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Golden Outpost|Ethereum will launch a 3-day Spadina testnet



Jinse Finance reported that according to the official blog of the Ethereum Foundation, the new Ethereum testnet Spadina launchpad has been activated.

Spadina, a quick walkthrough eth2 testnet, will launch on September 29th, but only for 3 days. Spadina is available if users are interested in testing deposits and founding stamps one last time before mainnet launch, the announcement said.

Golden Morning News | A list of important news at night: 1. Bank of China used the blockchain bond issuance system for the first time to issue 20 billion two-year special financial bonds for small and micro loans;

2. PLA Daily: Blockchain can effectively promote continuous innovation in training management;

3. Internet judicial white paper: mobile Internet, big data, and blockchain have all "blessed" the court;

4. Securities Daily: Many places have made efforts to promote blockchain technology innovation, and the industrial layout has its own focus;

5. Director of the Office of Judicial Reform of the Supreme People's Court: Internet courts will actively study and deal with the opportunities and challenges brought by blockchain and other technologies to the judiciary;

6. Governor of the Bank of France: The Bank of France will soon start testing digital currencies;

7. A government data center in a province of Argentina was attacked by ransomware, and the hackers demanded payment in Bitcoin;

8. The Swiss Encryption Valley Association released a paper on asset tokenization;

9. Foreign media: Kazakhstan will not tax encryption mining;

10. European Central Bank document: If the cash usage rate declines further, the European Central Bank's digital currency may be accelerated. [2019/12/5]

The emergence of Spadina comes from EF realizing that both engineers and the community need to conduct a public testnet before the mainnet runs. But it also needs to avoid disrupting the momentum of the Medalla testnet. Therefore, a short-lived test was chosen, named Spadina.

Jinse Finance live report on Wu Nick, partner of Monson Fund: 3 types of blockchain games are most likely to become popular models: Jinse Finance live report, at the 2018 HTML5 Blockchain Game Conference in Beijing Asia Hotel on the afternoon of May 19th, Starling Nick Wu, founder of the Blockchain Geek Alliance and partner of Monson Fund, believes that sandbox, simulation construction and decryption games are the most likely to appear in block chain games. [2018/5/19]

Spadina is the mainnet configuration testnet and needs to go through one of the more difficult and risky parts of the process - deposits and genesis - before entering the mainnet. If all goes well, this will give ethereum more peace of mind before a real agreement is reached later this year.

Jinse Finance’s exclusive analysis Government financial support guides the development of the blockchain: At present, the blockchain is developing steadily with the support of local governments. Yesterday, Nanhai District of Foshan City invested another 400 million guidance funds to focus on supporting the blockchain industry; recently, Bairong Financial Services announced that it has completed the C round of financing of 1 billion yuan. The new fund leads the investment; the Shenzhen blockchain venture capital fund, which accounts for 40% of the Shenzhen government, has also been established. The government's financial support has brought a leading effect, attracting more investors and more high-quality projects. [2018/5/15]

Public information states that to participate in Spadina, try out key generation and management, and check if you can set up your favorite client from scratch again.

Note that Spadina has a lifespan of 3 days. Partner teams, block explorers and other critical infrastructure providers will not support Spadina for more than 3 days.

In addition to the Spadina news, the eth2 community is currently conducting an audit of everything including the specification, cryptographic libraries, clients, and command line tools.

Currently, Trail of Bits has completed a review of the eth2.0-deposit-cli tool, and there are many ongoing eth2 client software reviews.


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Golden Outpost|Ethereum will launch a 3-day Spadina testnet

Jinse Finance reported that according to the official blog of the Ethereum Foundation, the new Ethereum testnet Spadina launchpad has been activated.Spadina, a quick walkthrough eth2 testnet.

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