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Gold trend丨Bitcoin lures more or is the trend reversing?



The previously suggested rebound target range of 10,800-11,000 US dollars is basically in place. As mentioned earlier, the current rebound can only be regarded as an oversold rebound after the previous waterfall. Whether the trend can be reversed needs to break through the head and shoulders formed in the previous period. The position of the top neckline is above 11,130 US dollars. Before it stabilizes, the rebound is mainly to lighten up positions. There is still a risk of a fall in the future. The current price rebounds up to 10,838 US dollars. This area is under pressure from the daily MA20 average line. It is also the weekly MA5 The superimposed suppressing area with the MA10 moving average, and the MA20 daily moving average is still in a downward posture, which will exert a downward pressure on the rebound of the currency price. This area belongs to the area where multiple pressures converge, and touched the 10-day moving average yesterday. The volume energy has not been significantly enlarged. At present, it is unlikely that the volume energy will directly break through the multiple suppressions above. After the price shocks and sorts out later, there is still a risk of falling back to the bottom, and there is still a CME gap in the 9700-9800 range below. It does not rule out the possibility of continuing to cover downwards after the recent rebound is completed, so it is still recommended to reduce positions on rallies in the near future. The short-term pressure is 10,800-10,850 US dollars, the strong pressure neckline is 11,130 US dollars, and the short-term support is 10,500 US dollars.

Golden Noon News | List of important developments at noon on December 10: 7:00-12:00 Keywords: South Korea, encrypted wallet supervision, 3iQ Ethereum Fund

1. The South Korean exchange conducts strict inspections of crypto-related stocks;

2. Busan, South Korea passed a policy proposal to establish a virtual asset financial center;

3. U.S. lawmakers asked the Secretary of the Treasury to reconsider the regulation of encrypted wallets;

4. The single-day outflow of Bitcoin miners reached 8966, a new high for the year;

5.3 The iQ Ethereum Fund will be listed on TSX tomorrow morning and has raised $75 million;

6. The connection problem of Coinbase and CoinbasePro has been fixed;

7. Mining companies listed in North America will purchase 10,000 S-19jPro ant mining machines;

8. Grayscale BTC Trust increased its holdings by 1,275 ETH Trust holdings decreased by 202. [2020/12/10 14:47:09]

Analysis| Golden disk: BTC shock adjustment is not over yet: Comprehensive analysis of golden disk: After tossing all night, the main bulls still did not choose to break through upwards. As I said yesterday, this is the most difficult way, so the behavior of the main force has not been recognized by the market. But we can see from the chart that the diving in the early morning still did not solve the problem of MACD deviation, so it is still very difficult to break through upwards. The best solution is to continue to step back at $6,400, otherwise it will be difficult to attract funds to enter the market. We maintain a relaxed state of mind, continue to wait and see, waiting for the trend to be clear! Market risk, the investment need to be cautious. [2018/9/16]

Change | Golden disk: CVC-USDT ups and downs: Golden disk analyst observation: CVC has changed today, with a maximum increase of more than 100%, and the trading volume has also increased. As of press time, it has risen by 24.5%. Price, short-term risk avoidance. [2018/8/2]


Blockchain fierce battle advanced related standard competition

The competition in the various tracks of the blockchain is fierce.

Golden Instructions | Video: Zero-Basic DeFi Pure Novice Liquidity Mining Teaching

DeFi liquidity mining has become very popular, attracting a large number of investors to participate. In order to facilitate investors to keep abreast of the relevant information and mining process of DeFi mining proj.

AntChain opens up the "three-piece set" of privacy and security, covering underlying hardware, smart contracts and collaborative networks

On September 18, AntChain announced at the Yunqi Conference that it will open up the "three-piece set" of privacy and security, which are data security computing hardware, 3D contract security services.

Gold trend丨Bitcoin lures more or is the trend reversing?

The previously suggested rebound target range of 10,800-11,000 US dollars is basically in place. As mentioned earlier.

Toutiao Youyao Issue 4 Huang Lianjin: The overall ecology of DeFi is still expanding

At 20:30 on September 17, 2020 in this issue of the newsletter, the fourth issue of the blockchain headlines special interview column "Toutiao Youying" invited Huang Lianjin.

The US SEC issued a letter of no action, an important step in the settlement of digital assets

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken an important step in simplifying the settlement of digital asset securities.

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In the current farming era in DeFi, whether it is digging sushi, cucumbers, pearls, etc., these all originated from digging sweet potatoes (YAM).