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UNI mining real income + free loss calculation How to mine high APY?



The first phase of UNI mining has started, and the current TVL is about 710 million U.

Just as Mooniswap was able to dual mine BZRX and AKRO at the beginning, one LP can also be realized on UNI, and the procedure fee + double rewards of two types of B can be obtained.

NEO's upcoming Flamingo supports dual mining of FLM while mining UNI, and it is expected that more DeFi will support dual mining in the future.

Which one to dig? What is the benefit-to-risk ratio? Is impermanence loss high? This article will take you to calculate it in detail.

Table of Contents

1. Benefits and risks of UNI

(1) Mining UNI itself has two benefits

(2) How much is the loss without compensation

(3) Current APY

2. UNI Dual Mining FLM

(1) Flamingo launched by NEO

(2) How to mine Flamingo

(3) Flamingo double mining UNI

3. How to achieve the maximum APY?

(1) BSC mining for 4 days, get 600% APY

The founder of Uniswap replied that adding liquidity in V3 costs a lot of gas, which is only applicable to pool creation: Netizens said that adding liquidity in Uniswap V3 cost 0.2 ETH (40 Gwei). Uniswap founder Hayden Adams stated that this only applies to creating pools and asked if it was the first LP of the pool. [2021/5/6 21:29:26]

(2) Fight the cold but not the hot

(3) Recommendation

1. Benefits and risks of UNI

For Uniswap-like DEXs, including Curve, Balancer, Mooiswap, etc., their mining rewards consist of two parts: one is the procedure fee, and the other is the B reward.

Especially for the transaction volume of Uniswap that surpasses CEX, the procedure fee reward will not be much lower than the generation B reward.

For example, on July 29, the pure procedure fee APY of the two types of U on Uniswap ≈ 30%.

Moreover, Uniswap’s procedure fee rewards will directly go into your liquidity, which means that the liquidity you provide increases, which represents the increase in the LP value of your liquidity.

UNI fell below the $35 mark and rose by 0.03% within a day: according to data from Huobi Global, UNI fell short-term and fell below the $35 mark. It is now reported at $34.9917, with an intraday increase of 0.03%. The market fluctuates greatly, please do a good job in risk control . [2021/4/13 20:14:02]

For example, at that time, you saved 1 pancake + 30 wives and got 0.1 LP.

When you take it out, you can take out 1.01 big cakes + 30.3 wives, and your LP has appreciated in value at this time.

In addition, there is a little trick. If you don’t have much liquidity in your deposit, it may be more cost-effective to sell LP directly, which can easily and conveniently convert you into a B. Currently 1inch supports mainstream LP transactions on Uniswap.

Free loss, simply speaking, is that you are profited by the robot. It usually occurs when the pool is small, the slippage is high, there is no oracle or the oracle fails.

Now mining UNI, TVL has reached 710 million U. Although there is no oracle machine introduced, it is difficult for this kind of TVL to cause any so-called "free loss".

And the loss that the old iron is worried about should be called "compensation. loss. loss", which is the loss caused by the fall of the B price.

News | United Nations agency launches Bitcoin Ethereum encryption fund UNICEF: According to Forbes, Chris Fabian, founder of the UNICEF Innovation Office, Christina Lomazzo, blockchain founder, and her international team today announced the UNICEF encryption fund, which can Accept Bitcoin and Ethereum donations and invest directly in blockchain startups. In addition to investing in cryptocurrencies in early-stage open-source companies working with children, the fund also represents any U.N. agency, whether it raked in $6.7 billion in revenue last year or was able to accept bitcoin and ethereum for the first time. Crypto fund for donations. [2019/10/9]

According to the AMM constant product formula, A×B=constant value (constant value=the product of the two B quantities deposited at that time).

Deposit into Auntie/U,

If the aunt is down, it will automatically change your U to more aunts;

If the aunt rises, it will automatically change your aunt to more U.

In short, it is a bit similar to "grid quantification". If the price rises too much, you will sell part of it, and if it falls too much, you will lose part of it.

Therefore, according to the current transactions supported by UNI. Yes, the situation of aunt/stable B, big cake/aunt, the old iron does not need to consider "free loss", only needs to consider whether to hold the aunt for a long time, whether to accept the aunt Too sell fly or fall.

News | Unikeys launches fingerprint recognition cryptocurrency card: According to cryptobriefing, Unikeys has launched a biometric cryptocurrency card that allows users to verify each transaction using biometric data. Unikeys is partnering with MeReal Biometrics, a Hong Kong-based company that has licensed Sweden's fingerprint card technology. When the card is activated, the user's fingerprint is stored as a secure authentication key, making transactions impossible without biometric confirmation. This move will save investors from cryptocurrency scams. [2018/8/23]

like form

First, the transaction volume determines the APY of the renewal fee;

Second, the price of UNI determines the APY rewarded by Generation B;

Third, the addition of the two parts is converted into U, the final APY that can be received;

Fourth, the fee part of the procedure does not need to be collected manually;

Fifth, the UNI part must be claimed manually, pay attention to GAS, do not claim frequently.

Flamingo is a Defi cross-chain Defi aggregation launched by NEO, which has functions such as cross-chain, AMM DEX, stable B casting, and contracts. In other words, Flamingo is the basic Defi protocol of the NEO ecosystem.

News | Liechtenstein Bank Union Bank AG launches digital currency: According to Ambcrypto, Liechtenstein Bank Union Bank AG announced the launch of its own digital currency Union Bank Payment Coin, which is backed by the country's legal currency. The bank said its digital currency would be launched in concert with Liechtenstein’s regulator, the Financial Markets Authority. MH Dashmaltchi, chairman of the bank's board of directors, said the bank's digital currency business is licensed and regulated by local financial institutions. [2018/8/21]

First, the Flamingo front-end will be launched in the near future;

Second, similar to iost and btm mining, most of Flamingo’s mining needs to cross-chain and perform wallet operations, etc.;

As stated above, Flamingo mining supports Uniswap’s Dabing/Yitai-LP, and it happens that Dabing/auntie LP can mine UNI.

Specific principle:

Flamingo's smart pool - Flamincome, supports dual-chain mining.

That is to say, when pledging and betting on Flamincome, you can get two LPs, reward LP + original chain LP, and cross-chain LP can get Flamincome rewards and original chain LP rewards, which is true for dual-chain mining of auntie and NEO.

In simple terms,

When the old iron wants to dig UNI, use the LP of Dabing/auntie.

The first step is to do liquidity on Uniswap and get LP;

The second step is to take out the LP and put it in the Flamincome;

In the third step, Flamincome cross-chains LP to NEO to mine Flamingos;

In the fourth step, Flamincome puts LP on Uniswap to help you mine UNI.

Where the LP is, it means where the mining is happening. You store the LP in Flamincome, and Flamincome mines UNI, and then sends the UNI to you.

Let me give you an example first.

Xiong Xiong wrote in the previous article,

"Bakery&Cream&Fortube, how to jointly mine three BNB "top mines" my personal strategy"

Xiongxiong personally uses a joint mining strategy, that is, comprehensively uses CREAM loan. Loan, Bakery, etc. for combined mining.

Later, anyswap and bounce, which also support the new BSC mine, were added to the combined strategy.

Calculated in U, the total income is 60,000 U, 3,000 U for 4 days;

First, Cream repeatedly deposits and borrows dolls;

Second, when you see that Anyswap and Bounce are relatively unpopular, grab the "first mine";

Third, when BAKE's APY fell sharply, ANY and BOT held their respect.

The above example actually expresses two points:

First, profit. Profit is determined by competition. More people means less money;

Second, rationally use Defi tools such as Cream to reduce costs and increase profits.

Specifically for Uniswap, the benefits of mining UNI:

First, the project is high-quality. In the long run, UNI has the potential to rise and is not afraid of returning to zero;

Second, it is safe and has a large capacity, and is the first choice for large funds;

Third, it is stable. With 15% selling pressure yesterday, UNI returned to 3.3U again, which means that this APY may last for a while.

Disadvantages of mining UNI:

First, UNI represents the average profit of the current Defi mining, and it is also the profit of the market and even the growth of the industry;

Second, it is not a dark horse if it cannot obtain excess returns;

Third, in terms of specific operations, the GAS is high, and mining, withdrawing and selling may not be able to keep up with the GAS.


If the large capital and long-term stability are sought, UNI is possible, and the UNI dual-mining plan launched by other Defi in the later period is not ruled out;

If you have a small amount of capital, mining UNI is also good. Repeatedly rushing to the so-called ultra-high APY "top mine", if the strategy is not good, or the GAS is high, there may be a loss of GAS or even a problem of principal.

On a larger level,

We should have more choices. On the premise of fighting for the good and not for the bad, we should fight for the cold and not for the hot.

You know,

The TVL growth of Mooniswap & DoDo is much smaller than that of Uniswap;

Binance’s WING, choose ONT, APY is still about 300%;

COMP's fork: APY of Percent, Dego of Fireworks mode, and YFV of Sushisafe all exceeded 500%;

We pursue safety, and we don't despise soil mines. As long as the profit, benefit, risk, and risk ratio are suitable, you can go to the mine.

Xiong Xiong’s personal strategy, most of the funds will mine UNI, CRV and other safer mines, and the remaining part will blindly mine Mooniswap & DoDo, and finally rush up the APY mines.


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UNI mining real income + free loss calculation How to mine high APY?

The first phase of UNI mining has started, and the current TVL is about 710 million U.Just as Mooniswap was able to dual mine BZRX and AKRO at the beginning, one LP can also be realized on UNI.

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