pattern. Cai Qi, secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, pointed out that it is necessary to fully understand the strategic significance of developing blockchain technology, seize the opportunities for blockchain technology development, promote blockchain technology and industrial innovation and development in an orderly manner, and integrate development with the economy and society, and seize the commanding heights of future development. Gain the strategic initiative. It is necessary to take blockchain technology as the first breakthrough to build an international science and technology innovation center and promote independent innovation of key core technologies, implement the blockchain innovation and development action plan, and strive to build a global blockchain technology innovation and industrial development highland. (Financial Associated Press) [2021/1/16 16:19:08]

2. Actively expand the application scenarios of blockchain to promote the quality and efficiency of government services

Accelerate the construction of blockchain application scenarios, focus on high-frequency business matters for the masses of enterprises, and innovate and launch a number of useful and effective specific business applications, so as to "accelerate" the "chain" of government services and continuously improve the service experience of the masses of enterprises.

Voice | Zhang Lingyun, member of the Beijing CPPCC: Use blockchain technology to solve problems such as the difficulty of safeguarding rights in the cultural industry: At the third meeting of the 13th Beijing CPPCC Committee, Zhang Lingyun, a member of the Beijing CPPCC, brought this time Two proposals. How to use blockchain technology to promote the development of Beijing's cultural industry has become one of the key topics that Zhang Lingyun focused on this time. Zhang Lingyun proposed that blockchain technology can be used to solve the problems of difficult rights protection and high cost of evidence collection in the cultural industry. Specifically, Zhang Lingyun made three suggestions. First, deeply integrate blockchain technology into the Internet cultural industry; second, use blockchain technology to realize the decentralization of cultural industry transactions, and construct a safe and efficient copyright circulation system for excellent content; third, use blockchain Chain technology realizes a one-stop cultural industry intellectual property protection system for cultural industry content-zce from confirmation and monitoring to evidence collection, evidence storage, and online dispute resolution. (Securities Daily) [2020/1/14]

(1) Efficient confirmation of rights and certificates, and optimization of real estate registration services. Build a blockchain platform for real estate registration, and use blockchain asymmetric encryption and other technical features to realize information interaction "can be checked but not stored, usable but not visible", enabling the platform to quickly lock data ownership and improve business processing efficiency. The platform "links" the information of 11 departments such as planning, housing construction, public security, market supervision, civil affairs, and taxation, and realizes the sharing of data recorded in the real estate register and planning acceptance results, completion acceptance filing, and house purchase qualification verification. Directly handle and receive the electronic real estate registration certificate online, and form an electronic evidence chain for retention. At present, the platform has completed 140,000 real estate registration services, and 7 real estate registration services such as "inter-enterprise stock non-residential transaction" and "mortgage registration approval" have realized "no face-to-face in the whole process".

Voice | President of Beijing Internet Court: The court has accepted 15,520 cases, and hopes that more blockchain companies can connect with the court: According to the Beijing News, on April 26, at the 2019 China Internet Copyright Protection and Development Conference, Zhang Wen, president of the Beijing Internet Court, said that as of April 25, the Beijing Internet Court had accepted 15,520 cases of various types, of which more than 10,000 were related to Internet security, accounting for 67%. The court held more than 2,000 online court sessions, but only 43 offline court sessions. It is reported that the Beijing Internet Court has established an electronic evidence platform, Tianping Chain, and an open blockchain platform with the court as the central node to solve the problems of electronic evidence storage and certification in online copyrights, achieving a settlement rate of 98%. Zhang Wen said that the platform has connected 17 nodes and hopes that more blockchain companies can connect with courts. [2019/4/26]

(2) Trace the origin of the whole process to help further improve the level of customs clearance facilitation. The business, customs, and taxation information of Beijing and Tianjin, as well as the ship information of Tianjin Port, Tangshan Port and other ports, dock loading and unloading, yard pick-up, customs declaration and other data are "chained" and shared among multiple nodes in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Utilize technical features such as transparent traces of the blockchain to ensure traceability, traceability, and credible circulation of multiple nodes and links, and realize all-weather dynamic query of corporate information in Hong Kong, full-process traceability of single-ticket goods, and all-round supervision of customs clearance declarations , At present, 48,000 customs declaration information, 52,000 manifest information, and 41,000 ship voyages have been uploaded to the blockchain, greatly improving the efficiency of import and export customs clearance. The Beijing Airport International Logistics blockchain service platform realizes "one-chain inclusion" of 13 items of data in 11 business links such as aircraft, manifest, customs declaration, inspection, checkpoint release, etc., and the status information of each node of logistics customs clearance is "clear at a glance", effectively shortening customs clearance time , reduce business costs.

(3) Multi-party credible certificates to help solve the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises. Establish a trusted alliance chain integrating regulatory authorities, financial institutions, and data platforms to provide enterprises with multi-party coordination, information mutual recognition, and unified certification financing services. For example, build an enterprise electronic identity authentication information system, deploy 7 blockchain nodes including regulatory agencies, banks, and small and micro enterprise financial service platforms, and store data such as enterprise registration, equity pledge, equity freezing, tax arrears announcements, and taxpayer credit On the "chain", the whole process of bank account opening, credit application, contract confirmation, credit approval, and loan management will be opened up, providing support for enterprises to apply for credit and bank risk control management. At the same time, build a creditor's rights and debts confirmation platform in the supply chain, store key information such as the amount of accounts receivable from financial budget units, state-owned enterprises to small and medium-sized enterprises, time of payment, contract information, etc. It can be completed, and Party A can obtain the confirmation of rights within 5 days, and the financing convenience is greatly improved.

3. Improve the working mechanism and continuously promote the application of blockchain in depth

Establish and improve the "government service + blockchain" work promotion mechanism, give full play to the intellectual advantages of all aspects to carry out joint research, insist on piloting first, then copy, and then promote, strengthen the protection of the rule of law, and promote the continuous deepening and solid application of blockchain.

(1) Strengthen overall planning and promote the application of "government services + blockchain" as a whole. Give full play to the intellectual advantages of the Beijing National Science and Technology Innovation Center, create a blockchain comprehensive development industrial ecology integrating government, production, learning, research, and use, form an integrated team, and work in application scenario design, technical solution evaluation, project organization and implementation, etc. Links work together to promote blockchain applications. Formulate the "Government Blockchain Platform Technical Specifications", build a city-wide government blockchain service platform, and ensure the safe and controllable application of blockchain technology.

(2) Pilot projects first, and promote the implementation of blockchain applications from point to point. Combined with the innovative and breakthrough characteristics of blockchain technology, we will insist on trial and use, continuous optimization, demonstration and promotion to ensure the smooth implementation of new technologies. Explore the agile development path of "small steps and quick runs", and pilot blockchain applications in some district-level government affairs halls in stages and steps. Through continuous trial and error and summarizing experience in a timely manner, we have selected more mature and well-received good practices by enterprises. And promote it at the city-wide level, forming a rapid iterative mode of "learning while doing, summarizing and improving", and continuously expanding the scope of blockchain applications.

(3) Guided by the rule of law to ensure that the application of blockchain is based on the law. The "Beijing Regulations on Optimizing the Business Environment" clearly stated that "the data sharing and business collaboration system based on the new generation of information technology such as blockchain" should be regarded as a basic system for optimizing the business environment in Beijing. The electronic data generated in the application of technology can be used as the basis and archiving materials for handling government service matters", which clarifies the legal effect of data on the "chain", making the services on the "chain" legal and compliant, and the application is worry-free.


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Beijing vigorously promotes "government services + blockchain" to help build a world-class business environment with better quality and efficient services

Since the beginning of this year, Beijing has continuously innovated administrative management and service methods, vigorously promoted the application of blockchain technology in the field of government services.

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