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Chaitin Technology debuted at the Entrepreneurs Conference, focusing on blockchain security construction thinking



On September 20th, hosted by Golden Finance and guided by Xiamen Blockchain Association and Xiamen University Blockchain Research Center, the "Together, Entrepreneurs Conference" was successfully held in Xiamen. Power" as the theme. As a network security company that deeply researches and serves blockchain enterprises, Chaitin Technology attended and delivered an important speech at the meeting, sharing new thinking on blockchain security construction.

In April of this year, the blockchain was officially included in the new technology infrastructure of my country's new infrastructure, which once again became a development boom. In the current process of data assetization and asset digitization, data has become a key element of economic and social development. As a blockchain, it has the characteristics of "unforgeable", "retaining traces throughout the process", "traceable", "open and transparent", and "collective maintenance". The shared database has the dual attributes of basic support and development guarantee. Under the catalysis of policy support and market demand, my country's blockchain basic technology research and industrial application exploration have entered a stage of rapid development, which has brought about a great variety of application scenarios, and also exposed many problems existing in the application of blockchain technology. potential safety hazard. The security construction of blockchain technology and applications has become the top priority to promote the development of blockchain.

Fidelity's digital asset department plans to recruit another 100 employees in the next six months: Jinse Finance reported that Chris Tyrer, head of Fidelity Digital Assets, an independent digital asset subsidiary of investment giant Fidelity, said at a panel discussion at the London Digital Asset Summit that investment The giant's Fidelity Digital Assets division plans to add another 100 new employees over the next six months, which will bring the headcount to around 600. [2022/10/21 16:34:54]

This conference gathered 60+ blockchain companies, 28 exhibitors and 31 guests, including government and university researchers, representative companies in the blockchain industry, investment institutions, etc., and many big names gathered to focus on entrepreneurship, and to provide blockchain Entrepreneurship contributes to explore the future development of blockchain.

The Pontem wallet has been launched on the Aptos mainnet, and test users can receive APT airdrops: On October 19th, the Aptos ecological wallet application Pontem announced that its wallet is now online on the Aptos mainnet, and Pontem test users can receive Aptos tokens APT airdrops. [2022/10/19 17:32:18]

At the meeting, Chaitin Technology blockchain researchers shared the theme. The blockchain has always been considered as a way to make data more secure, but it has to be admitted that the blockchain itself has certain security risks and needs security protection. Today, the security issue of the blockchain has become the most important factor affecting its technology research and development and scenario application. "Security is the longest-term investment in the blockchain." In the speech, he started with the application scenario, and deconstructed the security of the blockchain vividly, from the four categories of digital currency exchange, blockchain project, blockchain wallet and mining machine pool. The four scenarios of mobile application, centralized service, smart contract and blockchain infrastructure are sorted out, and the security system is constructed according to different security requirements. Finally, a suggestion is made: the construction of the security system should run through the entire life cycle of the blockchain project, from the preparation stage to the research and development stage to the evaluation stage and the final operation and maintenance stage, to enhance safety awareness, build product or project security capabilities, Deploy safety monitoring links to build a full-capacity protection system.

Financial Planning Association of Australia Calls for Regulatory Cryptocurrency Exchanges: July 14 News The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) supports calls to regulate crypto assets through exchanges, arguing that regulation of the underlying assets is next to impossible of.

In a report to the Treasury, Ben Marshan, head of policy, strategy and innovation at the FPA, argued that "the regulation of a financial product or service should not be dependent on the technology underpinning that asset." (AFR) [2022/7/14 2 :12:49]

Then in the roundtable dialogue in the afternoon, the blockchain researcher of Chaitin Technology also discussed "blockchain and the development of the digital economy era" with industry leaders, and explained in depth the blockchain industry, especially in DeFi. Some ways to prevent swan events. As we all know, in the absence of a cross-chain protocol for Ethereum, the traditional public chain ecology is independent, but it is different for DeFi. One of the contracts has a security problem, because of the butterfly effect, it will directly affect the entire ecological problem. In the future, it is very likely that there is a problem with a certain contract, which will slowly affect the entire DeFi ecosystem. Therefore, security is a long-term but necessary investment for project parties and businesses.

Security is the basis for the long-term development of blockchain technology. Today, the blockchain is developing rapidly with the "spring breeze" of new infrastructure, and creating higher value with safer blockchain products is the development goal. Chaitin Technology will continue to deepen the blockchain security needs, provide professional services for more enterprises in the blockchain industry vulnerability standards, security audits, and penetration testing as the core, and jointly build a new blockchain security system.


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Chaitin Technology debuted at the Entrepreneurs Conference, focusing on blockchain security construction thinking

On September 20th, hosted by Golden Finance and guided by Xiamen Blockchain Association and Xiamen University Blockchain Research Center, the "Together.

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