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Why can't Filecoin storage users pay miners directly?



The Filecoin network is a decentralized network, that is to say, there is no sovereign to supervise the entire system, and the system is completely maintained by consensus and algorithm operation;

Filecoin storage miners need to endorse themselves. The method of endorsement is to mortgage FIL to the network as a guarantee for their commitment. When they cannot fulfill their commitment, they agree to have the mortgage confiscated; V丨FILkefu

The mining of Filecoin miners is based on the successful provision of storage services. Therefore, mining and providing services are complementary;

The Filecoin network provides a transparent storage market in which miners and users can trade freely.

Lockheed Martin and Filecoin Foundation Explore Hosting Blockchain Nodes in Space: Defense contractor Lockheed Martin (LMT) and Filecoin Foundation may soon build an open-source zone in space, Jinse Finance reports blockchain network, the two organizations announced Monday during the World Economic Forum's annual meeting, hosted by the Filecoin Foundation.

Lockheed and Filecoin plan to identify a satellite or other space platform that could have the technology to run an Interplanetary File System (IPFS) node, determine the requirements for that platform and try to identify a test mission. The idea is to reduce delays when downloading data from remote locations like the moon, said Marta Belcher, policy director and general counsel at Protocol Labs. (Coindesk) [2022/5/24 3:36:49]

In the Filecoin market, miners are the main players. When miners want to provide storage services, they need to do the following:

Filecoin independent protocol Venus released venus v0.9.7-rc1, v0.9.7-rc2 candidate version will be released next week: According to the Filecoin community news, Venus community leader Joss said that venus v0.9.7-rc1 has been released and can be found on the calibration website Synchronize. The venus v0.9.7-rc2 release candidate will be released next week, complete all venus module upgrades, and support testing in calibnet and nerpanet.

Earlier news, Filecoin officially announced the progress of the project on Twitter, saying that Filecoin is committed to implementing four independent protocols to help protect the network. The four independent agreements are: Forest, Fuhon, Venus and Lotus. Venus, formerly known as go-filecoin, was developed by Protocol Labs and is now managed by IPFSForce. The goal is to achieve interoperability with Lotus as soon as possible. [2021/6/13 23:33:43]

1) The storage miner registers on the network (executes the command to create a miner on the Filecoin node), at this time, the role of the corresponding miner will be added to the Filecoin chain.

FilDA is about to launch the LAVAswap pledge mining pool: According to official news, LAVAswap will open a new FilDA pledge mining pool at 10:00 p.m. on March 19th, start a 14-day mining reward, pledge FilDA-USDT-LP, get FilDA-LAVA -LP rewards.

It is understood that FilDA is a HECO-based cross-chain lending DeFi project. FilDA will open the Genesis Mining Fair launch at 20:00 on the evening of January 5, 2021, and launch 17 kinds of asset lending functions such as HUSD and HBTC. Loan items. The peak of the total deposits and loans on the FilDA platform exceeded 1.2 billion US dollars, and the peak value of FilDA LP exceeded 30 million US dollars. [2021/3/19 18:59:18]

2) The storage miners promise to use the storage space and pledge it, which is Pledge Collateral.

3) Store the miner's pending order, declare the price of unit storage, and declare how long the price is valid for.

4) Afterwards, storage users can ask the network which miners are currently providing services.

5) After comparison, a miner is selected and a transaction request is made.

6) The storage miner receives the transaction application, replies and concludes the transaction.

Although there is only one order to complete the transaction, many details are involved. It generally includes the following aspects:

Query the blockchain to see if the miners involved in the instruction and their pending orders are valid; continue if valid, and return an error if invalid;

Connect to the node where the miner is located. If it cannot be connected, an error will be returned. If it can be connected, continue;

Wait for the miner to return to agree to the storage application;

Transfer the files that need to be stored to the miners;

Create a payment channel, and the customer pays to the payment channel (note, not directly to the miners); V丨FILkefu

After the miners receive the data, they start to seal;

The miner package is completed, and the verification data is preserved intact;

Within the interval required by the storage transaction, miners continue to prove that the storage is intact and get paid from the payment channel.

Why do Filecoin storage clients pay payment channels instead of miners? So, what is the payment channel?

The payment channel is a key role in this network, pay attention, it is a role. Of course, miners also play a role in the network. We can think of a payment channel as a person, in fact it is a smart contract, when a customer applies for a transaction, this smart contract is automatically established and then executed automatically.

In other words, the client's fee is paid to the smart contract, and the smart contract will only pay the miner if the miner can successfully prove that it continues to retain the data. All storage charges for miners do not come directly from users, but from payment channels.

Filecoin implements payment channels directly on the chain. Of course, one of the easiest ways is to create a payment channel for the storage of a file, that is to say, run a smart contract. This seems simple and easy to implement. However, when the size of the Filecoin network becomes larger, there will be too many payment channels on the blockchain. Repeated executions will result in a large transaction volume, which will reduce the transaction rate of the entire network. Congestion occurs. This is not new to the blockchain, and Filecoin seems inevitable.

Is there a better way? Of course, since the payment channel is implemented, why not implement off-chain transactions. Many small-amount transactions can be carried out off-chain, and can be uploaded to the chain after a certain amount is signed by both parties.

Another way, a user may trust a few specific miners, then their transactions will be many, the system can provide a way of merging payment channels to achieve a unified one-time transaction of multiple channels, which will greatly reduce the amount of transaction information and actual transaction volume.


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Why can't Filecoin storage users pay miners directly?

The Filecoin network is a decentralized network, that is to say, there is no sovereign to supervise the entire system.

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The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.