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Golden Sentinel丨DeFi has a strong demand for BTC WBTC minted two records within 12 hours



High yields in DeFi are bringing BTC to Ethereum. The tokenized BTC on Ethereum has become an interest-bearing asset, and many people believe that it will greatly expand DeFi assets and markets.

According to WBTC news, Alameda Research, a cryptocurrency trading company owned by Sam Bankman-Fried, has become the latest minter to mint the largest number of WBTC tokens.

Golden Relativity | Blockstream Miao Yongquan: Lightning Network does not require public consensus to modify code: In this issue of Golden Relativity "Lightning Network: Hello, TPS", Tong Yang, a partner of Golden Finance, talked with Miao Yongquan, Chief Strategy Officer of Blockstream, about the current lightning Regarding the question of whether the network is already secure enough, Miao Yongquan said that an extra layer of code is actually an extra layer of security. Just like the Internet, Bitcoin is developed layer by layer. The Internet has 5 layers: physical layer, link layer, network layer, transport layer and application layer. The passage you can see is actually on the application layer. In Bitcoin's layer 1, miners perform mining, and transactions are generally confirmed within 10 minutes. On Bitcoin's layer 2 there is the Lightning Network and sidechains such as the Liquid Network. Development on layer 1 must be done with care, as a single mistake could bring down the entire network. For a network as large as Bitcoin, if there is a problem on the first layer, the consequences will be disastrous. And on layer 2, we can innovate and upgrade faster. If something goes wrong on layer 2, the impact is not so big, because layer 1 is still intact. The Lightning Network is cleverly designed and includes failsafes, so that even if something goes wrong with the code, it will only introduce minor failures without the risk of asset loss. Better and more secure designs can also be installed quickly, since no consensus is required to make code changes. [2019/3/7]

According to Ethersacn data, Alameda Research minted 2,317 WBTC worth about $25 million. Break the WBTC coinage record again within 12 hours.

Golden Morning News | Bitmain discloses the prospectus Ukraine is considering launching a state-owned digital currency: 1. The China Inspection and Quarantine Society released the quality chain, and Moutai Gree joined in.

2. U.S. federal judge: virtual currency meets the definition of "commodity" and falls under the jurisdiction of the U.S. derivatives regulator.

3. The National Bank of Ukraine is considering launching a state-owned digital currency linked to legal tender.

4. Bitfinex launched the beta version of EOSfinex exchange.

5. Ripple is negotiating with Nasdaq to launch its encrypted exchange.

6. Bitmain disclosed the prospectus on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange; Sogou founder Wang Xiaochuan served as its independent non-executive director.

7. Circle, a cryptocurrency platform invested by Goldman Sachs, launched the USD stable currency USDC.

8. The SlowMist security team issued a warning of serious vulnerabilities in Monero attacks.

9. Porsche considers using blockchain technology to manage financial accounts and contracts. [2018/9/27]

And 12 hours before the casting, the crypto hedge fund 3 Arrows Capital minted 2,316 WBTC, which became the largest WBTC coin in history at that time.

Golden Finance News: The city of Moscow intends to launch the "Moscow coin", which citizens can use on the "Active Citizens" portal. [2017/10/22]

According to public information, WBTC is an ERC-20 token with a Bitcoin 1:1 reserve, which can be used for DeFi yield farming.

SBF, the founder of Alameda Research, said that the reason why Alameda Research minted 2,317 WBTC is to see the strong demand for WBTC due to the growth of DeFi. SBF said: "Even if the yield of DeFi is a little lower, it will still be considerable, and the public chains have a great demand for Bitcoin. WBTC is the most in demand among them, and has been most widely adopted in DeFi and yield farming , so demand for WBTC will persist.”

According to Nansen data, WBTC has the largest market among tokenized BTC with a share of about 75%, followed by RenBTC with a market share of about 18% and HBTC with a market share of about 4%.

Alameda Research is also by far the largest WBTC minter, minting 37,609 WBTC tokens, according to Nansen data. CoinList and imToken ranked second and third, minting 28,162 and 8,991 WBTC tokens respectively.


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DeFi liquidity mining has become very popular, attracting a large number of investors to participate. In order to facilitate investors to keep abreast of the relevant information and mining process of DeFi mining proj.

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Bitcoin is now a payment option for potential buyers of the Gulfstream G650ER private jet after approval from aircraft sales company Aviatrade.

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Golden Finance Blockchain September 18 News Decentralized finance (DeFi) has recently shown an explosive growth trend.

Golden Sentinel丨DeFi has a strong demand for BTC WBTC minted two records within 12 hours

High yields in DeFi are bringing BTC to Ethereum. The tokenized BTC on Ethereum has become an interest-bearing asset, and many people believe that it will greatly expand DeFi assets and markets.According to WBTC news.

Ethereum 2.0 is getting closer and closer, which is the next hope of the currency circle.

Although the whole country is working overtime today, it can be regarded as a working day, but the peripherals still haven't opened, and the market seems to be relatively calm.

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