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Antchain Moss multi-party secure computing platform helps private banks improve risk control efficiency by 25%



The 2020 National Cyber Security Publicity Week will be carried out uniformly across the country. The reporter learned that the Moss multi-party secure computing platform launched by Ant Chain, a subsidiary of Ant Group, has been commercialized and has landed in more than 10 industries such as finance, telecommunications, and automobiles. Based on technologies such as multi-party secure computing, privacy protection, and blockchain, this platform can make data available and invisible, and solve data security and privacy protection problems in the process of data collaborative computing between enterprises.

For financial institutions such as banks, no matter how well the payment scenarios and business stories are told, failure to control the risk is equal to zero. Financial institutions often need to use multi-dimensional data to carry out accurate credit risk assessment, but the data of a single institution is insufficient, and third-party compliance data is difficult to obtain. At this time, multi-party secure computing comes in handy.

Youfang Technology, together with AntChain and Yingzhen Technology, released the Cat.1 blockchain module: Golden Finance Report, September 29, sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, Shenzhen Newspaper Group, Shenzhen Research Institute of Tsinghua University, China Logistics and Purchasing The Global Digital Economy Industry Conference Global Industrial Blockchain Summit (hereinafter referred to as the "Summit") jointly organized by the Federation and Ant Group was held in Shenzhen. With the theme of "Linking Trust with Technology and Linking Industry with Trust", the summit gathered more than 2,000 government and industry guests to comprehensively discuss and demonstrate the benefits of blockchain from the dimensions of technology, finance, industry, public services, ecology, and leasing. Development status and application prospects, as well as challenges.

At this summit, Neoway Technology signed a cooperation agreement with AntChain and Yingzhen Technology and jointly released the Cat.1 blockchain module supporting AntChain to provide AntChain MaaS (AntChain Module-as- a-Service) services, enabling business areas such as financial services, smart energy management, carbon asset development and carbon trading, and carbon neutral data credibility. [2021/9/29 17:15:42]

It is understood that Chongqing Fumin Bank has used the Moss security computing platform to achieve multi-party joint risk control with its partners. While ensuring data security, it has achieved a 25% improvement in model prediction efficiency, effectively reducing business risks and non-performing asset rates. At present, there are hundreds of partners like Chongqing Fumin Bank on the platform, which can support complex data security computing tasks in the actual production environment.

Tianneng Lithium Battery, a business unit of Tianneng Co., Ltd., signed a cooperation agreement with Ant Chain: According to news on August 19, Tianneng Lithium Battery, a business unit of Tianneng Co., Ltd., today signed a contract with Ant Chain, a subsidiary of Ant Group. The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of new energy. Including adding blockchain and other technologies to lithium batteries to achieve efficient management and improve the utilization rate of new energy batteries.

According to the agreement, AntChain will provide Tianneng with blockchain, IoT, intelligent risk control and other technologies to realize battery and business data on-chain, and jointly explore new energy battery and related equipment management, battery cascade utilization, and travel based on trusted data. Service, battery safety operation and recycling, etc., promote the upgrading of the new energy industry structure, and help carbon peak and carbon neutrality. [2021/8/19 22:24:19]

Huang Hui, a senior product expert on the Ant Chain Moss platform, told reporters: "Multi-party secure computing uses cryptographic algorithms to ensure that data is available and invisible, which is a good solution to the problems of data security computing and data privacy protection. In the entire link of data application, about data Credible collaboration issues such as authenticity, data use authorization, data transfer, data effects, and value consensus can be solved well in combination with blockchain.” She said that the combination of multi-party secure computing and blockchain will greatly promote For the development of data application compliance and security, Ant Moss has two major capabilities of privacy computing and trusted collaboration.

On-site | "Ganfutong" platform releases Antchain (Jiangxi) Research Institute and BSN Jiangxi main node unveiling: Jinse Finance live report, September 28, jointly organized by China Institute of Communications, Jiangxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and Nanchang Municipal People's Government The 2020 China International Blockchain Technology and Application Conference hosted by the company was held in Nanchang. At the meeting, the "Ganfutong" blockchain financial service platform was released; in addition, Li Qinghong, deputy director of the Jiangxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and Zou Liang, vice president of Ant Group's Intelligent Technology Business Group, unveiled the "Ant Chain (Jiangxi) Research Institute"; , Deputy Mayor Wang Wanzheng, and Jiangxi Mobile Party Committee Member, Director, and Deputy General Manager Xu Haigao unveiled the BSN Jiangxi master node of the blockchain service network. [2020/9/28]

According to reports, the AntChain Moss multi-party secure computing platform has more than 100 related patents, ranking first in the country, with performance exceeding the industry's algorithms by 3 to 100 times, and the global champion of the iDASH2019 privacy computing competition.

Nie Zhengjun, chief privacy officer of Alipay, once said that privacy protection is not a passive burden of the enterprise, but a core competitiveness, in order to better serve customers and for the enterprise to go further.

According to public data, as of May 15 this year, Alibaba (including Alipay) ranked first in the number of patent applications for emerging privacy technology inventions disclosed globally, with 419 patents, far higher than other companies, followed by Microsoft (229 ), Intel (120), Ping An (110), IBM (105).

As the society pays more and more attention to privacy and security, Huang Hui suggested that organizations should strictly implement data authorization and use, follow the principle of "minimum enough data, only use but not save", establish a data classification management mechanism, and use desensitization, de-identification, multi-party security Computing and other technologies to promote the compliance and safe use of data.


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Antchain Moss multi-party secure computing platform helps private banks improve risk control efficiency by 25%

The 2020 National Cyber Security Publicity Week will be carried out uniformly across the country. The reporter learned that the Moss multi-party secure computing platform launched by Ant Chain.

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