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Hu Xiaoming, CEO of Ant Group: The most important thing after listing is to invest in technology (full speech attached)



Hu Xiaoming, CEO of Ant Group, said at the Shanghai Bund Conference today, "The most important thing after listing is to invest in technology." Hu Xiaoming emphasized that the genes of ants are not finance, but technology, and technology is the core driving force for every evolution of ant business. On September 18, the Listing Committee of the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange announced that Ant Technology Group Co., Ltd. was approved for its IPO. Since the beginning of this year, Ant’s strategic layout in the field of science and technology has accelerated significantly. In June, its self-developed distributed database OceanBase established a company for independent commercial operation, with Hu Xiaoming personally serving as the chairman; at the end of June, Ant Group completed its name change from Ant Financial to For Ant Technology Group Co., Ltd., strengthen the positioning of technology companies; in July, a new "Ant Chain" was launched to accelerate the development of blockchain from cutting-edge technology to a technology industry, and integrate other technologies to build a value network. Hu Xiaoming emphasized that the gene of ants is not finance, but technology. "In the 16 years of Ant's development history, technology has played the most important role every time, driving the continuous evolution of Ant's business." Currently, Ant Group's technical capabilities cover artificial intelligence, risk control, security, blockchain, and computing. It has 26 self-developed core technology products, 18 world-level and national core technology awards, and 26,279 patents or patent applications in 40 countries and regions around the world. Among Ant employees, 64% are technical R&D personnel. "Our technology strategy long-distance race is not a 100-meter sprint, but a marathon," Hu Xiaoming said. "After listing, facing the future, the most important thing for Ant is to invest in technology. We will further enhance our independent innovation capabilities and invest funds to strengthen Technology research and development strength, enhance product and technological innovation, and lay a solid technical foundation for long-term strategic development." He pointed out that in the future, he will focus on research and development of artificial intelligence, risk management, security, blockchain, computing and technology infrastructure in five major technical fields. 2021 China's Highly Relevant Blockchain Authorized Patent Rankings Released: Ant Group Ranks First: On September 27, the Intellectual Property Research Institute IPRdaily and incoPat Innovation Index Research Center jointly released "2021 China's Highly Relevant Blockchain Authorized Invention Patents" Ranking (TOP100)". The report shows that the number of effective blockchain invention patent authorizations in China has grown rapidly in the past two years, and the top three companies with the largest number are Ant Group (631), Tencent Technology (307) and Complex Beauty (86). . [2021/9/27 17:09:09] He emphasized that Ant’s investment in technology over the years is different from traditional financial technology applications segmented by front, middle and back office or industry, and also different from cloud computing and artificial intelligence in general. Industrialization and platformization of technologies. Based on in-depth self-research in the five major technical fields, Ant Technology provides basic elements such as computing, trustworthiness, privacy, intelligence and IoT for various financial technology applications, and supports the architecture of digital finance from all perspectives throughout the process, ensuring data flow, Efficient, safe, intelligent and inclusive of capital flow. The outside world can also clearly observe that Ant is a rare financial technology company in the history of global technology that is oriented to and entrusted by large institutional customers, small and micro customers, and end individual users in its core technology modules. And this is the inclusive feature of the essence of digital financial technology. Today, under the guidance of the Shanghai government, hosted by Alipay and Ant Group, the first Bund Conference, which permanently settled in Shanghai, officially opened. Hu Xiaoming said that the changes brought about by financial technology are very significant. In China, mobile payment, a representative application of financial technology, is breaking the traditional Hu Huanyong line. It has shortened the gap in financial services between the east and the west by 15%. "From China to the world, a digital transformation led by financial technology is taking place. Shanghai will have the best chance to compete for the next world financial center, and financial technology is the core competitiveness." Hu Xiaoming said. Jing Xiandong of Ant Group: Blockchain is the new infrastructure of trust in the digital age: Jing Xiandong, executive chairman of Ant Group, said during a road show on October 27 that Ant firmly believes that blockchain is the new infrastructure of trust in the digital age. The core value is to reconstruct the multi-party trust system, allow the efficient circulation of digital assets, and realize the transition from the Internet of Information to the Internet of Value. (Securities Times e Company) [2020/10/27] The following is the full text of Hu Xiaoming's speech Dear guests who came to the Shanghai Bund Conference, developers and financial friends who are currently watching the live broadcast online, good morning everyone! The Bund in Shanghai today reminds me of Yunqi Town in Hangzhou. Dr. Wang Jian, Dr. Wang Jian has now changed from a Ph.D. to an academician of Wang Jian. Ten years ago, we held a developer conference called Alibaba Cloud in a small town called Yunqi near Hangzhou. Five years ago, we changed the name of this conference to Yunqi Conference. Academician Wang Jian has led us all the way for 10 years. Today's Yunqi Conference has become a global science and technology event. The reason for its success is not because of Alibaba Cloud, but because of Hangzhou's vision for the digital economy. It is China's transformation and upgrading that allowed Alibaba Cloud and Hangzhou to seize this opportunity. I also hope that Ant Group and Alipay will hold the Bund Conference in Shanghai and the Bund, and hold financial technology sharing conferences. We also hope that the Bund Conference will become the world's top technology event. It's not because of ants, but because of Shanghai's belief in financial technology. We believe that this era needs a platform for communication, so that developers, artificial intelligence, and finance can communicate and share together, so that the world's technology-driven forces can communicate on this platform. Just like the theme of our conference today, from China to the world, a digital transformation triggered by financial technology is taking place. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, changes have been accelerating, and at the same time, it is changing many aspects of finance and everyone's life. Therefore, this epidemic has made all consumers online participants, and all our eating, drinking and entertainment have been changed to online. On-site | Jing Xiandong, chairman of Ant Group, revealed the Alipay+ solution for the first time: On September 24, in the main forum of the Bund Conference, when predicting the changes that financial technology will bring to the future, Jing Xiandong, chairman of Ant Group, introduced for the first time He introduced the concept of "Alipay+", and said that Ant has launched the Alipay+ solution this year. When predicting the future trend of globalization, Jing Xiandong revealed that future globalization will definitely revolve around three key words: openness, digitalization, and inclusiveness. Based on this, Ant launched the Alipay+ solution this year, inviting global partners to build and serve together. The "Alipay+" he mentioned refers to helping global merchants and e-wallet users to connect, so that merchants can get more global business opportunities, and consumers can enjoy localized life and services no matter where they are. [2020/9/24] From our point of view, from the 17th century to the 18th century, London relied on its advantages in navigation and trade to make London the earliest international financial center. Similarly, Wall Street in the 19th century made New York a new global financial center because of the power of capital. But in the 21st century, because of the power of finance and technology, I believe Shanghai has the opportunity to become the next global financial center. Therefore, the new financial system for the digital age relies on intelligence, cloud computing, database, and blockchain at its core. We use such a system to build new finance driven by technology. Therefore, the financial center of the future must be a technology center. The financial system in the new era has put forward new demands for innovation, scenario-based and personalized business demands, requiring financial institutions to provide more sustainable intelligent services. Similarly, the increasingly complex and all-round digital transformation and upgrade also require financial services to be more secure and reliable. Today, not only consumption is on the Internet, but services are also on the Internet. Today, even manufacturing is on the Internet. So how edge computing and the Internet of Things can make finance safer in this system. Likewise, we see city management also on the Internet. Therefore, in the entire financial system, a safer and more credible system is needed. Therefore, the new problems brought about by the unbalanced global development also require financial technology to be more inclusive, greener and more sustainable. In response to new development requirements, we see that global financial technology is entering a new era of trustworthiness and intelligence. Live | Hu Xiaoming, CEO of Ant Group: Cross-chain is the foundation of Wanchain Interconnection Cross-chain technology drives digital asset circulation: Jinse Finance live report, on the morning of September 24, a global high-level financial event sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Government and hosted by Alipay and Ant Group The science and technology conference "The Bund Conference" opened in Shanghai. Hu Xiaoming, CEO of Ant Group, pointed out on the spot that from China to the world, a digital transformation led by technology is taking place. Financial technology has entered a new era of trustworthiness and intelligence. Sharing intelligence based on privacy protection makes open finance a reality. The essence of finance is risk management, and we need continuous and dynamic financial risk forecasting. Therefore, we launched the timing graph intelligence to improve the level of financial risk management, and launched a financial-level distributed graph database to realize graph computing. In addition, cross-chain is the foundation of Wanchain interconnection. Cross-chain technology drives the circulation of digital assets. AntChain has achieved a scale of 1 billion accounts, a daily transaction volume of 1 billion, and realized supply chain finance, rural finance, cross-border trade, etc. Class cross-chain services. I want to remind developers that blockchain must be an important technology to promote future technological changes. In the era of Wanchain Internet, financial security will also enter the active-zce defense mode. For a long time, technology has been driving Ant to innovate continuously, and technology is the core competitiveness of Ant. [2020/9/24] Today, financial intelligence is becoming a reality. On Alipay today, artificial intelligence can customize different Alipay for everyone, and can customize financial decisions, so that your credit can become wealth. According to your risk preference, you can also recommend suitable investment portfolios to help you invest and manage money. Behind it is the deep integration of artificial intelligence and financial scenarios, so artificial intelligence is the core technical field of Ant. I also want to share a few cases with you. Open banking is facing the problem of data sharing today. We believe that data cannot be shared, but the value of data can be shared. Shared intelligence technology, based on privacy protection, realizes multi-party information fusion, making data available and invisible, allowing technology companies and banks to work together to innovate the financial system. Ant Group applied for large-scale IPO transactions in Hong Kong and Shanghai: According to Hong Kong Stock Exchange documents, Ant Group has submitted a listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and Ant Group hired CICC, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley to be responsible for Hong Kong listing matters. Ant Technology Group Co., Ltd.'s application for listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board was accepted by the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Ant Group's A-share IPO plans to raise 48 billion yuan. [2020/8/25] In Ant Group, in the joint credit business we cooperate with banks, we have jointly modeled with the banking system through multiple parties, so that the data of our scenarios and transaction data can become small and micro enterprises, credit risk and the means of production for liquidity risk assessment. In terms of risk identification, we also jointly build a safety network with our partners to greatly improve the accuracy of risk identification. The essence of finance is risk management, and we need continuous and dynamic financial risk forecasting. Therefore, we launched the time-series graph intelligence, which added the time-sequence intelligence technology based on the time latitude on the basis of the graph intelligence, so that the enterprise's map is more comprehensive and more implementable, and provides accurate decision-making services for risk control. Therefore, Ant has also launched a financial-level distributed graph database, established a super-large-scale financial knowledge graph, and supports trillion-edge graphs, data, reasoning, and deep learning training. In terms of graph computing performance, second-level decision-making can be achieved, so today all small and micro enterprise credit and consumer credit, and our risk management in cooperation with banks are real-time, 7 × 24 hours 365 days real-time dynamic risk management and control. Such technology has been widely used not only in credit risk assessment, but also in intelligent decision-making, anti-money laundering, and intelligent claims settlement. Let's take a look at the 310 credit of MYbank. We serve 20 million small and micro enterprises and operating farmers a year. Under the black swan event of the epidemic, our small and micro enterprises obtained small and micro enterprise loans through the Alipay platform, even in the current situation, their compliance rate exceeded 98%. Behind this is through the sequence diagram database, we use multi-modal intelligent modeling, multi-party security calculation and other technical support to carry out dynamic risk management before, during and after the loan. This number also proves that small and micro enterprises do not lack trust, what they lack is the technology to discover their trust, and what they lack is continuous and dynamic risk management. This is the value of our continuous investment in technology for many years. The new generation of machine learning can achieve self-adaptation and self-learning without human intervention. We can greatly improve the level of intelligent decision-making in multiple financial application scenarios. In areas such as security and credit risk control, credit access, insurance claims, etc., we automatically learn and recommend strategies to improve the risk control level of our business. In the field of quantitative investment research of wealth management, we realize the automatic analysis and recommendation of tens of billions of data through feature discovery, model interpretation, and continuous modeling, which can increase the accuracy of investment research by 11%. Help you invest is a joint venture between Vanguard, the world's largest robo-advisory company, Ant Group, and Alipay, and established a company in Shanghai. In our 100th day of launch, we used such smart technology. In 100 days, we provided 200,000 users in China with smart investment technology. This growth rate is in the first echelon in the world, and Vanguard has decided to close its investment advisory business in other Asian countries and put them all in China. So today, with Shanghai as the center, we have provided robo-advisory business in China to provide financial services to many consumers through the Internet. Although China's wealth management market started relatively late, we believe that the rapid development of artificial intelligence, data capabilities, and technological capabilities will allow robo-advisors, which represent the future, to enter the homes of ordinary people. I also made an advertisement for Vanguard to help you invest. Today we also hosted a sub-forum on robo-advisors and robo-investment research at the Bund Conference. You can take a look if you are interested. What you are looking at is not the products of robo-advisors, but is to look at the technology behind them. Similarly, the widespread application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence can also greatly increase the productivity of financial technology. Therefore, our all-round digital transformation has put forward higher requirements for financial credibility and financial security. If the blockchain is to create a trust mechanism in the digital age, then cross-chain technology is to allow this trust to flow on the Internet. Therefore, cross-chain is the foundation and foundation of Wanchain interconnection, which can make digital assets better circulate and integrate, and can better generate greater value. So today, the Ant Group blockchain is called Ant Chain. We have achieved an account size of 1 billion, a daily transaction volume of 1 billion, and 100,000 cross-chain information processing per second, forming a supply chain. Chain, cross-border trade, logistics finance, rural finance and other multi-scenario cross-chain services.


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Hu Xiaoming, CEO of Ant Group: The most important thing after listing is to invest in technology (full speech attached)

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