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Huobi users earn hundreds of thousands less when they go out, and HT holders start the money-picking mode



A Weibo KOL recently posted, "This month's HT mining income is really good, and the income of 1 account exceeds 12,000 oceans!   If you buy ham, you don't have to do anything, just sit and wait for Huobi to pay your salary every day. Just be a useless person." up!"

Not only this Weibo KOL, but also some HT community users said that Huobi’s mining activities have been very intensive recently, and it is necessary to keep an eye on Huobi’s mining activities and set an alarm clock. "I made an announcement within an hour and then went online, which made me phobic about going out. Can you bear it if you go out and earn hundreds of thousands less?"

The "Huobi Night" networking reception was successfully held, and the NFT charity auction raised more than 300,000 US dollars: On the evening of April 10, the "Huobi Night, Road to Rise" networking reception was held in Shanghai, and many front-line guests from the industry came to visit Discuss the development trend of the industry on the spot.

In the NFT charity auction of this reception, a total of eight NFT works specially designed by well-known artists for this charity auction were exhibited and auctioned on site. The works were created around Huobi elements through different forms of expression, highlighting the unique personality styles of each artist .

In the end, Justin Sun, founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent, Yi Lihua, founder of LD Capital, Kong Jianping, chairman of Haowei Technology, and Du Jun, co-founder of Huobi, successfully auctioned off their favorite works, and the auction raised a total of more than 300,000 charitable funds dollars. Among them, the JUST NFT Fund founded by Justin Sun bought 5 pieces of works in this NFT charity auction with a total price of 229,000 US dollars. Its bid of 88,000 US dollars won the artist TwistedVacancy's work "Huo-Beam!!" Highest transaction price. [2021/4/11 20:08:09]

It is reported that Huobi has recently launched intensive mining activities. As of September 21, Huobi Global has launched 9 phases of "DeFi Mining" and "Singapore Mining". Digital assets: 44.3 million HT, 1.38 billion HPT, 2 million HUSD, and 25 million ONT have been locked in total.

HashBridge, the first original oracle machine of the Huobi Ecological Chain, is about to be launched: the Huobi Ecological Chain is developing rapidly. At present, there are dozens of active-zce applications, and the number of users has increased dramatically. As an oracle machine linking the virtual world and the real world, it is particularly important. The security of the oracle machine has become the top priority, providing users and platforms with real and reliable data, so as to truly realize the decentralized encrypted world.

As a new generation of oracle machine, HashBridge has entered the Huobi Eco-Chain. It uses innovative community nodes and multi-institution node mechanisms to realize functions such as quotation, verification, and arbitration in a distributed manner. All participants are mutually balanced to ensure the security of the quotation system.

At the same time, HashBridge will invite many well-known institutions in the industry to serve as institutional nodes to ensure data security to the greatest extent. [2021/2/8 19:14:58]

"Accumulative rewards of more than 5 million USDT digital assets to locked users", most of which are rewarded to Huobi HT holders. It can be said that HT holders have started the money-picking mode. Seeing this number, It is not difficult to understand why users would call out that they are afraid of missing the event and missing the money "can't stand it".

The Huobi Perpetual Contract Masters Tournament ended today, and the champion won the Porsche with a total yield of 19467.16%. The user finally won the championship with a total rate of return of 19467.16%, which was far better than the second place of 5169.09%, and finally won the Porsche 718 sports car or the equivalent HT.

It is understood that there are more than 100,000 participants in the Huobi Perpetual Contract Masters Competition. The competition is fierce, and the top 20 players have gained a lot. In addition to the champion, the other four players in the top five total yields of this competition all have total yields between 2600% and 5200%, and each will receive 1,000 HT rewards; the total yields of the sixth to 20th players are all Above 1400%, each person can get 500HT reward. For more details on the final yield ranking, please check the announcement on the official website. [2020/8/24]

In fact, in September, Huobi took the lead in launching coin-earning activities such as "DeFi mining" and "new currency mining". A new round of industry popularization and evangelism by world enthusiasts.

Dynamic | 76800ETH flowed into Huobi Exchange: According to data from, at 11:12:46 on November 16, the transaction transferred 24800 ETH from the wallet address starting with 0xdf95de to the wallet address starting with 0x229b5c0 in block (6712758). The value is about $4.5384 million; at 11:21:23 on November 16, the transaction transferred 52,000 ETH from the wallet address starting with 0xd8a83b7 to the wallet address starting with 0x229b5c0 in block (6712798), worth about $9.516 million; the inflow address is Huo currency exchange. [2018/11/16]

Since ordinary users do not need DeFi professional knowledge, nor do they need complex operations on the chain and high on-chain fees, they only need to click on the Huobi Global Station WEB/APP to participate in the DeFi wave with zero cost participation and mining rewards 100% returns to users, so users who are unable to participate in liquidity mining still pay for Huobi’s series of mining products.

Once several phases of new currency mining activities were launched, most of them were sold out within tens of seconds. From the perspective of income, the annualized reward rate of the 9th "DeFi Mining" and "New Coin Mining" in the past three days is also very impressive, and the annualized reward rate of four of them exceeds 100%.

In fact, Huobi’s “new coin mining” is similar in form to last year’s Prime, both holding platform coins to get new coins. But the difference is that Prime cannot reduce its holdings of platform currency before the actual lottery, while "new currency mining" can be withdrawn midway; in addition, from the perspective of income, new currency mining is obviously not as high as Prime  yield, but The currency-based rate of return is positive.

To be precise, Huobi’s “New Coin Mining” combines this year’s DeFi craze in addition to the Prime launch, and expands the new application scenarios of platform coins, making HT a ticket for users to connect to the DeFi world.

Judging from the results, it is indeed positive for HT. Since the announcement of the mining plan on September 6, a total of 44.3 million HT has been locked, and HT has fluctuated and risen within two weeks, with a maximum increase of more than 20%. This also means that if the user participates in locking HT, in addition to the income from liquidity mining, he will also get additional income from HT growth.

Empowering HT has always been the purpose of Huobi. Let HT not only accelerate its deflationary property, but also further strengthen its interest-generating property.

Previously, the Odaily Planet Daily Research Institute released a research report entitled "Betting on the Core Assets of the New Decade of Encryption: Deflationary Interest-earning Assets HT". The report pointed out that a series of currencies represented by HT are already well equipped to become "core assets" in the new decade of the cryptocurrency world.

After calculation, in the next 5 years, HT is likely to achieve an annual deflation of 4% to 12% on the current basis. After 5 years, it is conservatively predicted that there may be only about 120 million HT left, which is 61% of the current level. At the same time, HT holders can obtain a very competitive interest rate growth, which is conservatively estimated to be as high as 18.5% per year. Therefore, it will become the new core asset worth betting on in the new decade of the cryptocurrency world.

According to the report, HT’s currency-based interest in 2020 may come from four aspects, namely, annual operating activities (20%~30%), HT lock-up mining (1.5%), and HT lending in the C2C sector (3%~4%). %) and Huobi public chain PoS rewards, it is optimistically estimated that HT’s annual currency standard interest rate may be around 30%. If the income expectation of operating activities is appropriately reduced, calculated by half, it is conservatively estimated that HT's annualized currency standard interest rate may be around 18.5%.  

If new currency mining and DeFi mining activities are also included, the annualized currency-based interest rate of HT may be more than 50% conservatively.  In this sense, HT's ecology has a high standard of value injection, which enables it to have the characteristics of generating interest in the case of high-speed deflation every year.


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Huobi users earn hundreds of thousands less when they go out, and HT holders start the money-picking mode

A Weibo KOL recently posted, "This month's HT mining income is really good, and the income of 1 account exceeds 12,000 oceans!   If you buy ham, you don't have to do anything.

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