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Technology Weekly|Filecoin opens the second phase of the space race



This week's Technology Weekly contains technical news related to Ethereum, Polkadot, EOS, COSMOS, Filecoin and other projects.

Ethereum core developer: Ethereum client Geth should probably launch a governance token

Ethereum core developer Péter Szilágyi just tweeted that maybe we should launch a Geth (Ethereum client) governance token, let's vote.

Ethereum developers submit new proposals for phase 0, and the transition period of Ethereum 2.0 may come soon

On September 16, Danny Ryan, a core developer at the Ethereum Foundation, officially submitted a proposal today that would shift the Ethereum blockchain from the current Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Once the proposal is approved by ethereum core developers, Serenity Phase 0, or the beacon chain marking the PoS implementation, will launch and is expected to go live later this year or early next year. It is reported that phase 0 is only the first step in the phased rollout of Ethereum 2.0, and other phases are expected to continue until 2021. (The Block)

The National Blockchain and Distributed Accounting Technology Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC590) was approved to be established: On May 26, 2021, the National Blockchain and Distributed Accounting Technology Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC590) (hereinafter referred to as Blockchain Standardization Committee) was approved to be established. The blockchain standardization committee is mainly responsible for the formulation and revision of national standards in the fields of blockchain and distributed accounting technology, such as basic standards, business and application standards, process and method standards, credible and interoperable standards, information security standards, and international standardization. Organize blockchain and distributed ledger technology technical committee (ISO/TC307) corresponding to the work area.

The first blockchain standardization committee is composed of 76 members, managed by the State Administration for Market Regulation, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is responsible for daily management and business guidance, and the China Electronics Standardization Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Electronic Standards Institute) is responsible for the secretariat.

Under the management of the General Administration of Market Supervision and the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Institute of Electronic Standards will further accelerate the research on the standard system, join forces with the industry to accelerate the development of standards in key areas, and actively carry out standardization such as standardization, implementation and interpretation, personnel training, and testing according to the standards. Work to help the orderly and healthy development of my country's blockchain industry. At the same time, accelerate the construction of an international exchange and cooperation platform, promote Chinese standards to go global, continue to enhance the influence of Chinese standards in international and regional organizations, and consolidate and enhance the discourse power of international standards. [2021/6/1 23:02:32]

Prysmatic Labs Releases v1.0.0-alpha.25 Version Added Dynamic Authenticator Key Loading

Voice | Securities Daily: 10 banks have established financial subsidiaries, and Bank of Beijing Technology is positioned to integrate blockchain and other technologies with finance: According to Securities Daily, data from Suning Financial Research Institute shows that as of the end of June 2019, 10 banks have Financial technology subsidiaries have been established successively. Through horizontal comparison, the business direction of each banking fintech subsidiary is different. For example, the strategic positioning of Industrial Digital Finance is to provide financial industry cloud services for small and medium-sized banks, non-bank financial institutions, and small and medium-sized enterprises; the positioning of Bank of Beijing Technology (a subsidiary of Bank of Beijing) is big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies Technological enterprises with financial technology applications export technologically innovative products and technical services. [2019/7/26]

On September 14, Prysmatic Labs, the executive team of the Ethereum 2.0 client, tweeted that it had officially released the v1.0.0-alpha.25 version of the Prysm client. The main feature of this version is that it adds dynamic authenticator key loading, that is, new authentication keys can be added without restarting the authenticator. In addition, this version should carry out various security fixes to the previous version.

Golden Finance live report Tong Yang, partner of Golden Finance: less greedy and more yearning for technology: Golden Finance live report, at the 2018 Global Blockchain Elite Summit, conducted the "Development Trend of Blockchain Industry from the Media Perspective" In the roundtable discussion on the topic, Tong Yang, a partner of Jinse Finance, pointed out: We should also think about whether the chaos in the industry is caused by excessive greed. If we are less greedy and more yearning for technology, maybe the industry will have another Fan scene. In addition, investment risk analysis ability and education level also have an impact on industry development. There is still information inequality in the industry. As an industry media, we must insist that we have two responsibilities. Facing the readers, we must keep the truth from the false content; facing the industry, we must play a good role as a connector, let more people understand the blockchain technology itself, and continue to preach. [2018/4/28]

This month Ethereum 2.0 will launch a new test network Spadina running in parallel with Medalla

On September 14, according to the official blog, Danny Ryan, the coordinator of Ethereum 2.0, said that there will be another public rehearsal before the launch of the Ethereum 2.0 mainnet, that is, the launch of the new test network Spadina. to run in parallel with Medalla later this month. The purpose of this move is to go through one of the riskier parts of the process - deposits and genesis - before entering mainnet. This gives the team more peace of mind until a real agreement is reached.

Yang Dong from Renmin University of China: Legal and technical rules and talents are the pain points of blockchain development: At the Pioneer Forum on the Application of Blockchain Technology with the theme of "Drive the Future, Link the World", Big Data Blockchain and Supervision of Renmin University of China Yang Dong, director of the technology laboratory, made many analyzes and interpretations of the current development, changes, pain points, and regulatory environment in the blockchain field. Yang Dong believes that the current pain points of blockchain development include: First, laws and regulations are still relatively lagging behind. Second, the technology is not yet mature enough, and the speed and efficiency are still relatively low, making it difficult to carry out large-scale transactions and scenario applications. Third, China currently has no standards and rules that can dominate the implementation of blockchain technology and scenarios. Fourth, there is a lack of talents related to the blockchain, and various academic research in this field is scarce, and the research force is insufficient. This is the current pain point. [2018/4/16]

BM: eosio combined with Ethereum will lead to performance degradation

On September 17, Jinse Finance reported that Twitter netizens asked whether it is possible to create a hybrid project that combines the advantages of Ethereum and EOS chains. In this regard, BM said, design a system contract that combines deterministic CPU billing and implements the ETH 2.0 consensus or POW system? The end result is slower performance with eosio and higher block delay intervals.

BM: EOS can also deploy zksync rollup

On September 16, EOS founder BM (Daniel Larimer) retweeted that Vitalik "has newly funded 13 projects using zkSync" and said that this is good, but try to use it with DeFi exchanges like Bancor, And observing that state conflicts reduce throughput to one transaction per block, clients must constantly regenerate proofs and sign new TRX. Someone asked whether EOS supports zksyncrollup, and BM responded that EOS can also deploy zksyncrollup.

Polkadot builds a decentralized platform Polkadot Treasury

Jinse Finance reported that a few months after the mainnet launch, Polkadot has established a new decentralized platform to provide funds for the project. The platform, called Polkadot Treasury, will be governed by council members elected by the community. Some teams have already submitted proposals to the Polkadot Treasury.

Polkadot releases a parachain roadmap that includes multiple stages

Polkadot (DOT) has released a parachain roadmap, which is divided into multiple stages, and each stage represents another set of deliverables or iterations on black box components relative to the previous stage. Phase 0 is "MVP" and the initial phase, which is a parachain without slashing (fully secure) or cross-chain messaging. It's basically registering and verifying a functioning PoC. Phase 1 is "Fishing and Slashing", which marks the progress of parachain security. Once completed, parachains are full-fledged cryptoeconomically secure pooling primitives. This stage also includes implementation work on XCMP, but it is not fully enabled yet. Phase 2 is "Messaging", this phase marks the delivery of cross-chain messaging, including almost everything left over from the XCMP part.

Polkadot founder: Polkadot will undergo the first major upgrade after the split

On September 15, Gavin Wood, the founder of Polkadot, tweeted that the Polkadot network will undergo its first major upgrade after the split. This upgrade will support the payment of staking rewards to any account, including delay proxy Wait for some other improvements.

Cosmos Development Company Tendermint Partners with B-Harvest to Introduce Liquidity Module

Tendermint, the development company behind Cosmos, announced a partnership with B-Harvest, a Cosmos validator and research institution, aiming to introduce the Liquidity Module into the Cosmos SDK to provide tools that allow the SDK chain to deploy AMM-style DEX.

Filecoin kicks off the second phase of the space race for 3 weeks

Jinse Finance reported that at 06:00 on September 15th, the first Filecoin Big Miner Test Competition was successfully concluded. In this competition, the effective computing power of the entire network was finally 230PiB, which was 2.3 times the initial target (100PiB). According to the competition display list, in terms of miner rankings, Starland ranked first with a score of 21.61PiB, and Pomegranate Pool ranked second. In terms of individual miner nodes, Zhiheyun's miner nodes won the first place.

Filecoin officially announced that the calculation of the final ranking of the first stage of the space race may take a few days. At the same time, the second stage of the space race will be held from September 15th to October 5th. Compared with the first stage of the space race, the second stage will start. The goal is still to simulate the mainnet launch scenario and prepare for the mainnet launch.

The first stage of the space race focuses on the original computing power storage capacity of nodes and the stability of its storage and retrieval, including the process of dispatching orders to complete transactions. The goal of the second stage of the Space Race is not only to "stress test" the network, but also to determine the parameters of the economic model of the main network and simulate the circulation model of Filecoin, so as to make the transition from the test network of the Space Race to the main network as smooth and stable as possible. In the following competition process, more attention will be paid to block rewards, gas fees and other economic factors.


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Technology Weekly|Filecoin opens the second phase of the space race

This week's Technology Weekly contains technical news related to Ethereum, Polkadot, EOS, COSMOS.

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On September 20th, hosted by Golden Finance and guided by Xiamen Blockchain Association and Xiamen University Blockchain Research Center, the "Together.

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