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The first Bund Conference opens on September 24th and will release disruptive breakthroughs in blockchain



The Bund Conference, which will be held in Shanghai a week later, will release a blockchain disruptive platform. The reporter learned the above information during a visit to a financial technology company in Shanghai today.

It is reported that this Bund conference gathers innovative applications in the field of financial technology, and will release breakthroughs in blockchain and financial technology. As the organizer, the soon-to-be-listed Ant Group may fully display the whole picture of Ant Technology at this technology event.

The first Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Shopping Festival hosted by Alibaba will release the NFT moon lottery draw: On September 20th, the first Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area Shopping Festival Mid-Autumn Festival Gala hosted by Alibaba launched a digital moon NFT draw. Users can open the Taobao App and search-zce for Taobao Tide WOO to participate in the event. The time to get the lucky draw code is from September 19th to September 21st. The time for the announcement and redemption of the lottery is from September 22nd to September 23rd. There are a total of 999 signatures in the event .

The official stated that at 21:00 on September 21, my country’s in-orbit remote sensing satellite Jilin-1 will take photos of the Mid-Autumn Festival from an altitude of 550,000 meters, and generate NFT collections through the technical support provided by AntChain. [2021/9/20 23:38:53]

The "Bund Conference" is a global high-level financial technology conference directed by the Shanghai Municipal Government and hosted by Alipay and Ant Group. In the field of fintech, Shanghai has become a benchmark for global fintech development. Shanghai financial technology companies represented by Alipay have become the vane of global financial technology development, especially leading the world in technology fields such as blockchain.

Fang Hongjin will serve as the judge of Hot Chainers' first college student blockchain application design competition: According to the news from the organizing committee of Hot Chainers' first college student blockchain application design competition, Fang Hongjin, the former chief host of CCTV "Focus Interview" and co-chairman of Hong Kong Blockchain Association, will serve as the judge of the first college student blockchain application design competition. Judges for this competition. The organizing committee of the competition stated that the judges of this competition are all experts in the blockchain industry. Fang Hongjin has been in the blockchain industry for many years and has many years of work experience in universities. He has good guidance for college students in designing blockchain applications. help.

The organizing committee of the competition revealed that the collection of entries for the proposition competition is nearing completion, and six track instructors are recommending projects. It is expected that 20-24 projects will participate in the roadshow finals, and the time will be this week. For projects that were not recommended by the instructor to participate in the roadshow in the proposition competition, students are also advised to participate in the free competition again, and they still have a chance of winning.

The first Hot Chainers Blockchain Application Design Competition for College Students is guided by the Employment Guidance Center for College Graduates in Beijing and the Management Committee of Shahe Higher Education Park, Changping District, Beijing. Organized by the Union College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Work Alliance, Huobi Labs, Central University of Finance and Economics Science and Technology Park, and Shahe Higher Education Park Development Company. Jointly supported by Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing Normal University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Central University of Finance and Economics, China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), Foreign Affairs University, Beijing Information Technology University, Tsinghua University Student Blockchain Association and other units. [2021/5/18 22:15:24]

It is reported that the conference will release the latest trends in financial technology, and announce the latest developments in cutting-edge technology fields such as intelligent computing, shared intelligence, database, graph intelligence, trusted native, and intelligent risk control. The combination of artificial intelligence and financial management, graph computing and insurance, satellite remote sensing and credit, and various new breakthroughs in financial technology will also be displayed at the conference.

The 2018 World's First Blockchain + Textile and Apparel Industry Chain Summit Forum was grandly held: on May 13, it was jointly sponsored by the Guangdong Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce Zhongda Textile Industry Chamber of Commerce, China Elite Association, Guangdong Textile Association, and Guangdong Warp Knitting Association. , the 2018 world's first block chain + textile and garment industry summit forum hosted by Guohe Textile Chain Traceability Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Chimelong International Convention and Exhibition Center. A number of well-known figures in the textile and apparel industry and blockchain experts discussed the development prospects of the textile chain based on the development of the blockchain and the textile industry. [2018/5/14]

As the hottest technology at the moment, blockchain technology will also show its style at the Bund Conference. According to reports, after the upgrade, AntChain will release a disruptive breakthrough in the blockchain field.

Ant Group has been investing in blockchain research and development for a long time since 2015, and has always believed that "blockchain should be used to solve social problems." Currently, the patent applications and authorized patents rank first in the world, and the self-developed cross-chain technology is recognized as an international standard. AntChain has more than 50 application scenarios. China’s largest port group China Merchants Port, the world’s largest integrated shipping company China COSCO Shipping, and global chip giant Intel have all joined the AntChain ecosystem.

In addition, more than 500 of the world's most influential fintech experts, top scholars, and industry leaders, such as Achim Steiner, UN Under-Secretary-General, UNDP Administrator, London, UK William Russell, Mayor of the Financial City, Michael Spencer, Nobel Laureate in Economics, Kevin Kelly, author of "Out of Control" and the first editor-in-chief of "Wired" magazine, Wang Jian, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhu Min, dean of the National Institute of Financial Research of Tsinghua University, etc. Both will also participate in the Bund Conference to discuss technological viewpoints.

Jinse Finance will follow up the conference and bring you real-time blockchain reports.


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