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Jiang Guofei, Vice President of Ant Group: The real value of the blockchain lies in linking industries (full speech attached)



On the afternoon of September 25th, the Bund Conference Blockchain Industry Summit opened in Shanghai. Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Group and president of the Intelligent Technology Business Group, shared the topic "Ant Chain Makes the Digital Economy Era No Trust Problem". He said that the real value of blockchain lies in linking industries. For example, AntChain supports multi-city expansion of urban rail transit, allowing one code to pass through thirteen cities, realizing automatic second-level settlement of subway cross-city transactions, and bringing convenience to the general public for cross-city travel. In addition, the Hangzhou Municipal Government will join hands with AntChain to launch the national blockchain electronic seal application platform. In the future, the electronic seals of Hangzhou enterprises will be desensitized and uploaded to the chain, so that the use of seals can be truly traceable and cannot be tampered with, and the risk of "carrot stamps" can be eliminated. In addition, Jiang Guofei released the Trusple platform at the Bund Conference, which is a new international trade and financial service platform based on AntChain technology. "The Trusple platform uses blockchain technology to restart a confidential project within us 19 years ago, which solves the problem of trust between buyers and sellers in international trade," Jiang Guofei said. The following is the full text of Jiang Guofei's speech, vice president of Ant Group and president of the Intelligent Technology Business Group. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! I am Jiang Guofei, in charge of the technology business of Ant Group. Today I welcome all guests to come to the Bund to participate in today’s blockchain industry summit. With the wide application of information technology, various industries are rapidly digitizing, and the development of the digital economy has been unprecedented. Pay attention to. Jiang Guofei, Vice President of Ant Group: Digital collections contain new content, new rights, and new experiences: Jinse Finance reported that on June 30, the China Digital Cultural and Creative Industry High-Quality Development Forum hosted by the China Cultural Industry Association was held. Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Group, pointed out that the integration of technology and culture is accelerating, and the cultural industry is ushering in new opportunities for development. Under the empowerment of blockchain, AI and other technologies, many new attempts and new expressions have been brought to consumers. The construction of metaverse has also brought a new interactive experience, further promoting the digitization of the cultural industry. Digital collections contain new content, new rights and interests, and new experiences. Technology empowers new content-zce and helps revitalize and inherit excellent traditional culture. In addition, through customizing physical silk scarves and physical commodities through collection patterns, expanding user rights and interests, combining virtual and real with new rights and interests, linking digital cultural creation and the real economy. The development of new formats will drive the ecological prosperity of the cultural industry and promote the innovation of scientific and technological capabilities. Ant Group uses technology to drive new experiences, takes the first step in the metaverse, and develops and launches such as 3D interactive experience, AI human-computer interactive experience, and AR interactive experience. The digital collection has just begun, and the integration of culture and technology is only the first step. The deep integration in the future is worth looking forward to, and will generate new development momentum. [2022/6/30 1:42:08] However, after digitalization, the collaboration links in many industries are still broken, and a large number of offline employee processes are still needed to solve the problem of multi-party collaboration trust, such as spending a lot of time on site for due diligence , verification, stamping, etc., so we say that the place with the longest process is often the place where trust is lacking. We need brand-new technologies to build the trust foundation of the digital world. 2021 China's Highly Relevant Blockchain Authorized Patent Rankings Released: Ant Group Ranks First: On September 27, the Intellectual Property Research Institute IPRdaily and incoPat Innovation Index Research Center jointly released "2021 China's Highly Relevant Blockchain Authorized Invention Patents" Ranking (TOP100)". The report shows that the number of effective blockchain invention patent authorizations in China has grown rapidly in the past two years, and the top three companies with the largest number are Ant Group (631), Tencent Technology (307) and Complex Beauty (86). . [2021/9/27 17:09:09] As a deep trust connection technology, the blockchain will "build roads" in the digital economic network, enabling better value connections between all walks of life. Therefore, we believe that the core value of the blockchain should not be limited to IT technology, and its real value lies in linking the industrial chain. After many years of thinking and business practice, AntChain has integrated technologies such as blockchain, AI and the Internet, and is committed to digital reconstruction and trust-production relationships in various industrial links. Let the digital economy era have no trust problem. Blockchain technology sounds very abstract and difficult to understand, and 10 people have different interpretations, so I would like to use a small example around me to share how AntChain promotes this trust economy and solves the trust problem of the digital economy. Today, many cities have their own APP traffic codes, which can be scanned with mobile phones to get on the subway and other public transportation services. But there is a problem. For example, I am from Hangzhou, and I don’t want to install another Shanghai metropolitan APP. How to use Hangzhou’s traffic code to scan Shanghai’s services. At present, all places have their own traffic code system. How to build multiple cities "One yard pass" is the core point of the transportation integration in the Yangtze River Delta. The Central Bank's Digital Currency Research Institute and Ant Group jointly promote the construction of a digital RMB technology platform: Today, the Digital Currency Research Institute of the People's Bank of China and Ant Group signed a technical strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will jointly promote the construction of a digital RMB technology platform based on Ant Group's independent research and development of distributed database OceanBase and mobile development platform mPaaS. Next, Ant Group will actively respond to and support the People's Bank of China's digital renminbi research and development and the construction of technology platforms, continue to consolidate in-depth exchanges and cooperation with the Central Bank's Digital Research Institute in the field of technology, and jointly promote the implementation of new technologies in digital upgrades. real economy. (36 krypton) [2021/4/25 20:56:20] AntChain has been participating in the integrated construction of the Yangtze River Delta since 2019, and has connected rail transit services in 13 cities. Among the guests here should be Many people from the Yangtze River Delta area can now use the traffic code of your city to take the Shanghai Metro, so you can go to the subway to try it after the meeting. The settlement of tickets between cities is also completed in real time with the "di" scanning code payment, realizing automatic second-level settlement. On the basis that each city guarantees the integrity of its own ticketing system, AntChain ensures that cross-city services and payment information establish digital trust and collaboration among urban rail transit companies, and promote the integrated construction of the Yangtze River Delta with technology. Let's look at the second example. A few days ago, a well-known company broke the incident of the radish seal, exposing the difficulties of retrospective and authenticity verification in the signing process of traditional contracts, which shows that the official seal itself is not equal to trust. Shanghai cooperates with Alibaba and Ant Group to increase research and development of new technologies such as blockchain: On October 9, the Shanghai Municipal Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Alibaba Group and Ant Group in Shanghai today. After the signing, Shanghai Municipality, Alibaba Group, and Ant Group will cooperate in the areas of online new economy, digital new infrastructure, financial technology, cross-border business, digital life, cloud exhibition, etc., and accelerate the construction of "three headquarters and three centers" , Increase research and development of new technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. (Financial Associated Press) [2020/10/9] Recently, the Hangzhou Municipal Government and AntChain have launched a blockchain electronic seal platform, which realizes that the seal can be desensitized and uploaded to the chain, ensuring that the whole process of the contract signing process can be traced And it cannot be tampered with. This system is connected to the following judicial certification agencies such as notary offices and laws, which ensures the legal validity of electronic contracts and eliminates the risk of radish seals. At the same time, AntChain is working with its partner E-Shubao to fully upgrade the electronic contract to a programmable blockchain. The terms of the contract can be automatically performed. We can upgrade the paper contract to an electronic contract, and the electronic contract can be upgraded again. Form a blockchain contract and comprehensively promote the arrival of the era of smart contracts. Our third example is related to the epidemic. According to official reports, the customs department has detected the new crown virus on the cold chain food packaging many times. In order to prevent the new crown virus from spreading during the cold chain transportation, the market supervision of Zhejiang The Bureau and Ant Chain jointly launched the "Zhejiang Cold Chain" platform to strengthen the traceability of cold chain food, especially food from areas with high incidence of epidemics. The platform and system can trace and accurately locate the same batch of food, and properly solve safety problems. Ant Group: Participating in the central bank’s digital renminbi research and development, it is still difficult to assess the impact on the company: Ant Group stated in the prospectus that the company is actively participating in digital renminbi research and development experiments. There is no timetable for when the digital renminbi will be officially launched, and it is difficult to evaluate the impact of this work on the company business, financial condition and results of operations. The digital renminbi is a digital form of the renminbi, which is positioned as a currency in circulation (M0) and is different from general electronic payment tools. [2020/8/25] The previous examples show that after years of hard work, AntChain is entering our daily life like mobile payment and building the foundation of trust in the digital world. In terms of cutting-edge technology, AntChain has ranked first in the world in the number of patent applications for four consecutive years, and the number of global patent authorizations in AntChain has also ranked first in the world. These core patents have laid the technical foundation of AntChain. Today we are also leading some international and some domestic standards. At the same time, around the value of customers, we have launched more than 50 industry solutions for business scenarios. AntChain's technical advantages and commercial application achievements have also been recognized by global authorities. Just in the past year, we have been recommended by Gartner, IDC, Forbes, MIT Reviews and other foreign institutions, and also won many awards such as the Chinese Society of Science and Technology and the Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award. Today, the daily chain volume of AntChain exceeds 100 million, and various assets are circulated on the AntChain platform, driving the collaboration of production relations between upstream and downstream parties in the industrial value chain. In fact, as early as at the Yunqi Conference in 2019, we once asserted that electricity consumption in the recent era is an indicator of economic prosperity, so in the Internet era, the number of online users is an indicator, and the number of online users will definitely become a measure of the prosperity of the digital economy Indicators, today AntChain is fully driving cutting-edge technology to become a technology industry. Behind all the numbers are AntChain's rich industry solutions and products. They have built the commercial foundation of AntChain today. What you see above is only some industry solutions, involving many fields such as finance, government affairs, and people's livelihood. In the past few years, AntChain has been working hard to build industry benchmarks in various business scenarios. By linking various industrial networks and accelerating the process of industrial chaining, it has made every effort to promote the process of capitalization after the wave of industrial digitalization. Looking at the world today, Ant has such a complete range of blockchain solutions, covering many industries, solving practical problems, and solidly promoting the democratization of the blockchain industry. Behind these industry applications is our technical confidence, and core technology breakthroughs are the basis for large-scale commercial applications of blockchain. Today, AntChain has a consensus network capability of 1 billion accounts*1 billion daily transaction volume, an industry-leading efficient smart contract engine, a comprehensive privacy protection mechanism based on hardware and passwords, and a cross-chain that supports high concurrency and multiple types of strong privacy Serve. Today's AntChain technology has been able to solve the performance problems of large-scale blockchain networks well, and began to focus on "users" to greatly improve user friendliness and ease of use. In July of this year, we officially released the hardware and software all-in-one machine of the blockchain, which greatly lowered the threshold for enterprises to enter the chain, and the one-click deployment of the all-in-one machine accelerated the process of the industry's on-chain process. Around the issues of contract security and data privacy, we provide automatic code protection tools based on academic proofs and obfuscation measures. Compared with other tools in the industry, the vulnerability coverage, detection accuracy and efficiency have been improved by up to 3 times. Based on the private computing operating environment of self-developed trusted hardware, we provide contract development tools that are easy to program and strong in privacy, which greatly reduces the threshold for designing and developing private computing solutions. At the same time, we launched a complete tool chain to implement a low-code contract development framework. The front end provides a small program blockchain plug-in, and the back end provides a low-code cloudide, making smart contract development easier and more convenient. With the development of the blockchain strategy this year, we are delighted to see that various industries are embracing the wave of digitalization. AntChain has recently signed strategic cooperation agreements with local governments and many well-known domestic and foreign companies to vigorously promote the blockchain network to become an The connection of industries and the hub of value transfer, AntChain is fortunate to be the builder of this value Internet together with many ecological partners. As mentioned earlier, the core value of blockchain lies in industrial connection, and Ant, as a practitioner in the industry, has always been the core development strategy of Antchain. We are very much looking forward to creating a new business ecology with our partners, serving the real industry and traditional industries together, solving practical problems, and sharing the dividends of value interconnection brought by the blockchain industry. Today we are very pleased to announce that together with our partners, we have launched Trusple, an international trade and service platform based on Antlink. Ant Group has been committed to using technology to build trust. 16 years ago, Alipay used secured transaction technology to solve the problem. Trust issues between buyers and sellers, thus promoting the strong development of e-commerce. 16 years later, aiming at the trust difficulties of buyers and sellers in cross-border trade, we have developed a distributed secured transaction technology with AntChain, which has realized the automatic performance of the entire link of cross-border trade, making the cross-border business of small and medium-sized enterprises easier Simpler and more convenient, thus activating the development of the digital economy. The original intention of Alipay's secured transaction is the same as that of Alipay, and Trusple is also to solve the trust problem of transactions. The difference is that today's blockchain transactions are very complex. Trust is not only two points A and B, but also the relationship between ABCDE. Trusple better meets the needs of international trade trust. In traditional cross-border trade, limited by the complex trade circulation and long delivery cycle, the conflicts between buyers and sellers such as "worries about payment security", "loan failure to arrive in time" and "unable to guarantee suppliers to deliver goods on time" Trust issues are at the heart of the hurdles holding back cross-border transactions. In response to these problems, we used AntChain to build the Trusple platform to realize the digitization of the entire trade link and promote the development of cross-border trade by improving the transaction certainty between buyers and sellers. The Ttrusple platform links buyers and sellers, buyers' banks, sellers' banks and the core ecological roles in the international trade link, real transactions and circulation data on the circulation chain, and provides payment methods for AP smart payment and BPU payment commitment. When an on-chain trade order is generated between a buyer and a seller, the bank will implement smart contract fulfillment services based on the payment terms agreed in the order. At the same time, because the order transaction and circulation information are all on the chain, financial institutions can ensure the authenticity of trade and provide financing services on the chain. Trust makes trade easier. In the future, we believe that cross-border trade will become more inclusive, and more and more small and medium-sized enterprises will participate in the globalization process. We also welcome domestic and foreign partners to join the Trusple ecosystem and jointly create A digital trade network serving global SMEs.


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Jiang Guofei, Vice President of Ant Group: The real value of the blockchain lies in linking industries (full speech attached)

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