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Big news丨CVT officially landed on the MXC Matcha Exchange at 20:00 on September 28



Big news丨CVT officially listed on the MXC Matcha Exchange at 20:00 on September 28

To all CVT users:

In order to further promote the free flow of CVT value in the international market, we are pleased to announce that CVT will officially land on the MXC Matcha Exchange (hereinafter referred to as MXC) at 20:00 on September 28, 2020, and open the recharge function and open CVT/USDT trading pairs, the download address of MXC is

People familiar with the matter: Existing investors of Celsius are unlikely to provide more funds for its restructuring: According to news on June 17, existing investors of Celsius, an encrypted lending platform, are unlikely to provide more financing to rescue Celsius. Existing investors include CDPQ, a large Canadian pension fund, and New York-based WestCap Group. Those investors were willing to make concessions and let another company try to buy Celsius, or restructure the business, according to another person familiar with the matter.

As previously reported, on June 16, Celsius had hired Citigroup to provide a viable solution to the financial crisis. Citigroup is advising Celsius on potential financing and helping it evaluate offers from rivals such as Nexo, one of the people said. (Wall Street Journal) [2022/6/17 4:35:28]

As the world's leading digital asset service platform, MXC ranks 13th in the global exchange comprehensive list, and the trading pairs of encrypted digital assets on the line are among the top 10 global exchanges. This year, all well-known projects in the circle are listed on MXC trade. MXC was founded by senior quantitative trading teams from Wall Street, Japan and Europe in conjunction with senior blockchain practitioners through decentralized self-organization, aiming to provide users with more secure, convenient and intelligent blockchain asset circulation services. This means that CyberVein can cooperate with the MXC platform to expand the coverage of CVT in the global market, continuously improve the liquidity of CVT, and bring more trading benefits to users according to the market layout.

OCC Acting Auditor General: Supervision can promote stable currency innovation: On January 14th, OCC Acting Auditor General Hsu said on Thursday: Strengthening the supervision of the stable currency industry can make innovation more sustainable. Hsu’s call for bank-like regulation of stablecoin issuers echoes similar recommendations made by the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets (PWG) in a stablecoin report released in November. [2022/1/14 8:48:14]

In order to celebrate CVT’s landing in MXC, the project team also specially arranged a number of welfare activities. Users are welcome to come to MXC to participate and share huge CVT rewards together. Next, CVT will continue to seek stronger partners to promote market expansion and ecological construction, and lead everyone to reap great fruits.

EOS Foundation: EOS plans to support EVM in the first half of 2022: On November 3, at a community meeting held by the EOS Foundation, Yves La Rose, head of the EOS Foundation, said that EOS has plans to support EVM and has begun to raise resources for deployment , and the launch time is expected to be in the first half of 2022. [2021/11/4 21:22:56]

Scan the code to download and register MXC to start CVT trading

CyberVein China Operations Team

September 2020


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Big news丨CVT officially landed on the MXC Matcha Exchange at 20:00 on September 28

Big news丨CVT officially listed on the MXC Matcha Exchange at 20:00 on September 28 To all CVT users: In order to further promote the free flow of CVT value in the international market.

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